Why are lolis so?

Why are lolis so?

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So what?


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How would you know if a loli is easy to digest if you've never eaten one?

How would you know I haven't eaten a loli before? You don't know me bro.

Rate my team of lolis, anons.

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How do you deal with enemies that can cast Silence?

10/10 just because of Kurumi.

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You've never eaten out one?

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JS sucks. JC are so much sexier.

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Bocchi is super cute and wonderful, but both JS and JCs are great.

I hope Bocchi also gets mindbroken in her anime.

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Looks fun, full party of bards is actually viable in most tabletop rpgs, since they tend to be a versatile class and you have a whole army of them.

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Yeah, why are they?

Fuck OFF my loli thread you dumb hag lover.

JC are not old hags.

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They're like old aunties. Disgusting.

Won't happen, Bocchi has good friends that love her instead of a creepy bear demon dad, I wouldn't mind some of them mindbreaking her with pleasure in bed, though.

Rude. They are young girls in their prime.

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[new] anime adaptation of bocchi

This announcement made me so happy.

I hope she gets mindbroken.

Which of the following do lolis like the best?
[ ] Cuddles
[ ] Headpats
[ ] Kisses

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Cuddles in my experience
Though I personally prefer patting heads

[X] fugs


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I looked up Oingo Boingo and google told me to get professional help and that raping children is a crime.

Huh, I did the same and for me google shows Jojo images and wiki.

[x] Dickings

Don't listen to them user. I fell for it once. They asked my "Wanna listen to Stairway to Heaven?" Only later did I realize they said climb and not listen. By then though it was too late, I was in the van receiving the most brutal headpatting of my life. Hands coming at me from every direction with howls of tiny voices laugh at my every cry.
Doctor says he doesn't know if I'll get better. Says they found me covered in glitter in an alleyway.

My wife Machi is so cute.

Go back to the zoo.

I want to protect that iguana

Lolis like to play the best. They like cuddles and kisses and headpats after playing with you. If you do nothing but cuddle them they eventually get bored. You have to make your loli laugh.

older lolis like 11-12 can get a crush on you and always like cuddles or they consider themselves too old

Loli is not for sexual

head pats work best when you can mess up their hair a little and get it in their eyes so they have to fix it. loli finds this fun

Kaoru is not a bard, she is a paladin.

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w-what is she doing with that phallic object?

She's trying to defeat the Demon Lord.

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>explosed belly button
Jesus that's lewd

New Nagatoro when?

In three hours.

Why is bocchi so sexy?

>Won't be home
Hope you have fun with the translation and in the thread

You shouldn't be consuming your lolis.

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