Another shitty DBS thread

Say what you want about Super, but it did allow the side characters to finally shine again. Except for Tien lmao.

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And Gohan lmao

But where's Nappa?

Yamchad UI soon bros

I said characters.

>Except for Tien lmao.
why doesn't Toriyama like his own characters anymore? Why is Lunch still gone?

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He was intially made a bitch, but Gohan had some shit to do in the ToP. Actually won some fights. Also led to the Gohan Blanco and Chahan memes which made him explode in popularity.

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>where’s lunch?
Cause the old fuck is senile and probably because she doesn’t sell that many toys.

Nobody expected anything from Tien
There are people here convinced Gohan should be the MC

Piccolo had the best moment from all the filler characters of U7.

Super is one of the fews shows to have filler that I actually liked.


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no selfish wish allow , then how this happen ?

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no selfish wish at the end of the tournament. Did Zamasu win the tournament to get his wish? No.

Yea but it took me out of it. The side characters had spent so long being irrelevant that there was no feasible way they could have powered up enough to be relevant.

Then you’re taking it too seriously. Have fun with it bro.

Probably, but I can't.

is the super dragon ball not allow selfish wish , or the tournament not allow selfish wish ?

Basically if a selfish was made. Zeno was going to destroy the winning Universe and not allow the others to come back.

17: "I wish for the erased universes to return."
18: "But what about your cruise, senpai?"

What the fuck, 18?

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The saiyan wank has been out of control for too long. They just made everyone else relevant enough to be useful. And then injected 17 with plot steroids.

Zeno was going to erase the winning universe if the wish was selfish

18 want that cruise .

But what if the wish was: "Transfer all of Zenos power into me!"

He was gonna erase all of existence not just the winning universe.

You could just wish for a cruise with the normal dragon balls.

Only El Grande Padre or the other angels could speak the language of the dragon
He would've told the winner to fuck off before Zeno purged everything

it broke the power scaling just for some shitty fanservice

if there is one winner, then he must only erase the winner, because all others are already ERASED!

>it broke the power scaling

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