DBS ended yesterday

>DBS ended yesterday
>Contrarians are already swarming Sup Forums and Sup Forums trying to shill that GT was better and that Super killed the franchise
>Most of the time during arguments they prove almost instantly they didn't even watch Super but just meme about it because they see it as a threat to a show they barely even remember but felt nostalgia about as kids. Even though it was always a filler show that wasn't written by Toriyama and it showed. The entire plot was about as garbage as it could get and had none of the same spirit of DB.

Couldn't even wait for the body to get cold. Hell I challenge anyone to go back and rewatch GT and remember what it was like to compare them. Even just compare the final battles.


Its like if people came back ten years later saying the Star Wars prequels were actually incredibly great and they make the new movies look like garbage.

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I fail to see how anyone can say that GT is good, people haven't even made webm's of any significant moment to go with their shitposting. SS4 looks cool, but that's literally the only thing it has going for it

Stay in Sup Forums.

>Its like if people came back ten years later saying the Star Wars prequels were actually incredibly great and they make the new movies look like garbage.

The new movies are so terrible they make the prequels look like kino though.

Neither is good. Fuck off already.

>Only remember Baby Vegeta, Omega Shenron, and that one guy who fought Goku fairly despite the guy who hired him telling him to fight dirty
>Remember every villain from DBZ that mattered; Radditz, Vegeta, Ginyu Squad, Frieza, Android 17, Android 18, Cell, Babidi, Dabura, and Buu
>Remember only a few villains/antagonists from Super: Zamasu (all of them), Frost, Hit, Cabba, Caulifla, Kale, Dyspo, Toppo, and Jiren

I legit cannot remember any others from GT. Shit's forgettable.

>Star Wars prequels were actually incredibly great
That would be wrong
>they make the new movies look like garbage
That would be right

>Sup Forums
Oh, please tell them to continue there. But they are incorrect, GT is actually dogshit. Only magic-pants monkey was remotely good

We all know Dragon Ball X is much more interesting.

No one said either was good. The point is that one of the shows is worse than the other.

Hey, they may be bad, but they're really enjoyable and make a great meme source.

You're arguing over whether cat shit or dog shit smells worse. Who the fuck cares?

>ep 1 had podracing and darth maul
>ep 2 had badass yoda and clone vs droid fighting
>ep 3 had memes

The prequels were good for various reasons.

>you claim eps 1 and 2 had no memes?

>ep 1: basically everything Anakin and Qui-Gon say

>ep 2: deathsticks, whaddaya know, sand, yep, not just the men but the women and the children too, she can't do that, jango fett's death

Though I must agree episode 3 has the most meme density out of the three.

Why are people still making threads about super the anime was awful.
The only reason why super got made is Toriyama can get rich by scamming people out of a real dragon ball anime. You guys will realize this in 3 or 4 months from now.

You can find memes in everything but episode 3 was only memorable for the memes.

It's pretty much this but replace Batman with Dragonball.

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What a retarded question. Obviously the posters in threads like these care you retarded fuck. Stop pretending you or anyone solely value or think about "objectively good" things. Hell, here you are hypocritically wasting your time by shitposting on Sup Forums.

And another thing if I was you guys I would kick geekdown out of your fanbase he just as bad as Toriyama.

I think this whole squabble is autistic as it gets but keep fighting the good fight, user.

Stop those fuckers dead in their tracks. Memeing that GT was better than anything is something that should never happen and cannot continue.

>GT plot was better
>Super has a much better quality animation
>No blood in super and a world of inconsistencies

I dunno, if they remade GT with this quality of art I'd enjoy it more than super, gt's animation was nice at the time of release but just like I enjoyed halo combat evolved, I won't be playing it anytime soon, and I won't be watching GT any time soon.

Super is still enjoyable but I think it has completely ruined the potential the DBZ series had.

I actually liked the idea behind the shadow dragon arc in GT. Giving the wishes a consequence was pretty neat, but the execution left a lot to be desired.

super has been worse than gt from the beginning

gt is bad

it's just good in comparison to super

same thing with dragonball

GT is only bad in comparison to Z

when we compare GT to super, it looks much better

I usually find the "deaths by huge energy overload" to look like utter shit but this one is just perfect.

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ssj4 doesn't even look cool. the fur is stupid as hell

Contrarian? Wasn't GT higher profile? Seems like less people care about Super even if it got more episodes.

what? it's so incredibly stupid. omega shenron was just standing there waiting for goku to charge the genkidama and through it at him.
>welp, looks like he's charging a giant energy ball
>better wait for my death instead of attacking or at the very least trying to run

you can't possibly justify such stupidity


GT is trash but it is a better trash than Super.

I can't remember anything from Super either, both of them are forgettable and fucking horrible.

GT wasn't that bad.

Jiren's neck and head look like a thick veiny dick.

>being this much of a retard

>perma-virgin neckbeards and peodophiles on Sup Forums will never be this happy

>Mexican AoC: 13
Literal pedos make up the majority of DBS' fanbase.

I've been saying GT was better than Super since very early into its run. You can say I have a shit opinion all you want but please don't group me together with the people saying it just because Super ended.

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mexican girls don't mature past 13, they just get fatter

when will the new series be aired?

GT flopped.

GT was coming off 10 years straight of DB anime. While it probably wouldn't have done the greatest regardless, people were starting to get burnt out by the time GT started airing.

What's your point?

I just think its worth pointing out that there's more factors in GT's flop than just the show itself being bad. That's all.

Omega had less personality than Jiren desu

>the way Goku's hair flashes between normal and super saiyan
pure animekino

Half of GT was honestly good. They tried so hard to capture the original feeling of adventures When they came back to earth was when the story started hitting a shitshow

Nothing was accomplished in the tournament of power, everyone knew the wish would be to bring all the universes back unless it was Frieza and Goku forgetting UI and Vegeta forgetting he has Super Blue means they haven't progressed in the only way that matters. Goku learned nothing, Vegeta learned nothing.


smug chadren was great

The hate for the prequels and absolute, unqustioniing adoration for the original triology is one of tthe biiggest examples of nostalgiagoggles in history, but episode 2 is legimately fucking awful

5 > 3 > 4 = 1 > 6 >> 2

>posts jobren

honestly didnt mind gt. super tho was an absolute butt plug.

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And then people say mangafans are mexicans when every single latino in the galaxy likes the Toei anime.