Boku no Hero Academia

Why do I have a feeling Shinso's arc will kickstart right around the traitor reveal?

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Trying to start another general because your other shitshow got deleted?

this is gonna be the year of shinso for sure

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Im not op of last thread

the traitor will be kicked out thus leaving one empty spot for him to slide into, is a very popular assumption
I’d say it’s a foolsih assumption though

I’m actually entertained that one of the jannies is the kid obsessed with hating this one chink cartoon, so much so that he deletes the threads on sight because muh generals but leaves the shitpost-infested ones alone

He might be the one who figures out the true identity of the traitor

True, that is possible, but I think that theory hinges on the assumption that the “traitor”, so to speak, is “evil” and feels no remorse or doesn’t feel conflicted this needing an external brute force like Shinsou to flush out



you need to be pretty evil to lead guys like muscular and moonfish to a bunch of kids

That still hinges on the assumption that whoever leaked the location knew what terrible villains are going to come or knew he was leaking them to VA
That, among other things, is why I usually brush the traitor theories aside, especially the ones that assume the “traitor” is simply evil, while other possibility exists

Why is it foolish? There’s no other real path into the hero course, all 40 first years will have their license by the time next year roles around. No one is going to get kicked out otherwise.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think getting into the hero course is a zero-sum game.

That was the impression I got from Shinso

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someone told me this anime is great.... yeah maybe for 12 year olds

Generals aren't allowed on Sup Forums, though.

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my mom told me that as well as we were we having sexual intercourse last night in her bed

fuck, meant *your mom, how do I delete a post?

I don’t know what is more retarded, a jan constantly deleting threads instead letting people to have one thread to contain their autism. There wouldn’t be multiple threads gone if a jan had let the one made 3 hours earlier stay and that had actual discussion going and less if almost non existing shitposting. Either way, this is getting ridiculous at this point.

I can’t reliably judge from one TL alone, but I don’t see it. His words doesn’t imply that for him (or anyone) to transfer into the hero course they must kick out an appropriate number of existing hero course student

Is that why we always have generals for DBS and whatever FOTM anime Sup Forums latches onto each season?

This isn’t general as far as I’m concerned or attempting to be one.

by killing yourself, underaged faggot

Your post says more about the poster than it does about the series you’re referring to

It's very much a general. The only thing it's missing is the backlinks and the word "general" in the title.

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Use him already Hori.

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I predict this thread will be deleted in 3 posts

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Jannies delete what they don't like.
They don't enforce rules or maintain quality.
This stupid idea about no generals was ridiculous in the first place. Just delete the comments that are low quality or spam. But oh wait that would require actual moderation, never mind.

Well now that the thread has gone meta, yeah.

Don't worry. One of you will make another one. Because none of you can go more than a few minutes without shitposting.


The irony is palpable

>b-b-b-but they can't delete generals, I post in those!

Is this the part where you furiously report the thread?

That's the first thing I do.

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And the only thing you can do, evidently

>this thread only shitposting
tells the quality of the anime
delet in 9.8.7

I can reply, too! I'm multitalented.

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We're still here.

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> Incest
Well that explains why you are a MHAfag at least.

All I see is bitching, so that point alone is highly debatable

That's still two talents!

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>pretending this hard

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If I were you, I’d be embarrassed with having two “talents” that consists of bitching and pressing a report button
But hey, maybe I simply have too high of a standard

Hey, I can solve captchas, too. Some of them are kind of hard.

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>He doesn’t have a pass

I probably should. I was a bit miffed there wasn't a sale this year but really, the difference was only five bucks. I think I can swing the whole $1.25/mo. Thanks for the pep talk, user!

Notice how nobody's said anything of value in almost an hour? It's because the thread's keeping itself bumped with people baiting and replying to bait. Nobody actually discusses anything here. These threads are the same as any in /vg/. It's endless shitposting just to keep a thread alive. When a new issue drops, there's a day or two of meaningful posts, and then immediately back to brainless shitspam. Let it die.

obviously because everyone is expecting the thread to be deleted any minute. no point in starting a discussion

Right, and if they had something to discuss, they'd start a thread about it, just like any other subject on Sup Forums. But they don't have anything to talk about. They just want to keep "their thread" alive.

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Every single reply keeps the thread ”alive” whether you are critizing it or not.

Yeah, that's kinda my thing with the traitor theories, especially when people talk about the traitor being a student.

Could someone in 1-A really be that callous without anyone noticing it? Especially when they're all living together as well?

That's why Uraraka being the traitor feels like it makes sense. We already know why she'd do it, for the money. But even then, there's a problem with her being the traitor, and it's the fact that she hasn't really shown any sort of hint as to having guilt of some sort for fucking over the heroes constantly.

That's why I kinda think that the traitor is a teacher. But maybe once we finally see who it is, even if it's part of the 1-A class, we'll see things making sense.

>missing the point entirely
>doesn't know what sage is
I don't know what I expected, honestly.

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You are stupid to ”care” that much.
It doesn’t matter, none of this matters. It’s whatever if one user spams the entire thread until it gets deleted or bumped everyone now and then with a reply that contributes absolutely nothing.

We need more doujins of him using mind control to rape girls.

Are you saying that doesn’t exist? What a missed opportunity.

The traitor is All Might.
He's doing it to try and bring about situations to force Midoriyas development and tie up loose ends left over from his hero days by bringing old foes out of hiding.

if anybody's curious the current Arc is going to be a volume and a half

Really? But who knows if the battle between Gentle and Deku lasts for the next two chapters? Though it seems fast paced.

>how dare you point out how shitty I am
Well, at least we're making progress.

This whole traitor thing seems too vague to be taken seriously. Even the principal is toying with the idea.

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Why does Ochako love money so much?

>I have no counter argument so I call them shitty.
There is no progress and there is no ”we”. Shitposting isn’t progress.

That's what he's thinking about.
Everythings only gone to shit since All Might got on the faculty.

Because her family isn’t well off and becoming a pro hero would somewhat help her financial situation.

Volume 18 is going to be 158-166 and volume 19 going to be 167-175 so my logical guess is it's going to end on volume 20

Should it even be paid attention unless it becomes more relevant in the future or a new plot point? I mean, why care about something that has yet to be seen in motion?

So this arc is just ”small break” before actual bigger and meaningful arc that moves the story forward?

it's the same amount as a regular Arc in the series The only two arcs that have more than one volume was the sports festival and the overhaul Arc

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It'd be neat if it was just like the thing with the spiders and Neon, every one's worrying about a traitor but the enemy just has access to information that they don't know about. It'd be nice to see if Shigaraki is growing in that regard too, also All Might having faith in his students would be wicked too I guess but I'm a sucker.

I just want to see more Nana, whatever happens.

So how's everyone doing today, you all have a good weekend, stayed in good health?

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Ah, yeah, that seems right since the manga are already at 176.

What is the movie about?

>Wisdom tooth was taken off
>wound sewn inside the mouth
>strings sewn on your flesh feel uncomfortable and lower jaw is numb due the effect aesenthesia
Could be better tbqh.

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About some quirkless girl who bonds with Deku. The whole plot hasn’t been revealed yet.

All might past and a quirkless girl from a flying city

I hope it heals very fast user, but on the bright side that means you get to stay home for a while right?

Yeah, thanks. Though I have to go this trough again for the otherside of the jaw, but that’s another time’s problem.
>a quirkless girl from a flying city
Most likely a coincidence, but it reminds me of Laputa.

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Just watch/read anything involving Purple Man from Marvel if that's what you want.

There are only three appearances of Purple Man where he vaguely uses his power to get girls in a sexy way.

The first one is his very first appearance in Daredevil. Old art, but decent storyline, 4/10.

The second one is his appearance in Alias. Four panels where he mind-controls the main heroine and some extras, decent art, good brainwashing, 6/10. The last chapter isn't really worth it.

The third one is his appearance in the New Thunderbolts. He fucks some college girls, makes the heroine strip, and is implied to force spider-woman to suck his cock. 7/10.

The rest is garbage and not up to standards. Purple Man isn't near the fetishistic treasure trove people think. It's sad and a loss of a good character in my opinion.

t. OCD Mind-control fetishist.

Wait is getting your wisdom tooth pulled such a huge undertaking?
Mine may have to get pulled as well.

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rip in pieces, user

You will gain wisdom

>tfw never had any wisdom teeth to begin with
I pity you

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How will Hori restrain Bakugou this time?

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Knocked out by midnight

simple but effective rope, wrists only

Because my wisdom tooth was located on back of my lower jaw and it had grown stupidly out, half of it being partially hidden and other visible and against my other tooth, which apparently little more trickier to take out than the ones located on the upper jaw. I could say that, the putting the anaesthesia ”hurt” more than the surgery given that my jaw was numb the whole time.
Some wisdom teeth removal may need surgery, like in my case, some may not.
You are missing out. /s

End me pls.

S-sugoi kacchan.

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>my wisdom tooth was located on back of my lower jaw and it had grown stupidly out, half of it being partially hidden
Is it like half covered by infected gums?

Yup. They had to cut the gum that was covering to the tooth a bit, not to mention they widen your tooth socket so they can take it out. But if you are afraid of pain, there is no worry as they gave me four doses of anaesthesia.

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>mfw eri will fall off of a ten-story building in this arc

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We're almost 200 chapters in but I still have no idea where Hori could take this. All I know is that there are massive hints that shit's going to hit the fan Soon™.

>Shiggy has quirk removing bullets, can literally go anywhere from there
>Giganigga's whereabouts unknown
>Kurogiri presumably in jail?
>The whole Tartarus situation
>Police reformation
>All Might's storyline and Endeavor's storyline
>The traitor

I'm honestly just hoping for a small timeskip to right after Bakugou and Todoroki get their provisional licenses, then we proceed from there.

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>Yup. They had to cut the gum that was covering to the tooth a bit, not to mention they widen your tooth socket so they can take it out.
Seems like a gay ol' time to me.

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Dare to dream.

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This seems so over the top.
I get that the mouth thingy is probably to keep his foul mouth shut, but his hands are double restrained. Wouldn’t the one that has his lower hands locked be enough, as in, he is not able to use his quirk like that. And maybe the pillar too. Couldn’t they have given the medals normal way, only that Katsuki was asleep due Midnight’s quirk, if they had to have measures like this to ensure Todoroki’s safety?

Who would leave her unsupervised

I hope the traitor revels themselve by killing that little shit

What happened to last thread?