Darling in the Franxx

What did Futoshi do wrong?

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/fitlit/ soon


Not be Mitsuru.

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Funny how you use that image
>"the right one doesn't have to try"
Actually Mitsuru did try to change and finally be able to pilot with Kokoro. If Mitsuru didn't try, Kokoro would just die from stampede.

why are fat guys in mecha animes always top tier pilots?
Are we gonna see a fat people sacrifing himself for the greater good like tradition?

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Is Futoshi lowkey the strongest pilot?
>Is able to pilot with Ikuno without any training whatsoever
>Pilots better with Ikuno than the homo did
>Also able to pilot well with Kokoro

Mato foreshadowed alot of stuff in these 4komas, so I want to believe

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Requesting drawfag to draw this please

Will fitoshi make her straight

Inuko deserves more love!

We can only hope and dream

Fatfucks are collectively seething after this episode.


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>Yet another "Meme in the Cuckshed" thread

Don't be harsh user kokoro at least let her have a baby

She probably be a better mother then the rest of them

What do people like about Monster drinks? It all tastes like the most artificial shit.

fat males make anyone succumb to the d

No, shes gonna make him into a woman
Screencap this.

Like most popular drinks, it isn't about the taste, its about the buzz it delivers.

I don't know man, but it proves true every god damn time. What's worse is that most of the audience still doesn't care even after they prove they're great at piloting a mech in a god damn mecha show. It's a damn shame. I'm still hoping against the odds that there's a happy ending this time, though

He was kinda putting her on a pedestal.
Dude was cringey as hell.

Doesn't mean Kokoro was right in not communicating well with him.

They were both wrong to an extent.

I honestly can't help but see this as being good for both of them in the long run. I'll be legit mad, if Futoshi doesn't get over Kokoro though. This is one of those impetus moments that hits a guy so hard they really change.

Like that fat kid in IT who got bullied but turned out to be the most successful and attractive one in the bunch as an adult.

Even if he stays fat though, I don't mind if he's just emotionally stronger. He's already a competent pilot and he's attentive to the needs of other people, so he's got a lot going for him.

The only emotionally strong male characters in the show right now are Gobro and Hiro. If shit gets real Zorome and Futoshi would fucking melt as they are right now, and I'm really not too sure about Hiro now that I think about it.

Does she regret what she did

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>Fatoshi will straighten the gay milkman, returns the slut to a good path to his side (Hello, Mary Magdalene), and repair the relationship of a fighting married couple
>Fatoshi is literally Jesus
>The autist theory is true again

It's an enjoyable artificial taste
It's like 2D vs 3DPG: one is technically natural, while the other is artificial, but the artificial is much more enjoyable.
It's also refreshing as fuck.

Legit question to people watching: would you even approach this series if it was set in a generic high school (like it should have)?

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We all joke about him being fat but the real reason was his personality.
The guy acts like a manchild with little to no maturity, even Zorome acts more mature than him.
Calling him a beta orbiter is hilariously close to the truth.


Man beer, ale, coke, tequila, purple gatorade all taste delicious to me but the canned energy drinks like redbull and monster just taste like gasoline.

>being fat fuck
>trust 8-9/10 Wom*N
He diserved that he got.

Watching horriblesubs should be illegal.

But then the social group would be too large. There should always be something keeping the group together, and away from outside influence.

This is the best thing that could have happened to them, and Futoshi to some extent.

The just have shitloads of sugar, and Monster is one of the worst in this regard. Only the most sugar-addicted people can stomach it.

Wait, does HorribleSubs make him seem more gay? What does it say?

Not just any woman. HER woman.

Hes already got the tits, making progress!

Milkman the real victim in this
>didnt agree to the swap
>loses a friend that he got along with
>gets punch even if its the kokoro fault
>is excepted to have a baby with her even though we dont know of he wants to

>If he wants to

He really didn't deserve any of this
and he was still nice enough to let Futoshi hit him
He should've made Kokoro apologize to Futoshi though

Post yfw Fatman turns out to be Papa


translation when

He failed to actually gauge his partner's feelings.

Then he lashed out at Mitsuru because he was too afraid to face the truth and talk things out with Kokoro, who would have left him anyway, but perhaps on better terms if he didn't act like such a baby.

They always find some shitty excuse to keep the group smol though. Pic related, basically the same shit as franxx.

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Ah figures. I mostly drink water 95% of the time and have stopped drinking sodas so a coke tastes like liquid candy to me. One of the best decisions Ive made as it makes the very rare soda taste better than I remembered.

Its already been translated

He says to mitsuru he'll cut his dick off if he hurts kokoro chan

Then shouts kokoro chan

Then he says he cant eat more then 1/3 of the breas

Because every fat dude is a nice friend character and not a good character. He's either going to die or have a bittersweet ending. This show is shaping up to only no one end happy.

They just fell for the marketing memes thinking it's "cool" to drink energy drinks but in reality they're just like people who wear flame shirts.

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If the monk who invented glasses was alive today I would send him fanmail, God bless his soul. Truly a gift from above.

Has anyone been in fatoshi shoes and what did you do after?

i worked out then dedicated my life to breaking the heart of as many women as possible and I'm all the better for it.

Thanks man.

Treating Kokoro like a human being.

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>implying we're not getting CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT when he mans the fuck up, loses weight and becomes a chad.
I wish.

I had this exact experience. I kinda just sperged out and walked away, then lost my shit in a bathroom. Came back calm, told her that I went to far and apologized. Got dragged into a friendzone for a few months until I realized I would never get with her, then became a genuine friend with her.
Female friends suck ass compared to male ones though.

I'm surprised people actually care about these two minor characters

The next episode is the last one.... Please someone tell me season two is already confirmed

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I think that there gonna be a partner switch in the future ep

This is pretty fucking cute

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The issue hit a bit close to home for a lot of people here, I expect.
Plus, it's polarizing shitpost fuel.

The real issue is that it SHOULDN'T be polarizing. It should be unanimous.
Kuzu no honkai brought over so many undesirables.

It's 24 episodes

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Unanimous in that both sides were partially in the wrong?

Unironically believed that he can just bee himself
It only works for chads (like Milkman)

> What did Futoshi do wrong?
Was born.

I love how progressive this show is! I hope more shows gets the guts to show non-binary coupling like this.

Unanimous that the worse sin is being a unfaithful slut.

This image has been dissected a lot and it always comes out to "it's wrong", but anyways, fatty definitely wasn't putting in a right effort.

He could be fatstrong, which is apparently an appealing trait for a lot of women out there. Everyone else is just super skinny but he's not *so* fat.

But in the end I just want the pilots to be happy whatever their endgame couples turn out to be,

Hes already a chad minus the bod. If he learns anything is to dial down the chadness.

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>child acts like a child
I know. Crazy, right?

Sup Forums its time to take your pills.

He is the strongest guy of the group, he can throw off everyone but Milkman easily.
Like all fat guys in a mech show, he is strong as fuck.

Does anyone find kokoro a bit weird and not in the good way

What if she realises that mitsuru cant concieve a child will she betray him
Remember when she said she wants to make many relationship maybe that she become desperate and might sabotage other partners relations (maybe zorome and miku)

I dont know but i find her smile whether geniune or not of putting

Just like this episode she seems to what is right for her no matter who gets hurt she could to the same again

Is this bait or are there people this retarded?

>gets punch even if its the kokoro fault
He fot punched because he nearly killed Kokoro, because he was whinny faggot.

Watch out user! I heard that being online in a bad posture made you 25% more likely to contract the gays!

Legit no one cares at this point. She was kinda hinted at being a lesbian when they split the dorm in half and she liked it. Then 02 licked her and confirmed it.

We get it. Being Ikuno is suffering. The show doesn't give us a reason to care. Her emotional stability isn't tied to anyone. She isolated herself and hasn't done anything noteworthy.

Hopefully in the future, when the show gives us more reason to care about her, this "SHE'S A LESBIAN" plotline will matter. Right now, I really don't care.

>hey will you like even though I'm fat and don't really do anything?
>yeah sure no problem (no way fag)
She was never "his"

Nippon doesn't give a shit about american whales or your fee fees retard

I pretty sure her obsession for a baby will be her down fall

If we theorize that the way she is acting now is because of the book+puberty hormones then yes. She seemed content before. Remember that the people in charge said it was special that they were all hitting puberty at the same time, it's not helping them.

True. I'm not agreeing with the guy you linked to. Calling her a slut is going too far. She just wasn't communicative which would've solved all his problems and was leading him on slightly. None of the other couples got needlessly romantic like they did.

I think Futoshi's in a better spot than her just through is honesty and straightforwardness.

Being fat is a capital offense in nihon

>hey I literally carry you on my back and I think I've fallen in love with you?
>do you like me? it's okay if you don't though
>I'm surprisingly understanding
>yeah I like you
Kill the slut liar.

Please, it is only there to be set straight as decreed by based Abe-sama

Anyone who doesn't think Kokoro leaving Fatoshi isn't the best case scenario for both characters is an actual brainlet and should drop the show. The moment Fatoshi changed partners he pulled off stunts he could NEVER accomplish with kokoro. Futoshi gets unchained and will hopefully become /fitlit/ and kokoro gets to be happy with a new partner.

To me she basically the bitch in high school

I don't want Kokoro to be happy.

Who would win?
>edgelord faggot
>does literally everything wrong in combat, but still trying to pull sasuke
>can't get over kindergarten """""trauma""""", that solely defined his personality
>doesn't give a fuck about his partner
>one of the best pilots
>can consistently perform good in battles with any partner, unlike others
>cares about his partner and swears to not let her die
The answer may surprise you.

>Romcom about Futoshi getting over having his gorgeous, but shallow gf Kokoro being stolen by chadsuru
>With the help of his cynical best friend Zorome and the geeky and seemingly apathetic, but kind and supportive at heart, Ikuno.
staring Seth Rogen.

>girls was nice to me, that means she likes me

user everyone likes the egdy good looking character

Not the whiny fat boy

It really was the best thing. Two toxic relationships broken in one bandaid rip, giving us two competent teams instead.

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I personally only hate Mitsuru for his irrational behavior over such a trivial problem. Kokoro made a mistake, but that's a part of growing up imho. If Futoshi's able to forgive her, I don't mind if she pursues happiness.

I swear ive seen a movie like this before but i cant remember