How much money did you spent for anime related stuff?

How much money did you spent for anime related stuff?

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About 50 dollars per month on merch.

Is it halal if there's a skirt?

Everything halal if you have absurd amounts of money user. Don't you know anything about the mega-rich?

It's a joke, doofus

Saudi weebs are gonna save the anime industry.

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>When you wanted to buy a figurine but got carried away.

>LotGH remake in background


>that black ring
You know immediately dude on the right have massive collection of STD's

What does the black ring represent?

Muhammad anime when?

I've spent like 5k over the past 6-7 years


This people use religion to oppress the poor but they themselves don't apply those rules on themselves. It's not a hidden fact anymore that they do everything that the religion has forbidden.

Sometimes I wish I was mega-rich.

It's halal if she's your slave. Slaves are not held to the same standards as free women.


is anime/manga the only thing that sandniggers and aryans can bond over?

>even more traditionalist lobby
Do you want to see MC with literal harem with kudere/dandere in burkas?

>Be Arab
>Study abroad to earn a degree in animation and film direction
>come back home and get told my country doesn't accept my degree and get treated like I only ever finished High School
ok, np, I'll just gather local talents and try to put something on my own, with my own budget
>raise funds by working a regular job
>find the right people
>put together a 3 minute animation promo
>create concept art for characters, setting, and lay out the overall plot
>prototype merchandise, prepare tie-in content to help promote the project, too.
>total costs: 5000 USD, undertaken in 3 months of part time work
>get rejected because "we're not looking for projects of this sort"
>same places bank roll guys like this, giving them up to 1mil USD and all they have to show for it AFTER A YEAR OF FULL TIME WORK is some shitty drawings and terrible animation put together by Indian, Chinese, or Korean budget studios.

I know tons of guys who have quit this line of work and just gotten regular desk jobs, but I'm pushing forward and hoping I can somehow make it on my own. We've got interesting stories to tell, interesting points of views and an interesting mythology to pull on for our fiction but nobody is willing to support us financially due to animation and gaming being considered "virgin territory" that's too risky to invest in. Worst part is the guys who get funding are all hiring people from South East Asia instead of their own countries to do the work, when the guys available here are, frankly, more skilled and cheaper to hire.

It's a nightmare, but I live it.

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Will this at least put an end to the shitposts about how "Netflix will doestory anime as we know it with western pandering and purge it of muh CGDCT and loli shows!!!"?

Because whatever you can accuse the saudis of being, progressive SJWs is probably one of the last things on the list

Be bombed faggot

What you need is a foot in the door.

May god bless you brother user

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Take solace in the fact that at least you're not a japaslave in-between animator.


Could you show us your prototype? I'd love to judge it

What he posting ? gore ?

Blogpost about a Muslim not being allowed to make anime, because nobody thinks he can do it.

No worse, hand-holding.

Is that a boy?

Just a blog, he probably deleted it for fear of getting bullied for being a sandnig

Only the middle one. The other two are girls.

You want it?

So THIS is the power of oil, not bad desu.

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Well, shit. I hope you find a way to get your project on the silver screen; or at least, making it an OVA of some sort. Provided you'll be using local mythology, it would be a bit of an unexplored territory. Foreigners have made things inspired by the local mythology, but I don't think anyone's going to go balls deep like (presumingly) you are.
I remember that Gainax had made some deal with some arabian animation company, but their project looked downright terrible; a co-production could be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing since you wouldn't nearly have the same degree of control.
I've never been in that business, so the most I can offer are my sympathies.

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Is that LoGH in the background?

Don't worry, it's a man.

That's the joke

Anime jihad soon.

easily over 2000 aud on jojo

Is this the secret behind Gainax's recent rejuvenation?

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>tfw the hajis save anime from western SJWs
What the fuck is happening?

>thread 100% off-topic
>mods deleting a single post instead of the entire thread
coll. now check my digits

Mods don't go into threads when responding to reports. They just look at the post in question. It's not the best strategy, especially when the post in question is complaining about the thread not belonging on Sup Forums, but that's the way it is.

A coup by a weeaboo billionaire prince

But shouldn't this thread have gotten dozens of reports already?

Can we trust them?

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I have no explanation for that.

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Is anime the only medium reuniting all the race? Based Japan

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fag 5

>trusting anyone but devout christians

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>rich oil arab that have great retro game collections
>arab that likes one piece and pays for better shit from toei
>some arab king on star trek

why isnt some rich arab buying the rights to subbed iron chef japan so it can be bought on bluray ?

cute shota

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Anyone that ever lived with arabs know they're huge weebs

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Yes. Allah has saved anime.

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They look like Jews and Indians.

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Can confirm; the reason why I'm into anime was because I had an arab friend and we often hung together and watched various anime. Everyone else was running around and sweating outside in 35+C degress, but we were both watching Naruto and Bleach in a cool, air-conditioned room.

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Israel lies in the middle of Arab states. The idea that the Jews are a genetically independent people is silly. Palestinians are close relatives of them. When I toured Bethlehem, I saw the "Jewish" nose everywhere.

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The girl between them couldn't possibly be a male, right?

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something bear something woods

by the power of 6

I have only spent like one tankobon's worth of money in Sup Forums stuff

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well, shit



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Wtf I love saudis

end the thread with theze


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No you don't. It removes over half the challenge of living. Unless you're in debt, most of them aren't any better off than you.

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Not everyone likes a challenge.

Yeah but I can buy everything when I'm rich.

how new are you that you dont know what janitors are


Almogbil looks like my kind of guy

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You'll see where I'm coming from eventually.

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I'm already on autismbux. My daily challenge lies in motivating myself to eat and to get out of bed.

Ok I laughed

>this thread

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Jokes aside, would saudi arabia actually make a big impact on the industry if anime was as popular there as it is here in France?
I can imagine an average weeb having his father buy him Madhouse as a birthday gift

So, one person with different names?

It's just one autist failing to get dubs, kinda embarrassing desu