Are you ready to accept your 3D overlords?

Are you ready to accept your 3D overlords?

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They already kiss in the PV and it's not some trashy otaku thing so it'll probably be better than many people expect it to be.

Also, she has very nice thighhighs on that promo pic and I'm usually a tights man so that says something.

I was gonna watch this because I try to give every romance show a try but I'm nervous about the studio since apparently their show this season had a distracting amount of QUALITY


Unblocked PV where?

On YouTube, in glorious 240p:

I have mixed feelings on this, but I can't really put into words what I feel like
I just feel funny. I don't know if that's a good thing.

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I actually quite liked the manga. I need to finish reading it before the series ends. Will probably marathon it today. Definitely going to watch the anime

It's quite cute

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>use 2d girls to trick me into fucking a 3d pig


Its not good at all. The manga goes full retard after the initial chapters which are kinda nice. Expect my gf suddenly gets amnesia lvl of stupid.

Cheerful amnesia is a masterpiece senpai

I liked the manga, but I feel like the ending was a bit chaotic and the weakest part. But then I don't really remember it so I can't talk.

I find it funny that it airs now, in the same season as Love is hard for otaku.

>Hoods Entertainment

enjoy you're QUALITY animation

Who the fuck is that aimed at?

This confuses me cos it's a shoujo manga, but the male lead doesn't really come across very shoujo love interest-ish. Can't see what the appeal really is for a shoujo demographic here.

Given its about an otaku finding a normie gf, you'd think alternatively that it would be otaku pandering wish fulfillment bullshit, targetted at male otaku looking to self-insert, but it's not really that either.

It will be trash, there's most likely going to be a reverse harem and NTR bait


women apparently

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