Literally the best anime ever made

>literally the best anime ever made

>Sup Forums hate this


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But Sup Forums loves Boku no Pico. I don't know what you are talking about.

I would not call 10+ eva threads everyday "hating it"

Sup Forums only likes animes that have lolis on it.

But it is Sup Forums's favorite show. Only the laziest of contrarian would hate it.

>Sup Forums hate this
Have you collected all the opinions of everyone who ever posted on this imageboard? As far as i can tell most of Sup Forums loves since there are still fucking threads about it after 20y, in /c/ rei and Asuka threads are always up.

Just like Sup Forums hates every video game, Sup Forums hates every anime

Because to people who watch anime it's just another TV series of inconsistent quality, but to normalfag niwaka they think its insanely deep and intelligent and hype it up like no tomorrow much like what happened to Kemono Friends recently.

OK I'm your friend
Don't panic
You have shifted timelines

Its ok dont panic but now apparently Sup Forums doesn't hate Eva in this time line
And there are Eva threads every day in this timeline

Don't panic

However in this timeline the insufferable Reifags have been replaced with retarded Asukafags

Just try and remember that as the Reifags were very annoying because they always told the truth, The Asukafags of this time line are insufferable because they always lie

>literally the best anime ever made
After K-On.

>Sup Forums hate this
Not true.

That's the same as saying the flurry "Meme in the Cuckshed" shitpost threads spammed every 5-10 minutes is Sup Forums liking the show.
Plot Twist: A doesn't like it, but the spergy plebbiters boarderhopping shill it.

Given most of your post its very ironic for you to be calling out "boarderhoppers".

Do pray-tell.

only Sup Forums crossborders hate it

>Sup Forums crossboarders are the ones spamming threads about how gud it is
>Sup Forums crossboarder tries to say it's the other away around

K-On is shit, stop saying its some kind of master piece, boring shit with stupid girls
Go drink a tea or something faggot.

Sup Forums likes franxx
Sup Forums dislikes evangelion

I bet most people at least kinda like it ,but really soured on it thanks to the endless shitposting.

Posting stupid shit like cuck, calling everything a meme, talking about reddit, and calling everyone a shill are all symptoms of being an early 20s faggot who started coming to Sup Forums between 09-13 for a reason other than enjoying anime & manga

But that's wrong.

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The only thing remotely close to true is the age. Late 20s.

i think someone likes it and someone doesn't

>They are taking it seriously and totally not shitposting because Sup Forums spergs about how shit it is at every opportunity

It was good for its time but the problem here is it’s talked about because a lot of normie fans watched this show and maybe 2/3 other anime and literally only come to Sup Forums to discuss this because they’re literally not fit to discuss any other anime series to they’ll instead say all other anime is “bad” while the best anime out of the maybe 4/5 series they’ve seen in their lifetimes is the best thing ever and they spam threads. Any true Sup Forumsnon with more than at least 500 series watched knows there’s been shows released that make Evangelion look like a joke in comparison and this is coming from an Eva fan.

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Honey, this is the Kaworufag timeline

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Yes. That’s what I typed.

Name 2

Why do you newfriends type "literally" so much?
Happens a lot of the word "unironically" too. Whenever you think to type these words just don't type them instead.

It isn't even close to the best. It's a solid and respectable 8/10 but it is completely shat upon by the likes of Cowboy Bebop and Berserk, to name only a few. The pants-on-head retarded ending alone precludes it from earning such a title. Pseudo intellectuals will tell you that you're just too retarded to understand it or that it was "the perfect ending" because muh philosophical deeper meanings and character growth, but even the people who made it thought it was shit. That's saying something.

Well you Eva fans always try and pull sneaky gypsy moves so tell me exactly what you’re talking about. The movie or the series.

>>literally the best anime ever made
That's not Madoka Magica.

Pretty much this.

>look it up
>typical cringe loli shit with school girls and pink hair
Imagine actually watching this kind of homosexual garbage. Further proof that western-oriented animes like Trigun are the only ones worth watching. This is why people think anyone who watches anime is a faggot.


>anime Berserk better than NGE

What exactly does this have to do with your gay anime?

perform the self killing ritual

The people who hate Eva for being "pseudo intellectual" and whatnot have never picked up a philosophy book in their whole lives, I 100% guarantee it.

Let's see... the main cast isn't composed of sociopathic literal children with daddy issues, it manages to tackle philosophical and ethical issues without coming across as masturbatory and egotistical, it actually has decent animation, and it's actually fun to watch. So yeah... pretty much better than NGE in every conceivable way.

>"philosophy book"

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You not having even seen Madoka proves my point about how clueless most Eva fans are when it comes to any anime series outside the 5/6 anime they’ve viewed in their lives.

If you thought berserk had anything close to decent animation I don't even know what the fuck to tell you.

>it actually has decent animation
Nice bait.

> You not having even seen Madoka proves my point about how clueless most Eva fans are when it comes to any anime series outside the 5/6 anime they’ve viewed in their lives.
Yeah... but uh, I'm not an "Eva fan" my dude, I'm in here criticizing the show too. I'm just telling you that a show about little school girls is never, ever going to be good and that you're a faggot.

What normalfag mainstream taste this shithole has.

>Nice bait.
Nice bait.

post your taste

Compared to NGE it's good. NGE is shit-tier.

If you haven't seen the show, just say so.

the only thing your posts are worth is a report, but someone still will reply seriously

I'm not typing you a list of my favorite shows.

>decent animation
Are you talking about 1997 or 2017 Berserk?

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>minutes-long segments of character sitting down in rooms: the show
>good animation
Imagine being this legitimately retarded.

Post a 3x3 or something, then.

then shut the fuck up

Because it's popular.
If you ask Sup Forums whether they like a popular thing, the kneejerk response is always no.

Doesn't mean we actually don't like it, we just can't have people thinking we're normies or something.

when will you learn

Anyone who lists Madoka, Eva, or Stein's Gate as their favorite anime is a sub 300 babby who doesn't deserve to post on Sup Forums.

>Stein's Gate
Never heard of it.

That’s what all Eva fans try and say to make their point but you not having seen Madoka in combination with being in this thread literally guarantees you are in fact an Eva fan. Also Eva fans I find have a natural hate for Madoka because it’s the anime most people have considered to surpass Eva.

>currently rewatching the series
>make an effort to understand the story
>unironically develope strong headaches

my head hurts so much, what the hell is the difference between the white and the black moon? what started the second impact? why doesn't kaworu start the third impact in episode 24? what the fuck is going on in the rebuilds? I need an adult

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I'm talking about the original. I'm not saying it's fantastic or anything, but it isn't bad at all. Many of the fight scenes are well-realized, characters are believably emotive and reactive, etc. The only mildly impressive thing in NGE are some of the Eva battles, but those are pretty infrequent compared to the number of times that characters are just standing around in simply-designed environments having conversations.

This show is mediocre for its time. Kiddos find this show relevant while completely neglecting all other old anime because its so fucking edgy and melodramatic.

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anyone who is acting like you act is a wannabe oldfag with a fake taste. you still can post your favorite shows and redeem yourself

>a show about little school girls is never, ever going to be good
But original CCS is good.

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Here you go.
No u.
I really like both Eva and Madoka, but I can only imagine the people who obsess over them don't actually watch very much anime. They seem like the types who watch two or three anime every year and then complain about how shitty most anime is.

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This is literally my post right here. It's not a bad show but I wouldn't call myself a "fan" by any stretch of the imagination. Also, I'm not sure why you're acting like these two are even comparable as it's pretty easy to tell just from google images that the two shows are nothing alike. The fact you're sitting here trying to convince me that this loli trash is actually capable of being good to begin with is laughable and you're a fucking weirdo. Get some taste.


Exactly the response I'd expect from an underage Evanigger.

stay mad, newshit

This is what legitimately good taste should look like. Take note Sup Forums plebs.

Actually, no they fucking don't. Sup Forums makes fun of Sup Forums for not enjoying stuff, and nowadays Sup Forums is leaking their killjoy behaviour. Even then, you can tell hate is mostly ironic in Sup Forums unlike Sup Forums.We tell Sup Forums to fuck off cause they're either offtopic or unpleasant assholes

You Eva fans will stop at nothing to try and get a point across but you being in an Eva thread and having an unnatural hate for an anime 99% of Eva fags are envious of makes you stick out as a clear Eva fanboy. You don’t have to make an attempt to suppress the fanboy because everybody here can see it.

fucking troll

Don't you have video games to be shifting on?

its edgy teen garbage

sure it was fun when we were all 16 but after rewatching it recently its just trash

Dude, I browse Sup Forums like once every two weeks and I've never even heard of this shit till you mentioned it. I'm not an Eva fan, I'm not envious of anything, I'm just telling you that this show looks really, really gay and you're a massive faggot. I'm sorry.

the fans make posts like these

>hating on Sailor Moon
Just admit you hate anime, Evanigger.

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You probably have never heard of Madoka because like I said in my earlier post most Eva fans literally only come to Sup Forums to discuss Eva because it’s the best show out of the five anime they’ve seen. You’re actively proving my point.

Do you have spectrum disorder or something? My first post in the thread was literally shitting on NGE, now you just keep babbling about me being some kind of undercover anti-lolitrash operative. You have issues, my man.

Outside of Eva threads not knowing about Madoka in unheard of here. Most of you Eva fans live in your own little secluded bubble here.

>Sup Forums hate this
but that's where you are wrong. There wouldn't be daily eva threads without the love for it, despite the shitposting and memes

But seeing the sort of action anime that is popular these days, no wonder Evangelion is the most prominent of the handful of old anime eaten up by modern anime fans.

Everybody here can tell you love Eva and are trying to suppress that in order to make your opinion more valid. Everything you say is spelling out Eva fanboy.

So... coming into the thread specifically to say that it's a pseudo intellectual, egotistical, masturbatory show about sociopathic teenagers is me "spelling out Eva fanboy"? Honestly, it sounds like you're just so sensitive to anyone criticizing your favorite show that your de facto defense is to write off said criticism as bias. I mean, if you actually took a moment to examine your train of thought, you'd realize how retarded you're being right now. Unless you intend to tell me that I purposely made a negative comment about Eva with the intention of somehow getting someone to mention this show and then falseflagging as an Eva hater, I don't know how anything you're saying could make sense. You're just really stupid, dude.

Are you in your forties? How the hell do you not know what Madoka is? Honestly when did you stop watching anime because I’m interested now.

>Sailor Moon
>better than Madoka
As someone who has seen all three of them, I can safely say that Madoka beats the other two in terms of writing, animation, direction, music, pacing, character design and depth. I love them both, but what do those shows have that Madoka doesn't? That they're older? That they're not "edgy"?

>literally the best anime ever made

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I’m laughing at just how unaware you are guy. I’m trying to take you seriously but you don’t even know what Madoka is. You’re actually not even an anime fan my dude.

Madoka is alright but like Evangelion, its a trophy show for plebs who have seen less than 20 anime.

Triangle boob

At least Madoka fans watch anime.

He could be a genuine old anime fan. And good for him too. People's standards for anime have completely fucking changed in favour of the softest fantasy and the still baffling abundance of highschool anime.

>You’re actually not even an anime fan my dude.
I guess? I mean, I watch mostly older, western-geared stuff like Trigun and Outlaw Star (shows actually worth watching), I don't engross myself in the latest 2018 weebtrash so if that's a pre-requisite for this title, then yeah, no, definitely not an anime fan.

I cant stand anime hating people who still think they have better tastes than all anime fans because they have watched generic mainstream pseudo elitist anime list 101.

>He could be a genuine old anime fan. And good for him too. People's standards for anime have completely fucking changed in favour of the softest fantasy and the still baffling abundance of highschool anime.
Yep, you pretty much pegged me my dude. Now this guy I like.

Thanks for admitting your opinion on anime is irrelevant and outdated.

He didn’t peg just you. This is the typical Eva fan.