Evangelion 3.00

What the fuck did I just watch?

I always assumed the three movies were just a remake of the original evangelion, just abridged for brainlets with no attention span. I recently watched them, the first one was pretty true to the original series, the second was a bit out of sequence and added a few new characters, but was pretty good. Asuka was still best girl, so that was cool. And then the third one just went full retard.

>Hurr my curse of the Eva keeps me young forever
>Shinji is even more beta than the original
>The plot is full fucking retard

God fucking dammit. Anno just lives to fuck things up right?

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>asuka still best girl
>Anno just lives to fuck things up

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>just abridged for brainlets with no attention span.
Well, I guess you see now you were wrong about that. There's brainlet with no attention span in this VERY thread who didn't enjoy 3.0. Let's try and find him, take my hand.

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>Liking the Eva remake

Are you literally being drip fed soy as you post?

Before we go on, I gotta know, are you a Reifag? I don't discuss 3.0 with Reifags.

The script is bad, there's just no way around it, it's fundamentally broken, poorly paced and nonsensical.
The only saving grace in this movie most of the over movies is the visuals and soundtrack. 4.0 would need to be better than EoE for all of this to be worth it and we all know that's not happening.

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The rebuilds are trash

They don't just fuck up asuka they fuck up all the girls

Ruin Rei
Ruin asuka

And worst of all ruin misato

are they ever going to release 4.0?
I'm sick of having the same shitty threads about 3.0, I want something new to complain about.

3.0 is the best Rebuild movie. This is an indisputable fact. None of them are that good, however.

This completely ruined reboot for me. A shame because i preferred the first reboot to the corresponding scenes of the original.

Anno must be the edgiest middle aged guy ever.

They fucked up pretty much every good thing about evangelion, character development, story, technology. All that was left is just good animation and visuals, but everything else is shit.

2.0 was best. Yes, I'm Reifag.

I forgive Reifags for not liking 3.0, because it's possible that they were able to rationally appreciate how amazing a movie it was, but their earthly attachment to their waifu prevents that appreciation from leaving their subconscious.

Shinji is the 13th angel and is forcing the events of Eva to repeat again and again. It makes to much fucking sense. Pirate Asuka is amazing tho

Nope. Asuka best girl. Said it in my OP.

Alright, well imo most of the complaints about the plot or character assassination kinda fall apart when you take into account Shinji's last act caused the death of millions of people, that only a short span of time goes by between Shinji awakening and his escape, and that 14 damn years went by between 2.0 and 3.0.

Evangelion rebuild

Pros -
Pirate Asuka
Audio score

Literally everything else


Whatever else you can say about the reboot, the fight between EVA-01 and that weird diamond angel that shoots lasers was probably one of the most visually impressive things I have ever seen in an anime.

But user, EoE was trash.

>Weird diamond angel
How dare you forget best girl's name.

Based taste

Garbage taste

>muh 3.0 isn't like the series therefore it's bad

I'm fucking tired of hearing this shit.
Of course the movies don't have all the character development of the original series, they're in a different format. You can't fit as much in a movie as in a 26 episode series.
That being said, the worst rebuild by far is 2.0, which ditched basically everything that made the second half of Evangelion good and replaced it with fanservice. At least 3.0 tries to be its own thing instead of an inferior version of the series, and is actually built around an original plot meant for the movie format. The final part before EoE wouldn't have worked in movie form in the first place.

>Fanservice is bad

100% soy

Gainax used to be the pinnacle of fanservice.

They shouldnt even bother now. Real fanservice looks like this.

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At this point one must wonder.
What is the point of the Rebuild Movies?
When we finally reach the climax of this bizarre series of movies what will be the purpose of that journey?

What possible meanings could they even have at this point?

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the only thing i hate about 3.0 is that fucking aspect ratio wtf

It is to show how confined Shinji is in his current situation.

That image is literally more insightful than the whole movie.

The weight of all the victims of the impacts is weighing down on our screens, squeezing the aspect ratio.

In that moment the viewer is Shinji and Shinji is the viewer

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Kaworu post-pseudo-intellectualism basically makes all my favorite scenes, writing-wise at least.

The first two were decent, the third was pants on head retarded.
To this day I still have no idea about what they were thinking
>hurr how about we make the Eva become a flying ship

>Hurry how about we make Eva a flying ship

What about if we make some magic curse that keeps people super young if they pilot an Eva, and then have shinji leave for Rei, who he later finds out isn't Rei but a clone (and that the Rei he knew was actually a clone of his mother who's spirit is actually in the Eva he pilots), but not fucking care and go along with his father's plan anyway which has changed from 'kill angels because the world depends on it's to 'hurr just end the world lol' despite spending the previous two fucking movies not wanting to do what his father wanted.

But he doesn't go along with his father's plan user, he goes with Kaworu's.

I can't wait for the release annnouncement of the final movie and the subsequent armageddon that will be taking place here.

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>using the word "brainlet"
Where the fuck do you retards pop out of? Is Sup Forums being raided or something?
3.33 is great, rewatch it again.

If rather get teased Kirino nudity than look at that ugly whale for one more second. Fanservice has definitely gotten better.


Ok enjoy your moe blobs and lolis then

Whats up the all the Eva threads recently?
Kahara still haven't said anything have they?

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Why do people think 3.0's story is retarded? Apart from the fact that no one told Shinji what they should have, which would make the whole movie pointless, it was pretty solid. Lots of new things unexplained, did that confuse people?

80% is butthurt Reifags, 20% is people who got the impression Eva is all about action, cool fights and anime tiddies from 2.0, so the more complex plot spooked them.

>just watch

Nobody new watches Eva.

Makes sense, although 3.0 had some pretty good action scenes.

Isn't every iteration of EVA essentially "keeping secrets is bad. Not telling the people the whole truth always turns out badly."

It's a major tone shift from what Eva used to be, for no apparent reason.
It's also borderline pathetic because
>yeeeah let's make a timeskip because that's so cool right
>oh but then we'll fuck up everyone like Shinji, Rei, Asuka, you know all the characters that made Eva famous in the first place and pretty much the only reason why people watch our shit
>so let's put Shinji in stasis, Asuka as a never aging magical girl and Rei whatever as another but recent clone for some reason
>I swear it's not a copout
>did you like the timeskip?
>oh and there's no Eva this time, because you know, this isn't Evangelion we're doing

It's a tone shift from 2.0, the same way the latter part of the original series is a tone-shift from the "Monster of the Week" episodes. Also they didn't fuck up anything, that's called character development. Oh and there are Evas.

You've no idea what tone shift means son. Also "character development" ... what?
It's not character development to make up excuses as of why everyone's looking the same fucking same 20 years or whatever later. It's just a copout and it's obvious.

>Just watch it enough times and you'll learn to ignore how awful it is

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Copout? What are they copping out of?

So you barely even understand anything from the movie?

If they wanted to set the story dozens of years later then everyone should've been shown grownup, shinji and asuka and rei included.
Stick to your guns instead of being a coward.
But they knew nobody would've gotten a fuck about their whole "new take" without the classic characters everyone actually likes so they made up three different excuses about that.

Those "excuses" just look like plot points to me.

>Shinji was dissolved by 400% sync and got cloned back into life
>Asuka got contaminated physically which is a new plot element in Rebuild
>Rei is a clone like always
>everyone else changed majorly
Hurr durr durr, durr hurr?

>I can't wait for the release annnouncement of the final movie and the subsequent armageddon that will be taking place here.

Can't we just nuke Evageeks once and for all ?

You're funny people. All copouts have "explanations" of some sort to justify the shit they're trying to pull, that doesn't change their nature.

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Look at perfection itself, Jung should have been the MC of Gunbuster. Fuck Anno and his fetish for stupid main characters.


>bring the story forward

>Shinji suddenly farts fireballs and melts angels with his eyes
>he's also got three cocks because muh 400% sync rate
>bringing the story forward!

Sometimes I wonder how it feels to live with no quality standards

Are you being sarcastic? Because you look retarded.

Jus move on. I know you probably stopped watching anime a while back but there’s way better stuff out there now and one less oldfag spamming these annoying Eva threads is better overall.

3.0 is like eoe but released now and a bit worse. basically rebuild eoe
People just dislike it because they can't take the easy way out and look at the wiki or at a youtube video to explain it like they could with eoe

No 3.0 is basically episode 24.

Yeah, and 4.0 is going to be the new EoE. If anything is gonna save anime, this'll be it.

4.0 is going to be episode 25 and 26 but with movie quality.

I'd be cool with that. The collective shit-losing from going through that again would be exhilarating.

I agree.
1.0 is fucking boring, 2.0 changes up some things and was more interesting.
I think 3.0's perception will change depending on how 4.0 resolves the plot lines.

What did anno mean by this?

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You watched an empty piece of crap made solely to make money on merchandise while the series is still popular.

> The truth is, I have no emotional attachment to Rei at all. In the midst of making Eva, I suddenly realized that I had forgotten her. Her very existence. For example, in episode seven, I remembered and added one shot with Rei. I had no attachment to her at all. I think that was okay, because in episode eight, she didn't appear. Not even in a single shot.

Something something sex

>>muh 3.0 isn't like the series therefore it's bad
Nice strawman.

>muh strawman
Nice fallacy fallacy.

Yui never told her husband about her true goals, and yet she's the one who got everything she wanted in the end

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The problem is that the series was goog and the reboots are trash.

Nah, series was fine, good at times. EoE was a good one. Rebuilds aren't much different from original, except they ruin pretty much everything good in the series and add some nice animations and action.

The TV series is the better part of Eva.


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>would need to be better than EoE
Well shit faggo, that's not hard since you don't seem to like fundamentally broken, poorly paced and nonsensical script.

I just dropped by to say my sole care abotu Eva are Asuka and Mari doujins. That is all. Also, that anno guy seems to either be on drugs or running on sheer spite

Take out Pirate Asuka and I'll agree with you. I fucking hate her new design.

1.00 was the only actually good Rebuild movie because it's the closest to NGE with its character stuff.
2.22 would be better if it kept more of the character stuff and removed Mari.

I like EoE because it's still heavily focused on the character stuff, had great action and animation, regardless of how nonsensical it got.

I don't claim that EoE made perfect sense, but 3.0 didn't made any sense for me.

Get the fuck in line.

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Besides the Ramiel and Zeruel fight, i preferred the original animation, or atleast the animation style.
Then rebuild went full retard with eva-01 becoming an AIRSHIP and ANOTHER impact, where people survive solely to hate shinji

I can concede on this.
Remal I think is more or less universally considered an upgrade, and while I have no love for 2.22's ending, I will say that it is very fun to watch.

However I still think NGE's Zoral fight is better just on premise and the general uneasiness one gets from watching it the first time.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't really remember Unit 01 having the almost animalistic-like nature in the rebuilds, but I distinctly remember them changing the roar to not be as good.
NGE's 01 roar was always ominous and disturbingly human-like during that scene and I loved it for that.

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I think neither of them are that hard to understand. Anything indecipherable about 3.0 was most likely meant to be explained in the next movie. But that was probably also originally meant to be the case with 2.0 and 3.0 as well, so who knows what going to happen now

The problem is that it shouldn't rely on the next movie to magically explain it away, especially because it's been years.

A movie - no matter what - should be able to explain to the viewer what the fuck is going on and be able to stand on its own two feet as a film and not rely sole on the ones that came before or after it.
In that department, 3.0 is a failure.

I somewhat agree. Had 4.0 released like a year or two after 3.0 it would have been fine. They are after all meant to be a series of film, following eachother, leaving somethings unexplained is to be expected. But it has been like 6 years. Who is to say Anno even remember his original vision.

I liked it because Kaworu makes my dick feel funny

This thread should be an Anima thread.
I just found out about it and apparently there are catgirl loli mari's in it or something like that and I know that someone in this thread will probably have a near-autistic level of information about it and I would appreciate it if you shared it with me.

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what a masterpiece

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I remember when Anno was interviewed after making Shin Goji, he had stated "Making this has reignited my love for film-making".
inb4 tvtropes. i couldn't find the exact article unfortunately

It's only given me the slightest amount of hope that maybe 4.0 won't be all terrible.
But I've been wrong before. It's important to set expectations low so that when it happens, you aren't surprised by it when it does.
But I do personally hope he got some of that old NGE spark from doing so.

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>"Making this has reignited my love for film-making".
I read that too.

>this is an official manga

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Mother of fuk, is that SIRP?

redpill me on Anima.
Is it just EVA fanfiction?