When does Gintama jump the shark?

Yesterday I asked this in the Gintama general, but the thread died.
When would you say Gintama jumps the shark?
I've just watched ep.154 and I'm seriously wondering if Gintama has jumped the shark.

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Gintama jumps several sharks in every arc, and it doesn't give a fuck.
And it's great.

>When would you say Gintama jumps the shark?
The first 200 eps are just the best the show had, but it still remains enjoyable all the way to the very end. There's always been ups & downs in the series.

Gintama general doesn't exist

Gintama threads are just an illusion.

Gintama is permanently jumped over the shark since episode 2

Episode 1

Or you could say Jump jumped the shark with Gintama and worked for them. But Gintama itself is pure random happenings, so if you want to know when it became boring, well the final battle jumped the shark in the opposite meaning, because the story turned 90% shonen battle manga and was a mess of tons of characters we meet from 300 or 400 chapters ago appearing and dissapearing, and of course we all knew what was going to happen. With this said, Sorachi returned the manga to the statu quo in this last arc so everthing is great again.

Seriously guys episodes 151-158 have been such a letdown. Did anybody here notice something like that in those episodes? And, if so, did it became like that permanently, or did it come back to being like it was before episode 150?

since epsiode 2 and it just keeps jumping at it and doesn't care

No, you just got bored and is fine when you watch too much of something. But your opinion is that, not a fact. Barber episode is a standar episode and Kondo is great there. Also, I need to ask, when you say episode 158, do you mean Toshi arc? Because that’s fucking great.

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Gintama was never funny. It's just "dude, epic references". The Family Guy of Anime.

More like the Rick and Morty of anime. The MCs even have similar hair.

Fanbase is about on par, too.

>Barber arc
>Kagura can't sleep episode
>Street vendor episode
>A MADAO and Gin episode
>Otsu arc

Not saying that's best Gintama but those are great

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So, I always wanted to understand this.
Gintama is a shonen manga who uses the classic tropes, mocks them but relies on them heavily. It also puts a lot of development in the concept of family, so the main groups and their dynamics works in that way even if it go against the classic model of family.
Also, Gintama has many serious moments but never touches the family and friendship values.
Family guy is most a series of sketches running during twenty minutes where without reason the characters are just mean to each other. You like or not, Gintama has entire arcs to tell something. And hardly downgrades the characters for the laughs.
I kinda like Rick and Morty, but I don't give too much attention to the show, but the drama relies in the weak family bonds, that are always breaking and how awful and selfish are the characters to each other. Again, that's not something that would happen in Gintama, as a shonen manga, while all the characters have flaws, they hardly harm other characters, even the bad guys.
As for the "dude, epic references", to mee it seems some people are bothered by their lack of understanding about cultural shit they don't share, Gintama is a Japanese show that relies in Japanese references, and its subcultures, so is aimed to people who can understand that shit.

If you don't enjoy the Toshi episode or the Otsu arc, I'm afraid it is you who have jumped the shark. If you want more shoneny stuff, the Red Spider arc isn't too far off.

Shoyo ruined Gintama

There are some great episodes in there that I personally enjoyed a lot, Shogun Barber arc is great, Kagura Can't Sleep is hilarious with one of the biggest baits in the series, Kyubei's Birthday is one of my favourite one shots, and the Otsu arc is slow so you might feel bored. It was 7 chapters adapted into 7 episodes, so if it feels slow it's because it is. It's the only time Gintama had really slow pacing like that pretty much. It's still a really funny arc though.

That's why people should go to the charts, with Gintama you can watch some random episodes from time to time, but get ready to marathon an entire arc because it works better watching those in one row from beginning to end.

Tsuki is fuckin boring

Yeah, you can take it fairly slow with the one shot episodes because they usually aren't connected like an arc, but watching an arc all at once is the best experience.

Some episodes might be not for you but Gintama is literally perfect if we don't count the current arc that is better than every other ongoing series but is not really good for Gintama

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You are wrong user
Gintama doesn't jump the shark in its content but rather in its animation.but that happens in the serious arcs like SA & FS.
You have popularity poll arc, red spider arc, timeskip arc still left AND AFTER THAT YOU HAVE 4 DEVAS ARC
Gintama becomes God-tier during 4 devas arc

>Gintama becomes God-tier during 4 devas arc
It was God-tier before, it is God-tier during this arc and it will be God-tier after tbqh

Agreed user

Any manga readers? I don't know what the fuck is going on on Gintoki's end.

Yea. We get that next chapter. Seems like the manga has still 10+ chapters left


It'll end next year after it beats Bleach in chapters. Just watch Gintoki's ultimate keikaku be to beat *aruto and *leach and *ochikame.

i.e. Gintama is more like The Simpsons than Family Guy. Now go back to watching Family Guy.

Looks the gorilla has planned to end it at 708/709 because it will be the 15th anniversary

How can someone not like Radio story episode? That is the most highly rated and memorable moment in the entire show.

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Your favorite anime is the Rick and Morty of anime you mong

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Joui is Joy


That's a nice hint at it being Gintoki before it was revealed to be him. You would need to be pretty quick to catch it without rewinding though.

QUICK! Post yfw

plays in the final episode.

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