Post the best EDs

Post the best EDs

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Seki-kun was great

You need to specify "no ED/EP older than 10y old" or people will just shitpost some poor quality video from a sub-bar 30y old mecha show they liked when they were 8y old.

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Personal favourite


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Konosuba S2 ending

The best EDs from this season.

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Do you like Shiena, Ruri?

this show is dogshit but they always time the ED right

REzero ed has great song but super budget visuals.
Fullmetal the visuals are like "hey lets do that multiplane layers to create an illusion of movement" and they fuck up the speed each layers should move at so it's weird? The "character looks into the distance" is straight out of south park when they made an album cover, like yeah that'll do, good idea.
I dont fucking understand why psycho pass ed has any views, shit song, boring visuals and a shit show overall.

I had to google her.

I always thought that the smooth EDs were a lot better than the shrill engrish of the OPs for LOGH.

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That's an awful ending, why would post an awful ending on a thread titled "post the best ed's"?

my negro
though the engrish wasn't as bad in all of them
(2nd ED from Master Keaton)

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Is that stuff still running?, I watched it 25 years ago when I was a kid.

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This show was a piece of shit

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One of my favourites for sure.

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Ultraman? Yeah, it's still running.

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