Classroom of the Elite

So volume 8's cover dropped. Still a low quality scan for now but like a lot of people have been saying. It's Manabu and Akane. Since they're about to graduate soon it seems fair. And they'll have an important role in the upcoming arc too.

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Here's volume 8's cover.

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Apparently soon more details will follow. Guess that means we'll have our synopsis in a few days too. Higher quality scan of volume 8's cover should be here anytime now.

Didn't expect them to be in the next cover, but at least a lot of people have been saying it will be Manabu and Akane.

Also there's this
Still just rumors at this point so take it with a grain of salt but it seems Kushida or Kikyo (桔梗) will be playing an important role in volume 8 according to the announcement. Just have to wait for higher resolution to read those moonrunes and confirm.


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Remember when other anons were saying that Akane will not be in cover with Manabu and that Manabu will be pair with a different girl and now the cover has been dropped.

Also look at the left of this picture near the bottom but above Horikita's illustration. It's two people silhouetted against a white background. Nips are claiming this could be a volume 8 illustration waiting to be leaked and the silhouetted figures are Kiyotaka and Karuizawa.

>Guess that means we'll have our synopsis in a few days too.
It's likely be in the first week of April.

It'll jump right into student council conflict, I imagine. Manabu is going to graduate by the end of this upcoming arc so the situation with Nagumo must be dealt with ASAP. Ayanokouji has to get Horikita board or find someone else to use. This is also Horikita last chance to get Manabu's approval or praise in some way before he leaves, probably by showing she can work with hers and show her real capabilities.

This is what I'm talking about. I can even make out the characters "illustration" and "SS" written underneath the silhouettes. The ponytail on the girl silhouette and the way the other silhouetted figure looks makes it seem like it's Kiyotaka and Karuizawa that'll be getting their own SS.

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This will be good if it is true.

Also I'll be dumping part 7 of chapter 5 of volume 5 in 2-3 hours. I'm halfway through with it. I'm free now so I'll power through the whole thing and dump here in 2-3 hours.

Based user.

書き下ろし よう実 ??&

People were denying the possibility of an Akane cover really hard for some reason. I remember some user getting shit on for suggesting Akane would be on the cover with Manabu and got told Akane was an irrelevant mob. I'm glad they were wrong and Akane's on the cover. She deserves at least a cover with Manabu before they graduate.

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So from what this tells it's an illustration from an SS chapter that'll be part of June's(?) Comic Alive issue. If I recall they release the issues a month early so June's issue should be released in May. So after April 25th once May starts that issue will be released and we'll get that SS? Looks like it from the way of it.

[ Future Schedule ]

Release Date Decision: March 1st
Cover Release: March 26th
Limited Edition Announcements: Late March to Early April?
Synopsis Release: The beginning of April?
Trial Reading: April 17th?
SS Announcements: Mid-April?
Early Sale Date: April 23rd is certain, possibly April 21st
Official Release Date: April 25th

[ Past Record ]

Release Date Decision: November 30th
Cover Release: December 16th
Limited Edition Announcements: December 20th
Synopsis Release: January 1st
Trial Reading: January 17th
SS Announcements: Ibuki January 17th, Kei 18th
Early Sale Date: January 23rd
Official Release Date: January 25th

Release Date Decision: August 31th
Cover Release: September 23rd
Synopsis Release: October 3rd
Limited Edition Announcements: October 5th
SS Announcements: Shiina October 14th, Chabashira 16th, Sakura 17th, Hasebe 18th
Trial Reading: October 17th
Early Sale Date: October 21st
Official Release Date: October 25th

Release Date Decision: April 1st
Limited Edition Announcements: Melonbooks April 25th, TORANOANA 26th
Cover Release: April 27th
Synopsis Release: May 2nd
SS Announcements: Sakura May 11th, Hasebe 16th
Trial Reading: May 19th
Early Sale Date: May 23rd
Official Release Date: May 25th

The way this is going
>Cover Release: March 26th
>Limited Edition Announcements: April 1st-14th around that region
>Synopsis Release: I think this is probably April 1st or April 3rd at most
>Trial Reading: April 17th as per usual
>SS Announcements: Anywhere between synopsis release and trial reading
>Early Sale Date: April 21st-23rd
>Official Release Date: April 25th
This sounds about right.

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Thanks Tomose since I really like girl with hair bun.

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There's something about hair bun girls that makes you want to protect the living shit out of them. Probably because younger or little sister type characters tend to sport that hairstyle. Akane doesn't fit that mold but she's still plenty cute. Literally a 10/10 waifu for Manabu. Horikita must hate her guts for her intimacy with onii-sama.

I was sceptical at first but the Manabu cover pretty much convinced me now. I think Nagumo's going down faster than we might expect. Before Manabu graduates, to give him some closure, I think 50% will succeed in bringing down Nagumo and Horikita will somehow reconcile with Onii-sama too. Then the rest of the 2nd year can be spent fighting against Arisu/Ichinose or tidying up loose ends with his father.

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Ahh I forgot to ask, the user that did this link!bgM3nBAZ!9cLBtr7pnv5xefiRRZRUzQ found the 7.5 txt version?

glad that people are happy with the cover


Why? She has a good bantz with Kiyotaka. I like her for that.

Read his name.

I don't know. People were just saying she won't be on the cover and Manabu would have a different girl which honestly makes no sense because the girl that's definitively been paired up with Manabu from the very start is Akane. So before they graduate it makes sense they'd get the cover together especially since next arc will involve Manabu and Akane heavily while trying to keikaku the shit out of Nagumo.

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>I think Nagumo's going down faster than we might expect.
Probably he'll get expelled in the third semester before the first years becomes second years.

Yeah. It also serves a narrative purpose since it gives Manabu closure knowing he succeeded. From an in-universe perspective it also makes sense because the new 1st years won't have to experience Nagumo's bullshit if he's out before they arrive. So before the current 1st years become 2nd years I fully expect Nagumo to be a high school dropout. Although Ichinose might take his spot and become the new primary antagonist for the 2nd year though.

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I guess is Ibuki(or Horikita) and Kei

I doubt it. The person on the right is undoubtedly Kei from her trademark ponytail but the person on the right seems to be about a head taller than Kei. This doesn't make sense because Horikita and Ibuki are about the same height as Kei so unless they're standing on a flight of stairs that can't be right. The left figure is clearly taller than Kei so going from that hairstyle it can be either Kiyotaka, Shibata or Ryuuen. Now the only one that can logically be paired up with Kei barring NTR is Kiyotaka so I'd have to say it's Kiyotaka.

Since vol 8's right around the corner I thought I'd take this chance to just say I want my girl Hiyori to have her own chapter in vol 8. It doesn't have to be much. Just comfy /lit/ times in the library.

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there will be more of her in futures volumes as she is leading class C. I curious about her future development

Looks like Kei Kiyo to me.

It's pretty much confirmed. Ponytail is 100% Kei and the only people that can be paired with her in an SS while making logical narrative sense would be Kiyopon, Hirata or one of the girls. That doesn't look like a girl on the left.

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>It's two people silhouetted against a white background

it is obvious that they are two girls
it's not a boy

the ponytail on the girl silhouette is Karuizawa and the other girl has long hair that can be seen behind her body

Kiyotaka gets to cum in this.

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>Nagumo gets to cum in this*

>"Nagumo-kun mess up my insides with your big cock, make me forget all about that jerk Ayanokouji-kun and his stupid slut gf Kei, my back stabbing no good cunt friend Haruka and everyone else who would take away my happiness. creampie my insides and make me yours. I just don't want to be alone, I want to be needed even if it's only as your whore......"


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Ahh yes. Fallen Airi never fails to get me because I can legitimately see this happening to her under the right conditions.
>Kiyotaka rejection
>Haruka betrayal
>Kei victory
All of those things happening in that order right now while she's still coming out of her shell is all it'll take for Nagumo to pick up the pieces. Everyone tries to harp on Kei for being an easy girl but there's really no girl easier than Airi in this LN. If not for Kiyopon's constant protection, she'd be easy pickings for anyone.

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We didn't even have time to rest as we had to prepare for the three-legged race. On the other hand, the obstacle course race for the girls had turned stormy from the very first round.
Horikita had endeavored earlier to compensate for the results as she separated herself from the Class C duo right away from the start.
"I've seen this earlier before".
"Looks like she's in the same group as Yajima-san and Kinoshita-san again".

Horikita possesses high potential for not just sports but also in her studies and various assorted things. However, it's no easy task to beat someone who specializes in something.
As the match started, Kinoshita darted forward. She made it to the balance beam before anyone else and forcibly created distance between herself and those following behind.
Yajima's in second place. And Horikita following them is how the match started out. Unlike the 100 meter dash or the hurdle race which purely tests only one's speed and stamina, there are various unknowns involved in the form of obstacles and so the gap did not widen as much as you'd think.
After passing the balance beam, the gap had shrunk to the point they were almost lined up beside one another.

"Looks like there's a chance for her, this time".
Nearby, Sudou's also cheering Horikita on and he grips his hands tight as he watches over her. By the time they had crossed through the net, Horikita had taken the lead at last.
However, Kinoshita is also a fast runner. Taking advantage of the distance between obstacles she closes in and shortens the gap. Then she takes second place back for herself.
Yajima's position as first place probably won't be threatened. Horikita sprints at her best to try and steal second place away. Horikita closes in on Kinoshita the moment she lost her balance slightly upon reaching the sacks.

Then, the moment she passed her, she began sprinting with all her might and shook her off.

(Part 7 of chapter 5 of volume 5. Continued)

The difference between them was 1 or 2 seconds it seems. Horikita runs at full speed for the remaining 50 meters. By the way, perhaps she was worried about Kinoshita closing in on her from behind, as she flickers her gaze back and forth repeatedly.
That might have caused her to stall as once again, Horikita and Kinoshita lined up beside one another. In the very next moment, both Horikita, who had been attempting to outrun Kinoshita, and Kinoshita who was in pursuit, ran into each other and mutually collapsed.
"Woah!? Hey, something big's happened!".
I couldn't tell from afar which one ran into the other but it looks as though it happened as a result of their struggle.

While the two of them were getting back up, the others passed them by one after another and in one stroke, they fell to the bottom. Perhaps they weren't able to stand back up immediately, since they were both desperately tried to get back on their feet admist the clouds of dust. Although they were somehow able to continue with the contest, that incident had a resounding effect to the very end and Horikita came in at a surprising 7th place. The other one who fell, Kinoshita, ended up placing bottom due to the pain in her leg preventing her from continuing with the contest.
She must have her regrets since she ended up like this after going in expecting to place 1st.
And with this it's 1st place, 3rd place and 7th place huh? As far as this match is concerned, there's no other choice but to write it off as an unfortunate incident but.......

"What's wrong, Ayanokouji-kun?".
"If this 'coincidence' were to occur again, then I may no longer be able to write it off as a mere 'coincidence'".
I brought up the subject I didn't broach earlier on with Hirata.
"As I thought, you think so too? I think the other students are also beginning to gradually realize it too. But for this to happen means---that things are moving in a bad direction, right?".


Unfortunately, his assessment is spot on.
"If there are any students that have caught onto this, can I leave you to care for them?".
"Of course. That's my role after all. But isn't there something we can do.......?".

"It'd be great if there is".
I felt relief seeing Hirata accept the task without a hint of discontent and so I headed over to the girl who seemed dissatisfied.
Horikita had a gloomy expression on her face coming back after her obstacle course race. The situation was clear as day if you look at her walk and posture that conveyed a sense of unease.
"Does it hurt?".
".....just a bit. But not to the extent of affecting the contests. If I rest up a bit I'll be fine".
She put on a tough act like that but from just her sitting down, it looked as though she's having a difficult time. Steeling myself against incurring her wrath, I tried touching the part where I believe the injury lies.

"This isn't going to have any effect, you say?".
"Don't touch me. And also, don't mind me. I'll just have to bear with it".
To be in a position where winning is a duty can be painful at times like this. More so for people like Horikita, who pride themselves on being able to produce results.
"Well I guess if you retire then you won't even be getting any points so I do understand your desire to hang in there".
I had thought she would have glared at me for causing her pain but Horikita began to talk about something entirely different.
"More importantly, what concerns me is that girl. It's almost like that contact was done out of malice".
".....and this means?".

"While she was running behind me, that girl called out my name many times over".
So that's why she turned back to look occasionally during the match.
"Of course I thought it was strange. But soon after I turned back to look, we collided with each other and rest went exactly as you saw it. I would have objected but if this were an ordinary collision then she shouldn't have been calling out my name".

Certainly, there's a high likelihood that this was a surprise attack.
"Honestly, I can't keep up with think we're still in the middle of all this.....".
Taking the entire school into account, Horikita would be the third person to be injured.

There was a 2nd year who fell during their race and had to withdraw due to their leg injury but in their case, there's nothing in particular to worry about since it was an isolated incident.
"Rather than worry about me, you should be more worried about yourself. Your results are worse than mine right?".
Horikita, who took 1st place, 3rd place and then 7th place now due to the collision, currently stands at 30 points. I'm standing at 27 points. Close as it may be, there's no changing the fact that I'm still losing out.
"I'll do my best. But, don't push yourself too, ok?".
"I intend on participating in the contests even if I have to crawl to do it".

Leaving behind Horikita, who said such words, I made a move to prepare for the next contest: the three-legged race.
"How's Horikita-san doing?".
Hirata, having ascertained the situation from a distance, worriedly called out to me.
"It's pretty serious. It looks like it'll affect the subsequent contests".
"That's a severe turn of events".
While we tied the string, we exchanged such little interactions.

Not too long after, the three-legged race began for the 1st year boys. They started one after another. This sports festival is thoroughly being regulated by the school and the contests progressed without any waste. It was a brilliant performance almost on par with scheduled broadcasts.

(Continued. There's a little bit left. I'll post the rest of part 7 in half an hour after I'm done with dinner)

Literally best threesome.

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>Kiyotaka gets to cum in this.

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That will be Kei's 3rd SS in a row. Looks like the silloette on the left may be Kiyotaka.

Sakayanagi, Horikita, and Ichinose are best girls.

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nah that's amulet-chan and Keishit

They don't even know each other to make an SS between them retard.

>Horikita and Ibuki are about the same height as Kei
>Kei's height is 154 cm
>Horikita's height is 156 cm
>Ibuki's height is 159 cm
So they are not about the same height.

Is the show worth watching or should I just read the manga?

Faggot, the same goes for V1 SS, they didn't know each other good, amulet-chan already knows Kiyo, just a bit more interactions and bam, a SS for her beatiful thigh, stupid Keifag.

Hi! all Youkosofags.
Volume 8's cover has been released.
The low resolution version seems already posted. So I will post a high resolution version.
And I will transcribe the Nip sentences of this illustration from now on.

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I didn't even notice that thing behind her, but yes it's hair. The only girl that has ass-length hair and has much shorter forelock on the side of the head (which is why the person on the left looks like she has ibuki or kiyotaka hair) is ichinose. Ichinose is also 5cm taller than kei so that checks out with the pic too

Thanks based nip user!

Thank you, kind Japanese user!!! I knew you'd drop by these threads to give us the good news. This is the sort of stuff that gets discussions going. Hopefully you can give us some new info to give us something to theorize about.

Manabu my boi!!

Eh, nevermind this The high res pic makes it obvious that is kei's hair and the other person is kiyo

I think it's Karuizawa and Kushida. At least Karuizawa is there, it's that's sure

Which is amazing considering Karuizawa already has 2 SS stories dedicated to her in vol 7.5 yet just one volume later in vol 8 she's getting yet another SS story that's not just dedicated to her but focused around her AND Kiyotaka. The romance is strong with the Karuizawa. Tauwa!

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No that other person is a guy, he has pants and no skirt. And only kiyo has that hair

Thanks TL user

>And I will transcribe the Nip sentences of this illustration from now on.

早くも来月発売決定! 今号ではその表紙を飾る



Nip user you beautiful man

>And only Kiyo has that hair
Technically Ryuuen has a similar type of haircut and so does Kanzaki. But since we're 99.999% sure the girl is Kei then it can't be them because that would spell NTR. So it's definitely Kiyopon and Kei for that SS chapter. Although since we still don't know what Machida looks like it could be him NTRing Kei away.

This guy is Handsome. Tomose is evolving

i dont think that putting manabu on the cover will help the sales but whatever
looks more like 3 persons to me

His art is getting better each volume, he is truly a madman.

Yeah I realized now with the image in better resolution. No doubt it is KiyoKei

keishippers are the most deluded but it will be nice to see you all commit sudoku when the cumdumpster will be dropped by 50% man

A sudden turn in the surroundings of the protagonist, Ayanokouji.
2 months have passed since volume 7.5 [Hurry up with the continuation...!] such passionate demands are pouring forth and so this work's latest volume will be quickly released next month!
In this issue we'll be delivering Tomose Shunsaku-sensei's illustrations that decorate the cover!!

The cover for volume 8 is the former student council president Horikita Manabu & the former secretary Tachibana Akane. The former student council duo!

The two of them will be on the cover!
The next issue of Alive will be in June and both the cover and a new SS illustration of [Youjitsu] is included.

>Translations of the kind Japanese user's transcribe.

It seem the left silhouette is turn around.

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>i dont think that putting manabu on the cover will help the sales but whatever
It's not about the cover. It's about the content.

Thanks user

This. Covers have hardly mattered. Vol 5 had Katsuragi and Arisu. Arisu's a new character and Katsuragi is an ugly baldie. Vol 6 had Yukimura, an ugly nerd and vol 7 had Ryuuen, a thug. Yet those volumes have sold extremely well. It's more about the content and hype via word-of-mouth. The cover lets us know which characters will have an important role in that volume. Here it's Manabu & Akane. But stuff like the synopsis/trial reading/SS chapters will help promote sales.

Why do you think we have a Kiyokei SS? Leave cover for the content. Kei, Horikita and Ichinose will not receive a new cover so soon

>The two of them will be on the cover!
>The next issue of Alive will be in June and both the cover and a new SS illustration of [Youjitsu] is included.

Pic Related

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I actually prefer it this way. Youjitsu is primarily a psychological thriller type of LN, not a SoL romance one. While I immensely enjoyed the romance in vol 7.5 I'd hate it if this romance continued to dominate the rest of the series. I like what Kinugasa's doing here. The romance stuff with Kiyokei can be told through the SS chapters while the main volumes can focus on the actual content. Focus on other characters like Arisu, Ichinose and Nagumo too. The romance can be kept strictly in SS.

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That's why don’t judge a book by its cover.

Kei and Kiyotaka are like partners of crime here. I wonder why?

>A sudden turn in the surroundings of the protagonist, Ayanokouji.
Could be the special exam (probably involving manabu or nagumo, otherwise kiyo would do his best to stay away from the exam). Could be kushida pulling shit I guess. Don't know what else.

You going on a tangent is largely irrelevant in regards to the silhouette discussed and I couldn't give any fucks. One person is obviously Kei, so it would have to involve her as well.

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90% kiyotaka
100% kei

Literally Bonnie and Clyde: The LN edition. Nagumo can't hold a candle against this pair. He's going down hard if he tries to mess with these partners.

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Kushida needs to be killed quick. She always leaves an ominous feeling every single time. What a cunt selling her asshole to Nagumo

Kushida will probably want to annoy Kiyotaka and Kei. The SS must be Kei and Kiyotaka discussing how good it was to expel Kushida

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>100% kei
Of course. Look at this . Look at that ponytail and the trendy, gaudy pose she's striking. That's Kei to the max. The other person is also almost certainly Kiyotaka. It's clearly a boy (he's wearing pants look at the creases near his knees to confirm) so going by narrative logic, there's no other boy at this point in the story to pair Kei up with other than Kiyotaka unless Kinugasa has an NTR fetish and pairs her up with Machida.

Miss him

The changes in Ayanokouji's surroundings are probably the special exam, Nagumo's attack and Kushida's backstabbing. Either one of those or all three at once. I think instead of going straight for Ayanokouji, since Kushida now knows Kei's involved with X she might try threatening Kei instead since she's the "easier target" in her mind. If she does, Kiyopon's going to destroy her and no amount of whoring herself out to Nagumo will save Kushida then.

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>t. Kei
Don't worry you'll get your Machida soon.

Will the new KeixKiyo SS be about valentines? or is it too soon?

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Too soon I'd reckon. The volumes seem to go at roughly a month's pace each, maybe a bit more. But right now we're still at the start of January where the special exam will begin so I doubt they can wrap it all up and go onto the middle of February just like that. Valentine's Day could be vol 9 SS and Kei's birthday/White Day can be vol 10 SS then we get vol 10.5 for more fluffy Kiyokei holiday shenanigans.

I for one think the opposite. To build up Nagumo as a foe, Kinugasa will have Manabu fall for some reason. For example, in order to save Horikita which spring forth a lot of plot and character development.
Having Manabu deal with Nagumo so soon and removing both characters from the story seems like a waste to me when there is so much that can be done with both. With my guess, Manabu's role turns more meaningful and Nagumo rises in importance before his eventual downfall.
Think of the current WWE strategy for their face. For years, they have being build Brock Lesnar as a beast that beast everyone and now, finally in theory, they will have him fall at the ends of the company's selected champion, Roman Reigns - despite what the fans may think about it but that's another issue.
So, Manabu will be the Undertaker at an early Wrestlemania to Nagumo's "Lesnar" and 50% (and/or Ichinose for ex.) will be the new and definitive top dog at a later Wrestlemania by defeating the beast that will go on a rampage, Nagumo. Just an idea.

Probably about Keikakus and a talk about Kei x hirata

Good point. Nagumo seems like he'd actually be an intimidating foe unlike Dragon Boy who turned out to be a bit of a pushover when things got serious. Nagumo has been known to expel anyone who looks at him wrong before so we know he's the real deal. Plus they've been building Nagumo up ever since vol 4.5 up to 7.5 so I doubt Kinugasa'd waste it all by having him go down like a bitch. He'll probably give Kiyopon a serious run for his money before falling. Like you said, I imagine some casualties on Kiyopon's side too. Manabu or maybe even Kei suffers a hit before Kiyopon can overcome Nagumo.

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Manabu is receiving the cover now because within that arc he must be more active in this volume. The next covers are marked to be Kanzaki x Kamuro in the volume with focus in the class b vs class a battle and Nagumo x Amulet-chan in the volume in which Nagumo is defeated