This little goblin girl is cute!

This little goblin girl is cute!

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Do crying children have a lot of HP or why does it say that she only needs a single blow to defeat them?

Because she can beat them in one blow.


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>Goblin in first place

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They're onaholes.

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Goblin would go all murderhobo on him before he could even finish that thought.

>he was the goblin all along

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Well duh
From the point of view of goblins, HE is the goblin.

What's her name?




>letting a goblin live to level 99

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>That priestess
little details like this, man.

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This isn't goblins

Is this the stealth Goblin Slayer thread?

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The not very rapey goblin.

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Oh yes it is.
She's a really rapeable goblin.

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Stop it, she's not for rape.

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Goblin Slayer is too autistic to rape a gob

I strongry agree with yuu, user-kun. Obrivion is a very good game, but the rever scaring just isn't that gureeto. Better buy Skyrim, which is raiku Obrivion but better.

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>Goblin Slayer is too autistic to NOT rape a gob
fix'd that for ya

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Nah, pretty sure GS will be beaten to death by her. until he realized she's weak to magic and can't swim.


Is the rape a carry over from the LN or did the manga artists just really like drawing rape and graphic violent being committed against qt anime grills?

As far as I know, the manga artist never draw rape before GS.

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Why is the eggplant crying?

I like it cause I'm tired of finding edge and rape

She's just being too serious. What a cute kouhai.

Why is everyone in the world of Goblin Slayer so fucking stupid? All the adventures that seems to make a living off slaying monsters don't know that goblins are crafty little shit despite them being the cannon fodder of the world?

I dunno, maybe you should raise you IQ a lil bit? Your post is getting stale.

>you should raise you IQ

desu she's cute but I wish she would stop cockblocking me.

Why do you want all those used goods if you can have pure one in front of you?

It can't be helped, all the girls are sexier than her.

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>still a virgin
not after what her Kohai did to her

Some servants are virgin. Nightingale for example, but then she's too autistic to cared about anything other than nursing.


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Goblin Slayer is level 10, Goblin Girl is level 100

Will GS cry when Wasabi rapes him?


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I thought the GS was a high level, I mean he's a silver rank at the guild.

He's nothing compared to the real heroes in the guild.

Be honest
Would you fuck a Goblin girl?

DnD is very inflationary with its levels. But you should not consider level 10 to be low.

Mage is cute and not useless.

Their ranks go past adamantite. Video games don't let you get very far killing nothing but entry level mobs.


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Oh I would definitely hurt this gobslut's hips alright.

he could destroy half of the real guild heroes

Do they fuck?

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>lvl 99?
>a river will do

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Mimit is pretty cute.
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