Is hunter x hunter (2011) really that good?

i've been considering watching it because i've heard that the writing is really good. my favorite anime/show of all time tho is JoJo, is it as good as that and if it is then explain why or how it is. for me i think jojo is so great just because i've never seen a show that can be as intense and as beautiful as jojo.

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>is hunter x hunter (2011) really that good
No. It's a major downgrade in all possible way compared to the 1999 adaptation. Only reason to watch 2011 is the ONE (1) more arc it adapts, but that's it.

As a quite newbie to the whole HxH biz myself, I'd recommend doing as I did: watch all of the 1999 adaptation, then start 2011 from episode 80. That way the story continues smoothly, and you won't be missing and skipping tons of important content.

Definetly recommend it, one of the greatest animes I have watched in my opinion. The characters are great and fun to cheer for, fights are epic, especially the chimera ants arc and Hisoka-gon fight. It might be a lil boring and lighthearted at the start, but dont let that fool you. This anime is far from lighthearted

>It might be a lil boring and lighthearted at the start, but dont let that fool you
only 2011 kids would even get that kind of silly misunderstanding. That's what you get by jamming 3 episodes worth of content into one episode, and skipping all the world-building and essential character introduction phases.

I have also seen both and read the manga and in my humble opinion the 2011 one was better, but i guess thats just preference?

are you talking about the original or the 2011 version? i'm thinking about watching the original but i think the 2011 version has better animation.

Yeah, it is a preference.
I would however honestly state that the 1999 version is objectively superior to the 2011, in numerous ways.
From cinematography to the visual directing, from pacing and animation, to the overall idea of enhancing and tweaking the content to work better in the animated media.
2011 feels too ADHD, too "MTV-era paced" and pastel-colored in comparison. Its frames might be in HD resolution, but the animation is just lazy, many essential scenes lack impact and mood they'd really need, and the already mentioned blatant skipping of important material are pretty jarring flaws.

Well both are great it really depends on what you value. I myself am willing to give up a lil bit of plot for better animation.

ok so which one has better animation, the 2001 version or the 2011 version?

Yeah the skipping part was sad, could have been made a lot more better in my opinion. Althought the reason for me prefering 2011 might be because i watched 2011 first at a much younger age compared to the age i was when watching original one. So i guess memories kind of give me biased opinion

>i think the 2011 version has better animation.
No, it does not. It practically LACKS animation, with majority of the movement being either still-shots sliding across the screen, quickly switching still images with minor pan or zoom effects applied on them, or just people flapping their mouths.

2011 looks sharper, being made in the HD era and being completely made with computers, but it really falls flat on everything else.

The 2011 version uses practically all the modern tricks to save on the budget and "fake" movement.
The visual design and use of colors are also vastly inferior in 2011.

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god damn thats insane. i can't believe that a studio 10 years later would be worse than one thats 10 years earlier. just makes me sad...

Start with the manga, then watch both anime whenever.

>3 episodes
Episode 2 in 99 was a shitty filler about Gon rescuing animals from a circus.

i prefer the animation rather than still images if it tells it as good as a manga. 0:25

scenes like this give me that "intense" feeling that i really enjoy in an anime. will i find stuff like this in the 2001 version?

Togashi's work is either right at the peak for being amazing or right down in a fucking canyon for being bad.

For every Yorknew there's a Greed Island. For every Dark Tournament there's a Three Saint Beasts.

Greed Island is great though.

>Althought the reason for me prefering 2011 might be because i watched 2011 first at a much younger age
That's almost certainly the main reason. The legendary "virgin effect", no puns nor ill intentions behind the term.
I personally had have zero exposure to HxH before fall 2016, at which point I decided to check out what the fuzz's all about. I watched eps 1 of both '99 and '11 versions, back to back, and decided that I prefer the 1999 version a lot more.
And boy and I glad I did that; besides skipping fucktons of material that would be essential to know and understand by the beginning of the Chimera arc, I also felt like 2011 shat all over many other scenes and arcs. The Yorkshin took the biggest hit IMO.

It's not an anime thing alone, but yeah - corporations try to stretch the penny and deliver their customers something that can still be called an "acceptable, minimal product".
Most of my arguments would totally fly over some underaged and casual viewers' heads, namely because especially in still images it's easy to give an impression that 2011's "HD graphix" would be vastly superior to the 1999's SD film material.

>shitty filler
ah, there's that "muh fillers" argument.
I will once again argue against such claims, and state that any and all of the 1999's anime-original content only improves the show and story. There's been numerous cases where the anime version expands the source material in order to make it better and/or more coherent. Such was the case with K-ON, which is literally almost 3/4 all "filler" compared to the (Very shallow) manga, and same applies to HxH 99 in my opinion as well, but in smaller scale obviously.

it's 1999 version, and yes you will.
Even more so, since 1999 is not afraid to build up atmosphere, tension and even pure terror in many scenes. Don't expect to see super gory action scenes right off the bat though; HxH plays things "smart" for quite some time.

The Card game shit got on my nerves and while the dodgeball fight started promising by the end it was bogged down and dull.

Bisky was the only real plus from the arc for me.

your opinion has been the most well written one thus far and i appreciate that. you have helped me decide to watch the 1999 rather than the 2011 one. thank you to everyone who has posted in this thread and to this person especially.

Do you want to see an edgy kid rip out an adult man's heart, hold it in front of him and then smash it into a pulp in his fist while the dying guy watches in shock? Watch 1999 version.

Do you want to see an implied scene of said kid ripping what's possibly a heart of a guy out, hold a mysterious bloody cloth sack in his hand for a while, then give it back to the corpse? Watch the FoxKid- I mean MadHouse's 2011 adaptation.

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Most filler in HxH 99 was great. Episode 2, the airship stowaway and the one with Killua and the bear cub are the few exceptions.

No problems mate. I honestly think you're doing the right choice.
Ultimately though, I do think and *almost* would recommend watching both, just so you can compare them + there's the whole thing of 2011 continuing a bit further than the 1999-2001 adaptation managed to back in the days. None the less, 1999 version is the one I'd recommend anyone to start with, and the one I greatly prefer as well.

Even the weakest "filler" in 99 was at least passable in my opinion. All of it had a purpose though, be it fleshing out lesser characters or the world.
They clearly were designed to "click" with the world and source material, rather than being that stupid "sorry we ran out of time and material to adopt, so here's a silly beach episode! ^^" -shit we see in Naruturd and such.

if i do watch both "which i probably will just for more story" which episode should i start on once i transition from the 1999 version to the 2011 version?

Like I said earlier: episode 80.
That should literally continue right from the spot where the 1999 adaptation ends completely, the end of the "Greed Island" arc.

Colours are better in 1999, but the animation is better in 2011. Also, 2011 is a closer adaptation to the manga, don’t listen to nostalgia fags

I really disagree, I'm only like 20 episodes in but 99 has way too much anime-only filler and I greatly prefer the 2011 version so far. Just so the other guy gets an idea of just how much filler there is in 99, it took only 2011 only 12 episodes to get what took 1999 20 episodes.

>Colours are better in 1999,
>but the animation is better in 2011.
false. Like said earlier, 2011 version does it best to ANIMATE as little as possible, and the BG art is plain out fugly at times. Cinematography in general took a huge hit.
>Also, 2011 is a closer adaptation to the manga, don’t listen to nostalgia fags
I have no nostalgia for anything HxH related, but being "closer to the manga" in this case is NOT exactly a good thing. 2011 also skips past a ton of essential material, and trivializes many scenes in general.

This, also the sound effects were utter shit in 1999, and 2011 has better voice actors.

>99 has way too much anime-only filler
That's because you started with 2011 version, and don't know what you were missing by doing so. A lot of what you're describing as "filler" was already in manga, but 2011 version flies right past it all.
Second, that "filler" is very good. Some of it is great even. It helps to establish and grow the characters and the setting, giving some purpose and background even to lesser cast members that would otherwise be ignored or even offed with little to no impact for the viewers or for the main cast.

>it took only 2011 only 12 episodes to get what took 1999 20 episodes.
yes, and? Are you seriously saying that less material equals better?
This is exactly that "route of minimal effort" phenomenon that's been bugging every single media format in recent years. Kids want to skip previous parts in long-running series to get to the latest, currently hot stuff.

>a ton of essential material
It skipped the kite stuff and censored a few things. I personally think “a ton” is over exaggerating

1999's Greed Island is terrible. He should stop 1999 at the end of Yorkshin and start 2011 at episode 55

1999 has vastly superior soundtrack, art direction and cinematography.

Kite alone is a HUGE thing, and reason for people's general confusion during the Chimera arc. I have no idea who decided it'd be cool to skip that. Similarly, Leorio's and Kurapika's backgrounds are kept veeery shallow in 2011 version, with Leo becoming practically nothing but a money-hungry comedy relief character. Hell, Kon's whole mentality and backgrounds are totally kept in the dark in 2011 version, making him seem like nothing but a tad more tolerable and skilled Naruto clone .

>1999's Greed Island is terrible.
I disagree completely.
Just like most things 2011, I found the GI to be way too rushed in the newer adaptation. No introduction phase, no sense of mystery, no demonstration of the characters getting to know the new world and its rules. Not to mention anything Bisky related was summarized into a poorman's montage.

>A lot of what you're describing as "filler" was already in manga, but 2011 version flies right past it all.
I've read the manga. Yes 2011 skips a few inconsequential things but nothing that really effects the quality of the story (outside of bizarre omission of Kite until the CA arc). There is a ton of filler in 99 that isn't in the manga. Just as an example episode 2 of 99 is completely anime-only.

>yes, and? Are you seriously saying that less material equals better?
When a significant chunk of it is anime-only filler, yes I am. Also faster pacing (and in my opinion closer to the manga's pacing) is not necessarily a bad thing.

>There is a ton of filler in 99 that isn't in the manga. Just as an example episode 2 of 99 is completely anime-only.
Yes, I get that.
And I must again repeat: so what? It literally makes the show better.

>When a significant chunk of it is anime-only filler, yes I am.
Then we can only agree to disagree.
Using again the K-ON as an example of a show with 70% being anime-original content, all of it greatly improving the story and the experience as an animated TV series.

It's not like 1999 would suffer of bad pacing or something, things are constantly moving on, progressing and new features are being introduced and hinted of all the time. It just dares to take its time and actually show things in detail.
Meanwhile, I was literally skipping entire episodes during 2011, because of nonstop recaps and butchered atmosphere.

finally someone who criticizes greed island 2011, great to see that

>my favorite anime is jojo

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Mi negro.
Yeah, I wasn't much of a fan of 2011 version. Was pretty shocked to realize that it had such a big, active fanbase. Apparently it aired on Netflix or something? Could explain a lot.

Watch Hunter exam and Yorkshin in 1999 then start Greed Island in 2011 then prepare Mr. Togashi epic boat ride in the manga

Nope. See:

Read the manga. At least the first few chapters.

99's Yorkshin was godlike.

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The 2011 raped it, hard.

2011's CA arc was cool

it was alright, but the execution itself was poor.
The arc's the only thing that '11 version has over 99.

I firmly believe the 2011 anime only exists for the scene of Gon's tragic sacrifice, it's the only bit that's genuinely well done and memorable.

No, but the 1999 version is good.

I don't like the anime version much.


>i prefer the animation rather than still images

This fucking retard right here.

The 1999 one is fucking ugly.
Yes, it's better than JoJo, one of the best shounen series around. But then I don't think JoJo is even particularly good so I guess our tastes differ.

Hunta Hunta has no hype, comedy, likable or developed characters while Jojo possesses all these amazing qualities and then some.

Compare Jotaro and Koichi vs Kira and Knuckle and Morel vs Youpi and then tell me which fight makes you appreciate the series for how entertaining it is. Also moments like pic related and Act 3 are what separates great shonen from boring shitty shonen.

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>The 1999 one is fucking ugly.
Very false. It looks stunning at best, definitely better than 2011 and its CYMK-fetish character designs.

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congratulations on continuing to spam the collage of every good shot in the entire anime. 2011 has countless better examples in the chimera ant arc alone. Stop being a blind nostalgiafaggot

>m-muh nostalgia
sonny jim, I have zero "nostalgia" for HxH.
Like I mentioned hours ago ITT, I jumped head first and all blind into this series back in fall 2016, evaluating the very first episodes of both 99 and 11 versions, and came to a conclusion that I should start with the older adaptation.
And like I also already mentioned, in the end, that choice was sooo goddamn right.

1999 is filled with beautiful vistas, some actual animation, superior pacing and atmosphere, and just some great cinematography in general. Watching 2011 afterwards felt like watching some fan-fic Powerpoint presentation.

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Probably also because it has one of the highest ratings on MAL

>my favorite anime/show of all time tho is JoJo
Based on this you will probably enjoy HxH but only as a 7/10 anime, because you will be unable to understand how Nen works, think that the kissing girl could mind control Meruem, and you will absolutely hate the deeply intellectual DC arc that follows the anime.

what is that chapter?

looks like the one where gon and killua went to whale island

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Lurk for 2 years before posting

Ah, so you're just a troll. Thought so. Go fuck yourself.

What is cymk? I tried google but all it came up with was some printer settings?
Also it's down to preference i guess. I prefer modern, clean looking art to older ragged style, even if the latter is more detailed

Not even OP but fuck off you pretentious asshole

>What is cymk?
Cyan Yellow Magenta Black.
Popular color combination in both printer industry and in oldschool computer graphics, as you can effectively create most other colors by combining those 4.
The 2011 adaptation uses tons of those colors everywhere, especially yellow and cyan in hair and clothing, making every other character blonde or otherwise flashy, in comparison to the very earthly and natural tones in 1999 ver.

'99fags need to kill themselves.

Ahh so it's like the ink version of rgb (seriously never understood why light and paint have different primaries, but that's offtopic).
I like bright colours, personally so the newer style looks nicer to me.

I hate how the new anime is just really bright and everything looks boringly pale.

Long story short, colors are wavelengths of light.
Colors in light are additive, so when you combine them there's more and more colors that eventually form white light (think of a rainbow prism but in reverse)
Ink is subtractive, so when you combine them there's less and less colors from white light that reflect into your eyes, which is why you'll get black when you mix everything together.
The actual primaries are arbitrary, it's the spread that matters. I'm sure some else could explain this better.

Back on topic, I think 99 has better stills, but 11 has the better animation. It also has CA arc, which I enjoyed a lot, so that tips it for me personally

Ah thanks for the explanation. That just about makes sense. Y'know it never even occured to me that mixing paints would eventually turn it black.

Is this the 99 appreciation thread?

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>I think 99 has better stills, but 11 has the better animation
you got that literally the wrong way around, boy.
2011 has VERY LITTLE actual animation, it rides on stills, pans and float effects.