Is there ever a case where it's acceptable to use kiss anime?

Is there ever a case where it's acceptable to use kiss anime?

I want to watch the 2003 astroboy anime but I can't find a torrent for it with english subs, only one with subs for the first 24 episodes, but fucking kiss anime of all places has the full series subbed

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im not a streamfag but why do so many people hate kiss anime ? A lot of people seem to hate it but never state a reason, I always asumed it was hate directed at streaming in itself not necessarily the site

Are you really that much of a tool that you need Sup Forums's permission to do something?

Lurk more, newfags.

literally post a genuine question about streaming since I torrent most of my shit
>the absolute state of Sup Forums

my guess is because kissanime looks a lot worse when you compared to a torrent.
the same happens with 9anime or any other streaming website.


>the absolute state of

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It's especially embarassing once you consider that people here really do think anyone on Sup Forums has to have standards.
One look at the Dragon Ball thread should be enough that many people here are simple retards and that cancerous behaviour is the norm.

Animebytes has it.

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Just go use kissanime. It doesn't matter what any retards on this board think about it.

>taking dragonball threads as the board standards
Not everyone on Sup Forums is a underage spic

>is it okay if I do this Sup Forums?

m8 look up "how to remove ads on kissanime" and just use the site from there.

Not old enough to make your own choice?

>Is there ever a case where it's acceptable to use kiss anime?
No. Go to /r/, ask in Sup Forums, beg to enter AB or BBT, SOMEONE will have it. Never stream.

Also, , searching "Astro Boy 2003" on or will lead you to all the shit you need. Why are you so lazy, dude? Read the comments in the torrents too.

all episodes after 24 are hong kong subbed, just so you know. Even the ones on Kissanime. There is a working torrent for the whole show and you can download the HK subs separately.

There's even a complete torrent with HK subs searching for "Astroboy 2003"

Do whatever you want instead of seeking approval you fucking nigger.

even better

Just use it or any streaming service when you feel you need to.
I wanted to watch 2003 Astro boy not long ago but since I couldn't find torrents, I went from Youtube videos and then Kiss anime when those videos seem to be claimed

what I wanna know is if anybody knows where to download the 4 special episodes that only were released in Japan

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How the fuck couldn't you find the torrents? Unless you were searching just after closed, you need to be fucking stupid not to find it.

They are in abysmal quality in AB as far as I know. Unseeded in nyaa, if there's a freelech soon I'll get em and upload them to mega in the next Astro Boy thread.

It's more I didn't care to look than couldn't find. I just wanted to watch/finish the series and leave it at that

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>if there's a freelech soon I'll get em and upload them to mega in the next Astro Boy thread.
I'm counting on you, user

In the past people couldn't stream because of shitty internet connection. Nowadays it is possible to stream without problems in 1080p but newfags don't care, they will say anything to fit in without even knowing what they are talking about

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>shit video quality
>publicity you can't block
>upload the first thing they find, regardless of translation's quality
>get fucking rich without doing shit
Gee, idk

>it is possible to stream without problems in 1080p
Yeah, with ungodly compression almost all of the times, unless it's proffesional streaming (and not even that, Netflix is terrible). Also, streaming was the option for people who had shit internet in the first place, who is the newfag here?

To be honest I don't even know how this shit works myself, I always torrent and only stream seasonal garbage that I'm not really interested in but it's usually in very good quality so I don't have any complaints

>streaming was the option for people who had shit internet in the first place
bull fucking shit
my college friends all downloaded their anime because we have shitty internet here

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Isn't KissAnime a bed of popup ads and malware now?

Yeah, that's the reason the only coherent argument for shit like megavideo back in the day was that "I don't want to wait 2 and a half hours for an anime episode", and the reason it's compressed to hell and back for it not to chug every 2 minutes. You have no clue of what you're talking about.

oh I have exact clue what I'm talking about

Every time I want to watch anything and can't find a torrent my streaming PTSD kick in. I just remember that videos stop every 5 minutes and start buffering for no fucking reason. It's impossible to marathon anime when you are trying to watch a 12+ show in one sitting

No you don't. You're claiming that the method deliberately manufactured for lower internet speeds from conception after the availability of semidecent video players on the internet is disposed for higher internet speeds. It's exactly like saying a 70MB .mp4 rerip downloads slower than a 160-200MB .avi, which is the scenario on old streaming vs downloading.

I have used many streaming sites and I can say that Kissanime is the best decent alternative,if you really don't have another way something. There is shit that simply is not worth downloading or that it's impossible to get without getting into Private Trackers.

My only problem is that it doesn't allow the use of VPN.
YouTube is the best streaming site btw

Yeah, you are right

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hasn't it always been like that?

man, you need to know how to live in 3rd world shithole
>shitty internet speed with a "boosted speed from midnight to 6am"
>download a bunch of series in bulk like Kuroko no Basuke or One Piece or Naruto
and he downloaded them with sub 200MB each episode
I know exactly what I'm talking about because I know 5-6 people who did this shit

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Nobody outside of the Dragon Ball threads likes Dragon Ball posters.

>five hours later
>thread is still up

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