Mitsuboshi Colors

Now that the dust have been settled, how would Sup Forums fix this QUALITY show?

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What is the most appropiate action in this event?

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Nothing. Cute lolis deserve to be drawn by lolis.

Not being QUALITY would have helped, maybe give to shaft, they make good QUALITY shit for the most part, fucking mekkaku.

holy shit how dumb can you be. Colors will be shit AND be pretentious if it's animated by shaft.

It was pretty close to the mango, so maybe fix the mangaka.

Having less uniform will boost the animation, but you also get far less /fa/ and less hats.

I tought they had Rock CDs and beer

It doesn't need fixing.

What needs to be fixed? It's AOTS.

Blueray sales.

delete everything that isnt the OP.

Delete yourself.

Have you ever watched a show that really went full QUALITY? Do you even know what QUALITY means? Compared to many other shows out there, this one was actually pretty fine in that department.

>Less hats

You looking for a fight, punk?

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The OST carried the QUALITY and the animation was used where it should have been. It doesn't need to be fixed.

There's a few points where it would be nice if they stepped up the animation from being a literal slideshow, though.

Nah mate. The QUALITY stays as a testament that you don't need >muh sakuga or >muh transcendental art direction to make a godly show.

I don't get it Sup Forums, when it is airing everyone is like:


And now everyone seems defending it

It was always a shitty meme but now it's gotten seriously obnoxious.

I like bullying shows I love as a sign of endearment. In all honesty, the show is pretty fine and even had nice bouts of animation at times.

I bet you thought Sup Forums only liked this show """ironically"""

You have clearly not been in colors threads. They have been overwhelmingly positive.

By animating Bocci instead, which they are doing

Dumb people think that every frame with no detail is QUALITY nowadays, they wouldn't know true QUALITY if it hit them in the face.
Also, QUALITY doesn't matter at fucking at all for the overall enjoyment of a show. Anyone who starts hating something just because some episodes looked bizarre is a superficial faggot who shouldn't be watching anime.

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Sup Forums never gave a shit about QUALITY, it's fun to laugh at shitty frames but not everyone is retarded enough to think animation is the only thing that matters.

because people who call the show bad (which it is) wont bother to join these threads anymore. people who defend the shows visuals are a lost cause, theres nothing else to say. its not even the animation that is the problem, but the almost offensively bad backgrounds. other shows at least make an effort to trace properly, silverlink just outright too a photo and slapped a filter on top of it. probably cost them less than a minute.

the show had its upsides, no doubt. but the people who defend its visuals are literally unable to properly evaluate a fictional work and shouldnt even receive any attention. you can shit talk this show for its objectively bad aspects and still enjoy it, but thats something most of this boards mentally handicapped retards dont understand. they think critique = disliking something, and praise = liking something.

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Can you dumbfucks explain what QUALITY youre talking about outside of a couple slideshow scenes? Overall the characters were on model and were animated well while also wearing different outfits each episode, sometimes multiple outfits in a single episode.

There is a show airing this season that literally is the definition of QUALITY but you stupid faggots attack this one?

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Make it longer.

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Thanks for the review, I suggest putting it up on youtube so I can smash that like button and subscribe

But yeah the people saying this show has any significant amount of QUALITY are clearly just talking out of their ass.

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I feel like OP chose a retarded opening, and now people think its the main topic.

I honestly thought it wasn't that bad, not Märchen Mädchen bad at least

>literally is the definition of QUALITY
For like two episodes out of nine. That doesn't count at all, hell even Durarara had an awfully animated episode if you remember.
If you want an example of a real QUALITY show, there's Qualidea Code.

Heh heh heh... all according to keikaku!

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I'm talking about this season, retard

And I'm saying that only two episodes of March Madness really went full QUALITY so the people citing it as the biggest piece of QUALITY that's ever existed in anime are grossly exaggerating things, retard.

Staying on model and resorting to panning stills and photo backgrounds isn't really QUALITY though either, it's just low budget.

Get in the van obviously.
I love classic rock.

>If you want an example of a real QUALITY show, there's Qualidea Code.
black and white guys. you can either have a 1/10 in animation or a 10/10. something like 2/10, which is still absolutely horrible, cant possibly exist.

Welcome to Sup Forums where a show is either great or literal dogshit garbage

learn what fucking QUALITY means faggot. the art in this show has for the most part been on model. and the background art has been PHENOMENAL. just because the characters aren't super detailed doesn't mean it's fucking QUALITY. again learn what QUALITY means and fucking lurk more.

I want to tongue Sacchan's butthole.

>and the background art has been PHENOMENAL
holy shit there is NO WAY that this isnt bait

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If you're implying Marchen Madchen is a 2/10 then I strongly doubt you have watched it at all.

>If you're implying Marchen Madchen

Battle Book Lesbians is full blown QUALITY. It had QUALITY in the fucking first episode and it went downhill FAST

Let's be honest, they were animating this on a shoestring budget and even still the quality wasn't even that bad compared to other shows airing. Further despite the quality you could still tell how much the animators enjoyed making this show which I think helped to make it enjoyable in spite of the not-so-great artwork.

What an awful fucking OP. Congrats you dumbfuck.

The conversation was about Marchen Madchen being the definition of QUALITY, as another user put it.

QUALITY almost strictly refers to character art remaining on model. You can have a show that has little to no sakuga and still be a non-QUALITY show, and fuck even considered nice visually as long as the characters and scenes look good consistently.

I was hoping someone would make a gif or something of that long close up.

dude it's fucking unwatchable. not just the QUALITY but the writing is shit too. they dragged out the cinderella reveal and all the drama is fucking forced and the pacing is shit. there was one nude scene at the start that was the hook and they try to drag out the appeal by adding more cute and quirky girls but this show is shit through and through.

>instead of simply checking earlier threads

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gag comedies with hometown nostalgia don't need good animation

>muh forced drama
Oh it's one of those bait things.

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>and fuck even considered nice visually as long as the characters and scenes look good consistently.
well, that sure as hell doesnt apply to colors, though. then again, some mentally deranged nigger actually claimed for the backgrounds to look good. makes one wonder what sort of mental disability some of you people suffer from.

>that entire fucking episode
>ends with them sleeping

This is deadly levels of healing I never expected from a 10/10 comedy.
Truly AOTS.

The complexities of the city scenes are fantastic. There was that one panning shot of the train yard early in the series that was excellent. This is like the flip side of Yuru Camp. Infact because of the difficulty of composing city scapes (compared to simple mountain shots for example) the difficulty of doing detailed background shots of city's is an incredibly more impressive feat. If you can't appreciate that that just means you are a pleb.

Literally who fucking cares, we're talking about animation here.

>even Durarara had an awfully animated episode if you remember
If we're talking about the later seasons of Durarara, then those are the literal definition of quality, think that one Mitsuboshi episode was a slideshow? Go watch the second fucking season of Durarara and you'll know understand what is a real slideshow.

>makes one wonder what sort of mental disability some of you people suffer from.
Fortunately it's not the one where you have to falseflag to make your shitty point.

While it was airing, we had episodes to talk about to ignore the quality shitposters. Now we only have poop.

AGAIN all the character art from scene to scene is ON MODEL. Do you even know what ON MODEL means?? It doesn't imply in the LEAST complexity of the model, it only implies CONSISTENCY. The character models are true to the the original work and the representation of the models from scene to scene in the anime have for the majority of the time (in all the scenes where it matters) has been consistent. LEARN WHAT QUALITY FUCKING MEANS.

how mentally deficient does one have to be to not understand that 95% of the backgrounds in this show are filtered photos?

hurrr except QUALITY isn't animation (sakuga), it only refers to key art consistency. go back to summer summer fag

>Do you even know what ON MODEL means
it seems that you are unable to understand that theres more to a shows visual direction than a character model.
>in all the scenes where it matters
nice selective evaluation. if its shit it doesnt matter because i say so

Prove it. You can't. Look at the background credits.

Do people unironically think the anime is shit just because the backgrounds are lazy? Everything else was basically average for a seasonal show, except that one episode.

>splitting hairs

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except that's NOT what QUALITY implies. the topic is QUALITY, not visual direction. QUALITY *strictly* relates to character model consistency

The QUALITY is needed because that was the only way for the staff to bully Yui.

it's not splitting hairs you retard, it's like lumping taste and composition of a dish into the same metric. they are DIFFERENT measurements. QUALITY only refers to character model consistency. again go back to summer

>not knowing about Cunningham's Law

You have been used brainlet

This thread is fucking garbage. OP should be killed.

Wheres that vietnam flashback yui webm? I guess none.

>background credits
nice one. wasnt aware that credits elaborate on the artists/studios techniques. and i dont need to prove anything. its a very common thing to do. but go ahead and assume that those backgrounds are hand drawn and arent using photos as an underlying basis. however, if you do so please dont ever again fucking claim to have the slightest clue of modern animation.
back to kym you fucking retard

Is that similar to the Cunnyingham's Law?

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Congratulations for ruining one of the last few well-populated Colors threads by being a retard in its OP.

More scenes like this

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If any show doesn't look like a KyoAni movie every episode it's unwatchable QUALITY that gives you eye cancer now.

What a dumb thread. Let me get it back on track.

Name my band Sup Forums.

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It's fine the way it is. It's existence brought Bocchi to us. That's good enough for them.

At this point it's better to let those people argue about animation in here and make a new thread for talking about Colors.

One of these dudes is an actual pedophile. Can you guess who it is?

Give it to kyoani

43 shows aired during winter 2018. please name at least 15 that looked worse and had lazier overall visual direction.

The guy way on the left who is sitting as far away from the loli as possible and refuses to make eye contact because his boner will explode if he does.


The third guy. He's mesmerized.

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Loling Stones

maybe be more careful when using the term "average" in the future, user

Someone post that COLORS edit for the OP

Why does the left one's bun look so shit?

And why does shadesbro feel like he doesn't want to be with the other lolicons?

bocchi's okay but the colors are better in every way

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The team at SL seems to be enjoying on this though

Third guy obviously. Look at how he is hiding his erection.

god shes cute

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