How would you have handled this situation?

How would you have handled this situation?

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I want to manhandle her.

Unironically not say anything but silently agree to her desicion while crying on the inside but maybe only shed tears about it 10 years later.

Force her to ride me


Not being an emotional bitch and realizing if she's better off with another pilot in order to better combat our enemy's and insure survival it's the best decision we can make.

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i start browisng /r9k/ and rant about roasties until my day comes and i’ll blow my headoff with a ksg all on livestream of course

Man the guys who manufacture that gun is incredibly fucking pissed now that their product is associated with a weeb meme manlet.


Let her die in combat.

This desu. Fatoshi fucked up by saving them.

They wouldn't have died from a little bit of trampling, though. FranXXs are really durable. The Strelitzia for example was pounded by that big cube thingy for some minutes and still wasn't broken apart in episode 6.

>I'll do my best with Ikuno-san then, if that's OK with you Mitsuru...

If she really loves me then she'll get jelly, if she doesn't then at least I don't look like a total cuck.

Who am I in this situation?

>the only thing you should ride is your spaceship back to the kitchen

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She might have gotten killed from the neural feedback or whatever. Plus you could try to pull an Uriah and convince everyone else to fall back while the whole gets trampled.

Did you mean Goro? Ikuno-san was experementing with forbidden piloting.

It was her decision.
She did nothing wrong .

>Kokoro finally getting pregnant with Milkman
>Milkman only fuck her to try the experience, but he doesnt love her because she is not hero
>Kokoro being treated as a slut by the other females and getting the daily stress of being a single teenage mom
>Kokoro begging Futoshi to come back with her
>Futoshi being fucking insane after all the suffering so he only accept to kill the baby that same night and then kill himself
>Kokoro suffering the rest of her life for being a literal slut

>tfw to inteligant to pilot with futoshi

This is key - it's important to never let women think you're attached to them, or that they're the best you could do. By acting like you don't care, you make her question her decision.


The absolute state of revenge fantasizing fatties.


>imagine being this mad about anime girls

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Let her ride me of course.

>all these creepy revenge delusion
no wonder nobody likes fatties

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Obviously wonder how I fucked up so badly.


Starting to browser on /r9k/ and fap to 2d traps.

I just like situations where everybody lose. Kokoro's anxiety for baby along with how naive she is about it, milkman's homosexuality and Fatoshi doing nothing more than eating, crying and being overaggresive settles a good scenario.

In Kokoro's situation? Told him in advance instead of murdering him in front of everyone.
In Futoshi's situation I would have bottled it up and not spoken to her again. Nothing good comes from that anyway, if you ever show anger or sadness as a man for being treated unfairly by a woman all the blame is assigned to you. Better to just get over it immediately.

Just wait for the doujishi of THAT author.

Honestly, I'd completely fall for her if Fatoshi were to keep insisting and she just snaps and shows absolute disdain.

Neck yourself

>By acting like you don't care, you make her question her decision.
That should not be your motivation though. Once she has betrayed you it is inevitable that she'll do it again, winning her back is a fucking stupid idea.
The reason you should do it is for your own good. If you let it show how much it hurt you it will just ruin your reputation and you also become prone to wallowing in pity which just extends the suffering.

Confront her obviously. Futoshi is too much of a fucking softy when facing Cockoro. You face confront her and ask why did she request for a swap. If the reason unsatisfactory, you leave her to die.

>getting to see this AND the outrage on Sup Forums
Please let this happen.

Is just matter of time, user.

they are all infertile.

Who’s “that” author. Give me a name or a hint so I ca find it myself

Lock her up in the garden and then violate her flowers! The slut deserves it.

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>You face confront her and ask why did she request for a swap.
She would not have given an answer. Mitsuru did exactly that and asked her why she requested the swap and she just looked at the ground and said nothing.

If someone as cute as Kokoro would suddenly leave me I'd feel like the world just ended.
Poor fatoshi, even got stuck to a dyke as the offense on top of the insult.

The situation wouldn't have happened if I was in his shoes

Reveal her most embarrassing secrets



Why does everybody self insert into that fat fuck?

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That's why even Mitsuru is an omega. You ask her, she answer. Don't dance around the fucking question.

>How would you have handled this situation?

Since I'm on the Mitsuru side of the spectrum if someone like Kokoro left me I wouldn't give a damn.
Yeah I'd be sad for a while, think of her as a bitch for a while but then go on with my life and never think about her again.

Honestly we can't really know how we would react if we were truly in their shoes. See some of you are thinking to cooly play it off and hide your heartbreak unlike futoshi and that is indeed the best thing to do in the long term. But we're only thinking of doing that because of our normal knowledge of relationships and past experiences. These kids have absolutely no sexual education at all they're learning this all from the ground up. Plus they have past experiences that's would let them know that crying about it in public like fatoshi did is a terrible idea. Think about what you would do if you were a child soldier that had no idea what sex or love is and only recently learned what kissing is.

With lube.


*have no past experiences
I mean.

>sleeps with a picture of Milkman under her pillow
>keeps a diary that only records time spend with Milkman
>practices kissing with her pillow
>pretends Milkman is hand feeding her when alone

The real betrayal is the discrepancy between her looks/voice and her character.
You want to like her because she looks and sounds so innocent and soft but you can't once you realized what she's really like.

I have yet to see a single person actually self-inserting as Fatoshi. It is always just the Kokoro defense force accusing others of self-inserting as the fatty.

I would wait for Asanagi doujin

Losers relate to losers. That's why they immediately assume they're the cuck in any situation like this. Fatass being with the super cute girl was set up to be too good to be true wish fulfillment.

Sexual education doesn't really help you with this at all. Those feelings are pretty strong and you only learn to deal with them from experience, someone lecturing you about it does shit all apart from stopping you to accidentally become a parent at the age of 16.
When your heart is broken the first time you still think that it's the end of the world, even though everyone told you it will fade eventually.

If you give a shit.

No one does; white knights defending Koroko are the only ones who belive otherwise.

Every white knight who defends Kokoro is a Futoshi, though. And since Futoshi wants Kokoro to be happy, he's fine now with Kokoro being with Mitsuru.
Mitsuru just has to promise Futoshi that he'll take care of Kokoro.
Now that Mitsuru did that after the punch in the face, Futoshi has nothing more left to complain about.

>Kokoro reaching Ichigo level of sync when shes with Mitsuru

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You should have posted the 20:23 mark picture that shows them connecting at 100% now.

When I went through my first break up I didn't cry about it like a bitch like fatoshi did because I saw other people in middle school throwing a tantrum in public when their GFs broke up with them and their reputations were fucked till high school. So I played a cooly said I'm fine with breaking up even though I was dead inside and I'm glad I did that. Made recovering much easier. Point is the kids in the show have no guidance from adults, no opportunity to learn from others about this stuff plus it's their first personal experiences with relationship drama too. How they would react isn't comparable to how a normal person would because their access to information is severely restricted compared to ours. Their only mature in respect to whatever it is the adults want them to know.

>Mitsuru just has to promise Futoshi that he'll take care of Kokoro.
>trusting in faggots
Never ever.

But Futoshi wanted Mitsuru to promise him that. That's what real guys do, no matter if they're straight guys or gay guys.
Now Futoshi can't walk back anymore. He is now obliged to be forever happy for Kokoro and Mitsuru.
He is now an official Mitsukoko-fag.

contrary to you he's not a speecwatcher though and has understood that sync rate and pulse rate are two different things

Haha true, Fatty screwed himself in the end there. Being too pathetic to dare confront his princess didn't help either. He's irrelevant.

>That's what real guys do, no matter if they're straight guys or gay guys.
They aren't real.
>He is now obliged to be forever happy for Kokoro and Mitsuru.
Mitsuru only will be happy if Kokoro start to use a strap-on.

Does she have any lewd art of giving Mitsuru a nursing handjob yet?

Sure. But Futoshi has to be happy for them. It's his duty for m'lady.

No. Why is this allowed?

>Every white knight who defends Kokoro is a Futoshi, though
Seems unreasonable. I just think it makes sense to abandon a needy fat fuck in any case.

>But Futoshi has to be happy for them
Fat people can't be happy.

>Fat fuck is clingy as fuck and coerces her into making promises
>Surprised when it turns out she doesn't like him
Futoshi deserved to be cucked

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I don't know, nursing handjobs are great.


All women are whores.

Unironically this. People like him are the worst.

She's still a whore and a cunt, tho.

Not me, my favourite self-inserts include Goro and Mitsuru.

my self insert is one of the no name rank file guys because that's exactly what I am

Of course. But fat white knighters must uphold their virtue and be happy for the damsel.
Since Futoshi loves Kokoro, he will now be forever happy with Kokoro. He will take care of Kokoro's children she makes with Mitsuru and be the best uncle-dad for them. And he will do that no matter how much it hurts him.

That is the epitome of a white knight.

>She's still a whore and a cunt, tho.
Why would you say this in the same breath as admitting Futoshi is a loser? Is someone obligated to stay with a loser they've been forcibly paired with, in a situation where the romantic angle is still only subtext, or they're otherwise unfaithful?

Then we're in agreement and I misconstrued what you meant in the previous post.

like this

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Futoshi episode next week or bust.

just because futoshi deserved it doesn't mean her acting like a cunt was alright.
I'm also happy when the local drug dealers shoot each other up again but that doesn't mean I like any of them

>never bullied
>never popular
>always find myself in similar company
>good at just doing what I'm told
Yeah that. Exactly that.

Personally I self-insert as Dr. Franxx.

>Futoshi and Ikuno make a better pair in combat than the Milkman and Ikuno
>Milkman and Kokoro handle Genista better than Futoshi and Kokoro
>Milkman having a moment of catharsis and breaking out of his act

Sure, Futoshi got hurt rather badly, but it's also an opportunity to learn from his mistakes. I guess one of the bros will give him a talk about being overbearing or push him in the right direction so he himself figures out what went wrong in his character episode

Honestly, apart from an emotional wound on Futoshi there are more positives than negatives to the episode.

Get /fit/ and trust that it was the best outcome that she showed her true feelings.
Then train to be the best stamen ever now that it's settled that i would otherwise be worthless by virtue of being fat and disgusting.

That would make Futoshi into a black knight.

So just because the other party is a loser, she automatically an angel? Are you fucking serious?
She a spineless and coward cunt.

fucking this

Just the same as it was, I would just have changed the ending.

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