F/Zero: Kotomine is one of the world's finest assassins/secret agents

>F/Zero: Kotomine is one of the world's finest assassins/secret agents
>F/SN: Kotomine stand in his place like a complete retard as a half-dead Shirou thrust a knife in his heart

Why is F/SN Kirei so gimped?

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'He was caught off-guard.'

Nasu makes the concession that considerable changes need to be made to the narrative of the visual novel in order for much of it to 'work' in any other medium. Don't think much of these things.

>Fate route

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Because the Fate series is incoherent and constantly contradicts itself.

Kotomine got soft. He didn't expect some kid to shrug off evil mud by projecting a noble phantasm and then pull out the same knife he used to kill his master on him.

He also die like a complete bitch in UBW

>implying he can do something against a fucking Servant
It's actually the most sensed death

And it's not like Cu is an average servant either.
He was also super pissed and has a super death spear.
Kirei fucked up.

He was an old man in F/SN.
You'll understand when you're 37 years old, kiddo.

Same reason everyone else is gimped. Because otherwise Shirou wouldn't stand a chance.

It was mentioned in early interview 4th war Kotomine is stronger than 5th war one.

Something like grail mud resurrection nerfed his body.

He's dying from grail AIDS like Kiritsugu.

You should be blaming Zero for fucking that up not SN

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Like when he fended off True fucking Assassin while carrying Illya?

He was pedoboosted back then

Because RETCON.
I bet in Nasu's original scenario, FSN was the greatest Holy Grail War from a celebrity perspective.

In HF he manages to to fight a servant 1v1. Shirou should never win this fight, "caught off guard" or not. The only reason he wins is because he's the protagonist and Nasu a hack.

True Assassin is a fucking joke, dude

Literally because the plot required it.

Even a joke servant is levels above a normal human, which Shirou was in the fate route

Cursed Arm Hassan is overall weak compared to others.

Did anyone on this thread read the VN? He was trapped in the mud and then he used avalon you illiterate retards.

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Kirei is past his prime in Stay Night is actually mostly dead for most of the story.

Except that doesn't have to be the case. Avenger was explicitly human-level in strength. And even besides that, Assassins are supposed to be extremely weak in general.

it's like you never read heaven's feel.
oops i forgot that you're a filthy secondary.

On the topic of Avenger, were the only scenes in HA where Shirou is actually there the eclipse and epilogue? It seemed everything was from manjew's point of view. Or am I just a brainlet?

How did an autistic ginger highschooler butcher the oldest and most powerful hero in single combat?

Because it's a fucking eroge, the only purpose of which is to get your dick tingly. Stop thinking so hard about it.

It still kind of is when you consider the amount of big names in the war. Hercules, King Arthur, Gilgamesh, Cu Chulainn, Medea, and Medusa are all pretty big names. For all intents and purposes, Stay Night was actually stacked with crazy stuff.

Assassins are only weak compared to other servants. They fail in direct combat with other servants, but are still stronger than most humans just by virtue of being servants.

>Because it's a fucking eroge, the only purpose of which is to get your dick tingly
Demonstrably false. The H-scenes were written after most of the rest of the game and were only added because they weren't sure it would sell well without some otaku pandering. This is why the re-releases don't have them.

Cu is a pretty obscure hero

Avenger can't exist in the day for some reason. That's why he has to possess Shirou. During the day, Avenger has no influence except when in the church.

This. It should stop to be considered canon altogether

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Not really. Sure, he's not the biggest name around, but he's still a bigger name than about half of any non-Greek figures.

>t. obese fatty not training to be /fit/

>tfw Cu Chulainn is officially the strongest Lancer

>implying assassins are anywhere close to servant tier

they're wraiths, dummy.


Assassins are supposed to be excellent at killing masters, user

In theory, but those same Masters have Heroic Spirits protecting them. What worth is there in a hero who can't foil an assassination or two?

That's because of their stealth, not because of their strength. If they're seen by someone that can fend them off, they're toast.

After Zero Kotomine was pretty much a walking corpse

>>without some otaku pandering
>implying the entirety of Fate isn't as otaku pandering as they come

Shirou was lauched at superhuman speeds at Kotomine. No time to react.
Why is everyone in this thread a secondary?

It's like jesus and Superman mixed together. Fucking hell he is often called the King of Heroes (Something Nasu never used for some reason)

Confirmed speed-reader/Beast's Lair secondary. Get this fool out of here.

Not me.
Why is it so hard for some people to play a VN?

That's because Nasu's King of Heroes is Gilgamesh. He was officially labeled the strongest Lancer in F/GO, though.

because f/zero is an edgy fanfiction

Kirei's powerlevel is pretty consistent across the routes/franchise, given that he's literally dead during the entirety of FSN, him being weaker, both mentally and physically makes sense. He can't imagine things like Emiya winning, and as is the theme in FSN, the person who underestimates always loses.

Against True Assasssin, he literally dead, which you learned earlier, so the twist of the fight is gratifying, in that you knew it was going to happen.

Against Worms, he's literally a priest.

>After Zero Kotomine was pretty much a walking corpse

Sure didn't seem like it in HF

>defeated lancer and saber

The Shadow did those things

Take it back!

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We are talking abour REAL servants user

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Fate is the best route. And Saber is the cutest.

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