Bug deserves logs of hug.

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i want her womb to hug my cock

>YWN be broken by shalltear then fixed so you cling to her like a dog
Why live, I'm gonna jump in front of a truck.

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I fucking knew it.
As soon as I saw this character I knew what nightmares would follow
>the bug that must not be named lest ye summon it from beyond the bathroom drain
Fucking japanese and their fucking bug phobias popping up in their media.
If you're a northern european or a north american, you probably don't have the same fears as us in the tropics do.
You are lucky.
South America, South East Asia etc., the fear is real.

Watching this show has made me want to get into MMO's, does anyone have any suggestions about some that might be up and coming or that are still good to get into now even if they are old?

The golden age of MMO is long gone.
Sorry if you missed it.

The only way to MMOs to come back is something completely new and groundbreaking, and even then, with all the anti-toxicity polices we have today in online games, it wouldn't be the same.

I'm South American and I don't fear bugs. You're just a pussy, Entoma is cute and I want to marry her and carry her parasitic eggs inside my stomach.

big talk tough guy
go get stung by the beast of a hundred legs, that giant, black and red one in south america, and come back and tell us how it felt

MMOs are dead, sorry.

Her bug voice actually sounds better though

>the back of a shell
why do you guys keep posting this fraud

Most bugs are harmless, you just need to be mindful of the few ones that are not. Centipedes are not common and they would look kinda cute if wasn't for the pain of a thousand bites and aggressivity of a white shark.

Think we'll ever get a MMO/ARPG game of Overlord?

Imagine being in a world with steadily increasing technology and we're limited by shitty people.

Damn. I guess I'll just cross my fingers that I'll live to see the first YGGDRASIL release

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WoW killed fun MMOs.
If we delete WoW from existence then maybe good MMOs could exist again.


It's no different than makeup, user.

What makes you say that?

YGGDRASIL would never exist in the real world. The amount of shit that the game is meant to have had is just way too fucking much. No game could be that varied due to the cost of putting that much content into a game.

He can't just grief people in the starting zone 24/7

Expected it to sound like a monster and not just a slightly older girl.

if you consider the bogdanoff twins just makeup then sure couldn't argue with you there

WoW became immensely popular and now every single MMO that comes out is expected to have as much content as WoW despite WoW having multiple decades to get that content.
This causes new MMOs to lose players quickly due to everyone thinking 'it's not as big as WoW'.

Though to be fair, the F2P model also did it's fair share of work towards killing good MMOs because now everyone expects there to be no subscription for new MMO games. Sub fees were the ultimate gatekeeper that mitigated servers being flooded completely with bots and children. Nowadays though if your MMO has a sub fee everyone fucking complains endlessly about it and the game dies unless it switches to F2P, which lets all of the Bots and children and Brazilians in and ruins the game.

Needing to pay real money to play the game was what made MMO communities stick together. It's what kept people from leaving and what kept the servers from being overrun by the worst kinds of players.

Other MMOs existed and thrived back when WOW was already a thing. WoW didn't kill MMOs, MMOs died on their own and only WoW stood strong, which gave companies the false impression that the WoW model was the perfect MMO model, when that was not the case.

>only WoW stood strong

This just made me realize the new MMO models are Warframe and Destiny.

I remember that before WoW, we actually had support classes that could support. Instead of being some sort of "I deal damage and bring a buff to the party" hybrids.

Fuck, I miss full support builds.

>Needing to pay real money to play the game was what made MMO communities stick together. It's what kept people from leaving and what kept the servers from being overrun by the worst kinds of players.

Be that as it may, I was never going to pay anymore money to read more shit by Chris Metzen, so F2P was the way to go. And that, ultimately, is the problem: all MMOs lack the quality of writing of a game like Baldur's Gate or Mass Effect, so the perception of quality isn't there to justify paying a fee upfront.

This so much.

The most fun I ever had in MMOs was playing Bard in FFXI. I didn't care that I couldn't do shit solo. I didn't care that I didn't put up meaningful damage on the stat trackers.

But running back and forth executing perfectly precise aoe buffs to make sure physical dps got accuracy and damage buffs, then running back to give casters mp regen, applying enfeebles, and occasionally tossing out a heal from my subclass...

Who gives a shit that your numbers aren't top on the dps chart when you know for a fact that the total damage increase to the party from your buffs more than makes up for it? Who cares that you can't kill things yourself when you can put the world to sleep and laugh as you casually walk by? Who cares that you don't have as much survivability alone when you can keep everyone's MP up indefinitely allowing the healers the push out that much more healing per second on the whole party?

What makes not only MMOs, but any kind of online game work and stay alive is building up a sense of true camaraderie between players. It's this evil, rotten, shitty world filled scammers, bots, pks and kinds of scum, so when you found a true friend, it was true friendship, you were brothers in war. Current MMOs don't work not only because they are extremely individualistic, but also censure any kind of toxic behavior; Everyone is forced to be friends, no one is allowed to be a scumbag and the world is all bare to you, there's no sense of danger whatsoever.
This is exactly what kept the (dark)souls community alive, despite being a mostly single player game with some shitty multiplayer elements barely slapped on top of it. Because it's this "US against THEM". It's a extremely hostile world full of not only monsters, but also other players ready to ruin your day just for the sake of it. But it is also full of other players ready to help you and share those adventures against all odds with you. That's what makes it work, it's this combo of allowing people to be scumbags. Your friendships are meaningful because YOU CHOSE to have them when you could have fucked over each other. You had a choice, that makes all the difference.
I know most of you are not religious, but this is exactly the same as God giving men true free will. The decision of men to love God was only true because there was an option of to not love God in the first place, there was a choice. It's the same thing with creating bounds in MMOs: When people make the conscious decision of being friends when they could be fucking each other, true friendship is born. But if you take their free will and force them into friendship by anti-toxicity policies, no true bond will be formed.

I've heard a woman tell me it's worse than child birth. An old cop say it was worse than getting shot.
Fuck that shit.
No wonder why they had to censor that shit in Danshi Koukousei otherwise it'd trigger all the little japanese kids.

You touched on this, but I'd say the biggest thing that killed all this was the absolute removal of dependence on any other player.

Removing the requirements for raid dungeon entry immediately took away a reason to form relationships with players. I got to the party late and I couldn't get attuned to Molten Core. All the raid dungeons that were already there (at the time) didn't want to bother with attuning new people, so they would only recruit players who were already attuned. So I found like minded players who weren't there yet and we made our own fucking guild. We got there, and we ended up being a very successful raiding guild. People then complained that not only were attunements bad, but they also complained about needing to clear a dungeon to be allowed to move on to the next one.

Then they complained that it wasn't fair that they couldn't be competitive without gear from the prior dungeon, so they made welfare epics from normal dungeons. Then people complained it was too hard to make parties, so they made the queues.

The result is that you never had to talk to anyone. Ironically, this is what causes so much of the toxicity in MMOs that they whine about. It used to be that total assholes got a reputation for being assholes, and it made it hard for them to get parties. Now they just queue and get parties that way. Meanwhile, no one fears being a dick because they can always get parties via queuing. So might as well be an asshole

This sounds so incredible, I wish that I could have been a part of this stuff. Has anyone here formed any lasting relationships from MMO's?


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Oh yeah, for sure.
There are friends I made back then that I still talk to this day and sometimes we meet up to drink and play.
I know a girl who found her husband on Ragnarok and they are married for years now, living together, had a son and everything. And this is not an isolated case, this is actually very common.

Shut uuuuuuuuup

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Slime isekai got a mobage rpg, this is our future.
I hope overlord's game will atleast have PVP.
Maybe you roll for troops to use as your army which are boosted according to the character you have as the main.
You can lv them up until their base limit but once their gone they don't come back unless you use resurrection.

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Killing people and picking the items they drop makes all the days grinding my character all worth it. With the added bonus of shitting on them while theyre down

I used to eat people like you on breakfast, dirty pk raiders

The most recent example of this stuff I can think of is DS3, a youtuber names oroboros organized a group of invaders called the bloodshades to act as Gank spankers because for some reason the matchmaking system is DS3 prioritized invaders to go to hosts with more phantoms and less invaders, so /vg/ organized a group called the Vicars to counter the bloodshades because they were really edgy and acted like faggots. So, in a way, you could say invaders were PKers, ganks were PKKers, bloodshades were PKKKers, and the vicars were PKKKKers. It got really fucking stupid.

Toxicity policies aren't bad because they target shitty people and so ruin it for the rest. They're bad because they can't distinguish between toxic behaviour and normal playful behaviour and target both equally. It's hard to blame devs *too much* for this since you can't make a simple rule-based system to police only toxic behaviour which means you have to evaluate individual situations but they obviously don't have the manpower for that.

The best solution is just to give the power back to the players, who are perfectly capable of policing each other if you let them, stepping in only to handle the really severe, unambiguous events.

There's a huge amount of stuff that can be attributed to killing MMOs. I'd say the main culprit is *convenience*; when you can do anything in the game (outside of the absolute most elite content) with a short queue then that has a lot of detrimental social effects. You no longer talk to people in groups; care who you group with, or add that great player to your friends list to group with them again. Even if that guy is amazing, it's just so *inconvenient* to have to wait for him to log on and agree to group with you; much easier to just queue without him.
I've actually thought about this probably too much and would make a similar case for almost every system in MMOs, from world quests to dailies to mob respawn timers, but that'd take too many words for this post.

There *is* another part too, though, and that is how, well... people aren't as impressed with persistent online worlds anymore. Maybe the early fascination with online gaming was necessary for people to invest as much into these games as they did.

I found plenty of friends in MMOs, with decade+ long friendships, though I haven't met them IRL more than a few times since they're all over the world. Well, excluding the people from my town who all decided to play on the same server at the same time when WoW launched.

Fug the bug
Love the bug
Cuddle the bug

You forgot to mention
>organized reddit group using meta builds specialized and organized specially to deal with ganks, lead by a famous pvper of the community
>harshly scrambled together no ones from /dsg/ using the most trash build in the game att, lead by a Jojoposter tripfag and a brazilian with 300 ping

Guess which side got completely destroyed.

I didn't really feel like posting all the details because phone posting is a pain, but yeah that stuff was hilarious while it was still going on.

PVs are up.

I've played a lot of MMOs over the years, and I know a lot of it is nostalgia goggles for me. I tried going back to Star Wars Galaxies on a private server, and it was just so hard to enjoy. The thing is, the worst part of old MMOs generated the best stories, but at the same time it's hard to willingly subject yourself to those shitty aspects of MMOs now.

For every fantastic party that had great banter and successful outcomes leading to friendship, there were five times where I spent two hours waiting for a party to form, traveling halfway across the world taking 45 minutes (since old MMOs didn't have many means of traveling fast) to get there, then having one party member drop out because of a personal emergency. Then after trying to get a replacement, who dies six times trying to reach the party by himself, everyone logs off bitter having wasted their time.

We tend to remember the awesome stories and forget about all the total shit that came with old MMOs. I'm not saying new MMOs are better, they just sacrificed what made old MMOs good to mitigate what made them awful. The result is mediocrity that has no good times or bad times.

Indeed. I remember many a raid where we would spend literally hours in total doing nothing because one key member or another would go afk at an inconvenient time for whatever reason (half of us were basically kids with families to bother us and internet was so shit and unreliable back then too).

Still, I *do* remember those raids, though, even from over a decade ago. That's more than I can say for what I did in MMOs the last few years. You can attribute some of that to nostalgia for sure, but a lot of it also has to just do with *emotion*. You felt emotions when you played those games so the events stick with you. It's hard to feel much of anything in contemporary MMOs. Everything seems so temporary and insignificant. But again, maybe that's because I'm now 30 instead of 15.

The 4ch alliance is a true menace to faggots all around, no matter the game. I'm sure the ones who fought Vicars would understand why the 2ch alliance was essentially wiped from the face of Yggdrasil.

Speed Translation
Narb:After accepting the rich noble's request with Momon-saaan we return to the Kingdom.
Narb:What we encounter there is Dem--...a demon who calls himself Jaldabaoth.
Narb:To protect the caterpillars' capital, the kind Momon-san fights the demons.
Ainz:Well..you did your best.
Narb:Thank you very much.
Narb:Next, The final battle of disturbance
Narb:Everything is going exactly as the all-knowing Supreme Being's keikaku (Keikaku means planned).
Ainz:O-Of course!
Not doing Ainz's version

>Brain's face in the thumbnail of the second video

what the fuck Madhouse

>The golden age of MMO is long gone
It's depressing how right you are.

Between VR shit and upcoming sandbox games this is the best time to form Sup Forums Shitpoststaffel
Shame about all the newfags though
The golden age of multiplayer games maybe
Actual MMORPGs haven't even been made

The only mmo worth playing was and is eve prove me wrong.

5 foot man eating bug. Be very afraid.

>prove me wrong
I can't
the bots ruin it though and so do the kike devs
it had a good run but it's time for an actual space sim rather than an Excel MMO

But the charm of eve is being an excel simulator.

This is what bug actually looks like.

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yes and I'm saying that many people would rather play a game where you have more influence on the game world than leaving your burning carcass to the ninja looters

What's her end game?

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I'd gladly bear her eggs.

Isn't there a eve-esk mmo being develop for 5 years now ?

>no entoma to bite off my penis
>no lupu to use cleric spells to regenerate it so this can happen multiple times a day

why are we born just to suffer?

Spend the rest of her life with her husbando(pet) and bear his children. Of course she has to be crafty about it since Climb a random peasant and nobody would approve of their union. Makes me wonder if she'll go through with a fake marriage like she suggested earlier to Raeven..

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>momon-sa n


>South American

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>tfw mmorpgs are pretty much dead
It's not fair. At least I still have tabletop games.

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Aaah yes. I remember what doing Blackrock Depths used to be like.

Wake up at 8AM, eat breakfast, sit at computer. Spend an hour looking for a party.

By the time all five people got to the instance, at least one person was DCd and then you needed another hour to find a replacement for that specific role (since it was always the tank or the healer and you know it).

Once the run starts, somebody needs Marshall for the Onyxia quest. Alright, let's spend an hour doing that shit. After that somebody gets the quest done, they leave.

Spend an hour looking for a replacement.

Once you find a replacement, they insist that they need Marshal. Okay fine faggot, reset instance, spend an hour doing that shit. They leave right after.

Spend an hour to find a replacement.

New replacement demands Marshal. Fucking fine, reset, spend yet another hour to do that fucking shit yet fucking again. Once done, the original members need a lunch break after spending hours in the damn place.

2-3 people never return from lunch break, spend an hour looking for replacements. Guess do those people need Marshal.

Finally get a group that sticks together even after Marshal and start clearing the actual fucking instance. Four hours later, it's late evening, you're starving but you've finally done one (1) clear.

I did that shit like three weeks in a row, every Saturday and Sunday. Every single fucking time it was just like that.
And I loved every second of it.

Nowadays, the instance is split into like four parts, there's no Onyxia quest and people can just queue and find a group instantly.

>reddit spacing
>Sup Forums blogging on Sup Forums
>playing WoWshit at all

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Where do people even learn recent news about games like MMO's? Most popular sites are full of fags like YouTube.

I remember "discovering" a better method of attuning. (I know a lot of people did this, but when I did it it was revolutionary on our server, and our guild was the only one doing it at the time)

At the time you could set up a relay system and swim up the lava river. I was a druid, so I'd manatee form myself down the lava to a safe spot, then I'd have the person I was escorting swim to me while I healed them. We'd repeat this until we reached the entrance to Molten Core, then I'd bear form and aggro everything while I lured it away. The person I was escorting would then walk up and attune.

Overall it took about 15 minutes assuming nothing went wrong (which overall this was pretty easy to screw up, so on average it was more like 30-40), but there were days where I got new people attuned a half hour before the raid started by myself. I made a side business selling attunements, but the market for it died out pretty quick when more people figured out how to do it.

Still, it was an intense experience, and the people doing the attunement often said it was extremely exciting because of how we were basically playing metal gear solid avoiding patrols and trying to survive swimming through lava.

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Will Ainz ever make a move on Albedo? Seems like a massive waste of a character. This is one aspect I dislike about a lot Japanese LN writers. They make their MC so autistic when it comes to opposite sex. Sure in Overlord, the MC has an actual reason for never making a move, but we all know it's just a cover so the author won't actually have to write a relationship.

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It's not a matter of "fun". You're blatantly blogposting.

shit m8, sorry somebody temporarily got in the way of your unhelpful "read nigga read" spam and waifushitposting

That sounds awesome, finding out shit nobody else knows about then making it into a business is a really great way to make money in games that keep a lot of shit secret or let's you have multiple ways to solve a problem.

user, you aren't helping your case

he's too guilty about changing her settings and he sees her more as his child than a woman

also they're quite busy and Albedo especially is working constantly

Ainz will fall for a humie which will cause Albedo to betray him.

You heard it here first.

>This is one aspect I dislike about a lot Japanese LN writers. They make their MC so autistic when it comes to opposite sex.
This is one of the things I hate the most about, well, media in general, but anime/manga/LNs in particular. Feels like at least 90% of them have some male protagonist with women often litearlly throwing themselves and their various bodyparts at him but he's too much of an autist to make a move on any of them.
To make it even weirder, a lot of the time it's the protagonist's sister.

I'm an autist and I still don't understand the appeal of this trope.

In one of those novel extras or drama cds, albedo's researching ways to get passed ainz passives but she's too busy to go all out.

>Albedo cucked by a human
It rhymes, like poetry. I hope it happens so she goes full sperg.

Technically, you don't have to write relationships in a story in the first place.
I feel he wanted to showcase different kind of loyalty/obsession that came from the tampered settings than actual romance.
After all, while all Guardians obey the supreme beings, each one has slightly different approach on how they express their loyalty and how to make Ainz proud.

Also, Pandora's Actor is the best son a dad could ask



Star Citizen development has been so incompetent, their outline on things they have achieved in the 'playable alphas' still makes no sense

nobody points out he typed logs

Nobody actually sticks to the topic the OP puts forward newfag

The fuck do you think this is? Your fucking facebook page?

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I would have a log of hugs too, if my game let me hug bug girls.

Nah, ainz will be stupid and believe that philip and albedo are actually in a relationship which makes albedo go chink empress genocide mode.

Look here faggot
This is how you space if you're absolutely itching to Sup Forumsogpost on Sup Forums.

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That retard is set up to get brutally killed. Probably by Albedo herself since he touched her which in turn made her absolutely disgusted.

>Blue Rose
Can't wait for them all to be brutally tortured and killed. Dis gon b gud

Brain was spared the original vampire takeover, I think he has plans for him.

Yeah, like the cockroach buffet.

Bugfuckers can choke on DDT