Veg vs franxx

Now that the shitstorm which happened this weekend has settled, it's time to decide, Sup Forums..

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Not fair, this weeks episode of Franxx was really good while VEG had one of the shittiest episodes.

Veg fags cause no issues, even when they’re episode comes out as far as I know. Franxx gets fucking flooded and kills threads every fucking minute during Saturday and Friday.

polls are not allowed anymore, Franxx threads are more cancerous but VEG fanbase its probably one of the worsts fanbases I can remember in the last 6 years.

>VEGfags using proxies

I want pollniggers to die.

What's with the feud between these shows when they're different genres/target audience?

I couldn`t give less of a shit about Sup Forums doing studio wars, but franxxfags spamming the catalog with their shit anime is getting annoying

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You do realise that there is no VEG fanbase and it's just people from Sup Forums shitposting, right? Sup Forums raided the board and forced the actual people away, it's not falseflaggers and people who watch just to argue and shit.

VEG: takes a subpar script aimed at an older audience, gives the MC her dignity, and makes it beautiful to get views

Franxx: Relies on Netorare, fat-shaming, and puts lying whores on a pedestal to rile up 12yr olds into a shitposting frenzy

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I know that, Sup Forumseddit flooded the board with console wars but I can say for sure that there is a VEGfanbase, its just too popular for not having a fanbase plus its a Kyoani anime. And don't missunderstand me I love Kyoani and almost every work they do but holy shit the console wars and the fanbase are unbeareable.

>veg fanbase
That exists?

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>stop making me confront my demons and take responsibility for my lousy behavior! *cryyy*

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>FranXXfags using proxies

I prefer Franxx desu

The feud is less about the shows and more about the studios, Kyoani and Trigger. It's the equivalent of console wars you find on Sup Forums.

You are both shit shows overblown beyond redemption by cancerous pile of underaged children and pretentious art critics who does nothing but shitpost about who is the one who stinks more.

Go fuck yourselves, you worthless posters. I can't wait till but of your mediocre studios finally closed themselves down out of shame of catering to you

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>FranXX fanbase
isn't this just Sup Forums?

>devil is a meme timer poster
>calling other shows shit
holy fucking wew

Are you happy now?

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>a literal and unabashed fanbase war thread that will only incite more shitposting along with people spamming Franxx threads after the Kokoro incident.
What the fuck are mods doing? This is just a Sup Forumsermin shitpost thread and you're not even being subtle about it.

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Just make a stalker thread and entertain us with the result of your first week sales

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How fucking autistic

I'm on Sup Forums. I've never been happy.

>Now that the shitstorm which happened this weekend has settled, it's time to decide

There is nothing to decide dude. VEG is shit, FranXX is saviour of anime. Violetto is a walking crying carcass, 02 is a walking sex bomb. No comparison whatsoever. Violetto lost from the fucking start.

Dragon Ball Super wins

So....after Franxx was killed at the stalker threads, the triggerfans are now screaming that VEG has no fanbase?

Keep me updated on your war.
We non-autists are laughing at the results

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02 x Violet

>n word
fuck off back to >Sup Forums racist fuck

In terms of shows, I prefer Franxx even though VEG is good in its own right. They're different shows.
Franxx fanbase is fucking cancerous as fuck and like all popular shows on Sup Forums attracts shitposters, manchildren, stalkerfags, Sup Forumsermin and other crossboarding filth and newfags. The threads can be entertaining "sometimes." but it's pure cancer only slightly redeemed by OC and drawfags.
VEG threads are slower and its just a few people who love their show autistically replying to and getting baited by a few dedicated shitposters and the odd Franxx faggot.

Next season will be worse though. You can count on that much. There's shows airing soon that will attract even worse autism and DitF shitposting is just warming up. NTR is just a taste of the horrors we're going to get.

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Check this faggot.
Also trips of true.

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Fuck off, newfag

It would be better for franxx shitposters if they picked a fight with someone at their same level, like nasufags. Why does it have to be kyoani.

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no fuck you who cares if i came from reddit? kill yourself racist fuck

Fill me in, user. I want to prepare.

What are you implying? Kyoani fanbase is the worst one in this board by far, not even EVAfags are as obnoxious as Kyoanifags hell even the DBS spics are better than them.

Both series have a very cancerous fanbase. I give VEG the edge because they started shitting the board way before Darling was even announced.

Also, both series ended up disappointing.

when kim kard is part of your fan base its hard not to be the most cancerous.
great show though.

why do you think that
maybe you started browsing Sup Forums this year so don't count the obvious falseflaggers those are new, kyoanifags have always been a small group of people that like kyoani works not a big imposing fanbase that attracts shitposters

No they didn't. Crossboarders wanting company wars did. How are you fucks so blind to obvious fucking shitposting to make you hate something? How fucking new are you? Kyoanusfags have always been a small group and all that's happened is crossboarders noticed this and pretended to be them and due to the small number people thought it was legit. It's like you fucks have never been on Sup Forums before.

Neither show is finished though.

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BNHA, Tokyo Ghoul, Steins Gate to name a few will be airing soon and will attract their obnoxious fans.
Franxx is about take a dark turn and we're going to get 02 episodes soon. If you thought Kokoro fags and NTR bitching was bad you might want to brace yourself. The Onifags have been quiet since she's had little screentime recently but they're fucking really bad. Anti-onifags will then fire up the shitposts and it'll get very ugly very quickly. There used to be threads dedicated to a single frame where it looked like she made a fake smile and people flaming each other for it.
Dark times ahead.

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meant for

Both are shit that attracts normalfags.

Well yeah we are in 2018 right now, I'm here since 2008 time changes everything.

As sasuga'd of Sup Forums.

Fucking hell. Batten down the hatches, put on the flame resist suit.

I don't follow either of these, and it's obvious darling in the cancer fanbase is much much worse.

They even shit the threads of other shows. It's disgusting.

I am tired of VEG invading other threads to talk about their show. The rudest fanbase on Sup Forums.


Both are trash. The only good anime this season is Citrus.

Never seen that happening.

Sc/u/m like you should be rangebanned.

Can't wait until this yuri hating meme stops being popular among kids.

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You do need to fuck off, nigger.


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Holy shit look at the quality of every post made by OP in this thread. Is this the real face of the fags who force fanbase wars?

Our threads get ruined so it's only natural.

KyoAni shows are always crossboarder magnets


Happens every season with a Kyoani and a Trigger show airing, remember the LWA vs Maid Dragon threads last year?

It happens since 2013/2014* FTFY.

>poll results
Finally! FranXX beats VEG!

After the last episode of FranXX ruined Sup Forums for a day, there's only one clear choice

Still 31 Ip's, hehehe.

Darling is just relationships 101, whereas VEG is what are feelings.
What makes Darling not as good, is the re-used mechs trope, not to mention the 'kawaii' look of them. VEG has a better written plot, and looks much nicer.

Stop trying to stir up shitposting if you don't watch either show

Let's be friends.

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I think this thread its about the fanbases not the shows.

>VEG fanbase

All 5 of them?

Just ban both fanbases already, even SAO fags have the decency of keeping their shit in 1 thread.

You are wrong though

Banning generals will be the right call but that won't happen...

>people stay in generals
Waaah, Sup Forums is dead, nothing but generals!
>people talk in more than one thread
Waaah, stop flooding Sup Forums, go back to your generals!

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>***,*73位/***,*76位 (**2,748 pt) [*,**1予約] 18/04/04 18/01 【限定】ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン 1 (第1巻のみ特典:L版ブロマイド + 全巻購入特典:「LPサイズディスク収納ケース」引換シリアルコード付) [ VIOLET EVERGARDEN ] [Blu-ray]

See that, franxxcucks? This is what success looks like.

both shows are getting booty blasted by a no-name studio despite getting hyped up for ages

>***,*73位/***,*76位 (**2,748 pt) [*,**1予約] 18/04/04 18/01 【限定】ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン 1 (第1巻のみ特典:L版ブロマイド + 全巻購入特典:「LPサイズディスク収納ケース」引換シリアルコード付) [ VIOLET EVERGARDEN ] [Blu-ray]
>***,196位/***,175位 (**2,055 pt) [*,**1予約] 18/04/04 18/01 ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン1 [Blu-ray]

Meanwhile, Franxx isn't even in top 500 after its episode just aired.

>muh BDs
Only fat fujos and lonely women are buying VEG BDs. See pic related. Thats why no one talks about it on Sup Forums. It will be the exact same shit when free airs.

Franxx is fueled by the ecchi manga and merch.

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I can't tell anymore if this is someone falseflagging or VEGfags are really this autist.

Is this even a question? I only watch nanatsu no taizai this season but catalog is flooded with multiple franxx shit with that fat guy and some grey haired girl.

KoiAmefag here, I watch almost every show every season and while Franxx have more threads VEG fanbase is worse in every aspect, they are both terrible fanbases though.

Nobody gives enough of a fuck about your favorite studio to “false flag” it. Get over yourself, faggot.

If that was true then this thread wouldn't exist.

tfw Ikuno and Kokoro bought VEG BD

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At least the former isn't as floody.

That studio is getting exactly 0.00 yen from those sales. They don't own the IP, don't own the rights to anime, they're not on production committee. They were only hired to produce it for people who are going to sell and profit from it.

Meanwhile, KyoAni is heading VEG's production committee and VEG is their IP. All the cash from LN, merch and BDs goes to them. The studio that will earn the most cash this season and is the winner on winter season, is none other than KyoAni. The rest will have to make do with crumbs from their publisher sugar daddies.

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>muh sales

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>fat fujos
VEG is like the furthest thing from their taste.
>lonely women
They deserve love too.

Only a well adjusted person of fine taste could have shot such an aesthetic photo.

See Its repulsive.

>Triggered by facts

Is he wrong?

>VEG fanbase is worse in every aspect
You wouldn't know that if you didn't come to VEG threads to shitpost and bait VEGfags. This is the problem with you retards. You come to KyoAni/VEG threads to shitpost, get BTFO, then cry about how VEGfags are so defensive and obsessive, LMAO. Fucking losers. Talk shit, get hit. You came to the wrong neighborhood, boi.

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>Doubt KyoAni every season
>KyoAni finds a way
Don't you guys get tired of this song and dance?

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>You wouldn't know that if you didn't come to VEG threads
VEGfags constantly raid Franxx, Yuru and Yori thread.

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Yeah lonely otaku women who watch Mexican soap operas. You do know that Kyoani has a lot of women working in the studio and their core production panders to women, right?
Also only a woman or a pretensious homosexual would take a photo like that.

I'm not defending Franxx as it's pandering to virgin otaku and shut ins so it's not much better. But that's the reason why Franxx is discussed more on Sup Forums.
Pick your poison.

Would people even care about VEG if they didnt associate it with franxx?

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I highly doubt that anything you said its a fact and even if everything you said was a fact why do you need to shit on every other studio or airing anime? That what makes VEGfags worse than any other fanbase right now.
I visit almost every thread of the airing shows to see what are the people discussing or to see if I didn't notice something in the episode not to shitpost, this thread its about fanbases so obviously I will state my opinion. The fact that suddenly in a thread about fanbases a certain fanbase is dissing every opinion that doesn't fit them and posting sales doesn't help at all don't you think so?