Take a character with no backstory and give them one.

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How is this not a general?

Melone - Serial rapist who got found 'innocent' by sleeping with the judge:

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Racing to the Future

His simultaneous speed,
has created the illusion,
of suspension.

He cradles me,
in his hull;
his infinite speed never-ending.

Speed King,


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the retard put jojo in the title so shitposters will easily flock and crash the thread down

Kill yourself

How is your mom not a general?

based jobinposter

based based poster

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Rai gets me high

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Why do I have a boner right now?

Doppio gets me Uppio

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This general need to die already.

Your mom needs to die already

because Melone is a literal semen demon

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You know what to do.

Go back to the DBZ super threads and leave us alone

Bitter DBSfag because his show is dead.

How did DIO manage to get a wild, stand wielding bird to become his loyal servant?

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He did a really convincing mating-display

sasuga DIO

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Waste flairposter

Still no live action movie rip?

cool! reminds me of mitsuo aida

I know you're just memeing because the average jojofag can only post the same thing over and over again on every thread, but, why do you even want to watch it? It's fucking terrible.

I want Diego to wrap his dinosaur tail around my neck and choke the life out of me.

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No u

Why do brainlets think Hayato was spying on his parents for sexual purposes?

Since he's clearly based on a raptor, his tail would be more for balance than anything and would lack both the power and flexibility needed to do so.

I mainly just want to watch it for a laugh, I know it'll be bad

That, and also because I think the guy playing Koichi is well cast in how naiive and cute he is at the start, Jotaro's actor looks pretty cool too

Can't I even dream?

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In that case, there's nothing you can do but wait, it'll eventually be uploaded somewhere. And, honestly, I think they did the best they could do with that movie. Considering the kind of story that is Jojo, any live action adaptation was destined to be laughable.

I'm gay

I'm sure that at least 60% of the posters around here are legit fags. But I still like them.

>Go to the comment section of the official "Made in Heaven" lyric video on youtube
>The comment section is completely overrun with shitposts

Well memed lads

Holy diver, killer queen and cheap done dirt cheap too.

I remember someone said in a comment that only queen can have 50 million views from a 1970 song and then someone replied no, it was Jojo.

>Official Made in Heaven lyric video
>Related videos include Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen and Sheer Heart attack
>Well that's normal, they're all Queen songs
>Related videos also include Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, Dio: Holy Diver and Prince: Gold

Did you guys fuck with Youtube's algorithms?

That's why people hate us.

Vanilla Ice was once a lonely muslim boy who was rejected because of islamophobia

It all changed when he met and ultimately decided to follow DIO.
He then realized he found true happiness as he can Jihad all he wants now

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Is Part 5 worth reading or should I just skip to 6?

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No seriously, these were my related videos. What the fuck did you guys do?

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>skipping parts
Also i would recommend you skipping part 6, honestly just the worst part.

just drop jojo all together, just read better mangas like One Piece

>reading OP over boruto
Why live ?

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Just read Dragon Ball Super and Boruto. Way better stories.

This but unironically.

Don't fucking skip parts you pleb

I meant it unironically ;)

Where would the Islamophobia in Egypt be?

So who actually is the final villain in Jojo?

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Trapped in the infinite spin of the eye, or maybe it's valentine

You already know who it is.

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>including jobin poster
He's a shit poster AND a content creator, what more can you ask for?

Kira's mom diddled him

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>tfw you'll never watch part 5 with /Jojo/

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ASB is better than EoH

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part 5 is shit anyway. it has the most lifeless crew in the series. only mista is a good character. everyone else is undeveloped and bland. the main villain stands for absoluitely nothing which muddles the conflict and themes of the story. all the fights and stands are rehashes of part 3. and the minor villains don't have the vibrancy of part 3's.


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> the main villain stands for absolutely nothing which muddles the conflict and themes of the story.

It's about accepting fate for what it is and excelling through it rather than trying to outright change it.

>speedreading this hard

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Thread's dead.

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>nobody wants to post in thread
>better bump it for no reason

>bumps it again

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Jojo threads are pathetic.

it matches the people who post here

I'm a super retard. I thought JoJo was being published in Spain and Argentina by Panini, I forgot it's actually Ivrea. Our luck is even shittier.

you seen this hazmadafag? came across it on twitter

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How does this look

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What's that artist?

Mista and Narancia look nice, but Trish's hair is fucking shit, it needs more volume, and Fugo's face is just ugly

Fugo looks like an evolved Pesci

fuck you cannot unsee

Literally all of them look terrible. Fugo especially.

why can't araki draw his older characters to save his life?

they also did a terrance

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Vento Aureo will happen after Captain Tsubasa ends imo.

when is it set to end?

Its set for 51-52 episodes, and Captain Tsubasa will start next week iirc.

so April 2019 maybe we get Vento Aureo.

they dont have to be finished with captain tsubasa just to announce that VA is happening

im holding out for the 30th anniversary

Mista looks perfect, the rest look really far off. Fugo and Narancia look like different characters.

Was Mountain Tim gay?

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Was that VA tweet claiming copyright issues CONFIRMED to be fake yet?

yeah it was

the OP got butthurt when someone else came in and provided an actual translation and they defended their shitty google machine translation as being more accurate and demanded to be untagged from the thread

Was Speedwagon gay?

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Thanks user

Bend over and you'll see

No, the faggot who wanted to be untagged was a friend of the OP. The latter did in fact bitch because of the translation though. It wasn't Kewl's fault though, someone publicly called him to translate it.

I would happily bend over for speedwagon desu

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>Immediately trying to get with a 14 year old girl
How's that gay? Might have been a bit pedo however...