How do we fix KyoAni and their shameless use of filtered photographs as backgrounds?

How do we fix KyoAni and their shameless use of filtered photographs as backgrounds?

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Kyoani looks boring while SHAFT looks interesting and unique

Did you get that backwards

KyoAni's background game has gotten even more impressive lately.

It's baito

Who's baito?

First episodes of Bakemonogatari were fucking weird but then I got used to the style and now I really enjoy it

How much does this baito pay?

Aru baito?

I think it's an ancient form of rhetoric called "sarcasm". See, he complained at the less obvious example of the two to stress how people hypocritically complain about it rather than the more egregious offender.
You internet-addicted mongoloid.


SHAFT is just the better of the two either way.

>shaft will never collaborate with kyonai and make a stylish kirara adaptation with good animation

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Could we not have these Sup Forums tier studio war threads?

Phantom World's cat episode is the closest thing you have to this.

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thanks, I didn't know that kyoani had ever done trippy visuals like that.

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Wow, this looks so nice, I'm genuinely sad that Kyoani wasted so much effort on titservice.

No, the actual closest thing is the KyoAni-produced episodes of The SoulTaker.

I didn't watch the show, but the redhead is cute.

>gatari fags praising their shitshow
>saying shaft is so good and interesting
>they don't even know about shaft's one true magnum opus

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Both of these backrounds work in their shows. There is nothing to fix

Shaft is shit.

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>We buy

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Imagine some piece of shit dedicating his life to shitting on an anime studio on the other side of the world. What the fuck is wrong with you?

SHAFT animation and art direction is garbage, they can't do it well so their animation and scenery have to be weird to make it "special".

I'll just settle with not using sameface anymore

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Kyoani has lost it but SHAFT never had it to start with

Those are all clearly different characters with different faces, though. The last two and Mio look like they're from different studios desu

Shaft is actually doing some good work for once.

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and have all anime made with the subpar quality of Super? please no

>his animu doesn't look like a painting set in motion
>his animu doesn't require saving screens in .jpg format to fit the filesize limit of this site

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Funniest post on the board for a VERY long time

Do you know what nice thing that Shaft has, but Kyoto Animation don't?
Fucken huge tits.

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Just admit it kyoani ended after kon season 1 and shaft only was ever good at op's and bakemonogatari season 1 and madoka tv are only note worthy works


Try learning english before shitposting

ESL-kun pls.

SZS is better than Bakemonogatari though

inb4 necrobump

2000s SHAFT was great

in after necrobump

Holy fuck, use translator please.

They both are great studio's, in my very unpopular opinion.