3-gatsu no Lion

Only 2 episodes left.
I guess we can all agree that Hina is

>cutest girl of the season
>cutest Shaft girl ever
>so goddamn cute it hurts

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I want to protect these chubby siblings.

Post Hinabutt

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2 episodes left.but they pack in 1 weeks

Damn I must drop darling to watch live stream because they airing in the same time

>No Father arc

Fuck me up senpai

I have to give it to another girl from a different show, but yeah, Hinata is precious.

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Do we know anything about what Shaft does after 3gatsu?


That's all

FUckinng nice

I need a season 3. If we can get a million seasons of the usual shit SHAFT does, this deserves a complete adaptation.

Hina is slender and cute.

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When is Rei going to pound her petite cervix?

Best SHAFT work and AOTY 3 years in a row.

Owari s2


RIP Shinbo

But the series isn't complete.

God no, even the direction is terrible compared to the first bake.

Momo is adorbl

I liked her best when she had her hair down as a disguise, otherwise she's way too average to be the cutest Shaft girl since the competition for that is on a whole other level.

Illigal housing


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Oh my

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The funny thing is she was correct in being afraid of lewding her body in front of Kiriyama

Hopefully more SZS

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She makes a series about a boring game worth watching

God she's so ugly, wish they bullied her more.

>a boring game
You don't like memorizing algorithms?

SZS S4, Hidamari S5, SoreMachi S2 and Voynich Hotel.

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But I prefer Akari...


who will deliver me from this body of death

>Voynich Hotel.
I wish

More 3gatsu

If they make a third season, you're in for a treat.

Between this and the Nikaidou part, I don't know which I like more.
Hopefully with SHAFT doing everything for the gatari series they'll go all in for 3gatsu and follow it to the end.

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I do really hope so, because I had huge ejoyment during this whole series.

One of the best pics of Hina's butt.

Why is this so fucking comfy?

3-gatsu is so good, I will really miss the comfyness and cuteness and all the matches.
Hope we get another season

Will there be suffering in the potential season 3?


Yes, next time is the girls' turn.

Really? I think shes one of the cutest even with her twin tails

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Receiving personal attention is incredibly soothing.

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Can't wait to see animeonlys rage at their dad trying to drop their sister off

WIDE girls are always comfy

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I want to kill gotou and claim his cute lover

I fucking loved this scene

> cute lover
you mean "stalker"?

I want to kill gotou's stalker and claim him

In season3

Shut up, I'll fix her broken mind and heart

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for real gotou and kyouko were one of my favourite aspects of the series for how much of a thorn in rei's side they were

good to see them making almost zero appearance in s2 thanks team

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Whatever happened to them, by the way? She couldn't persuade him to sleep with her after all?

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That wouldn't fix anything now would it, he has a wife. God damn it why do I want to melt her cold heart

gotou was painted in a more vulnerable light too
s1 was content to have him be a stark antagonist, so when the start of s2 began to humanise him I was so excited to see where this development would go


Most of Bake looked like shit even after the Blurays reduced the QUALITY everywhere, when will this meme die. It has a few great looking scenes and the same ones everyone keeps cherrypicking whenever they say it looks good.

The other seasons don't even have "few great looking scenes"

So which Show about Shogi is better this or Ryuuou?

where's the dad plot? it was present in the real-action flick

In season 3

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You really have to ask this?

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not really

The main loli in Ryuuou is pretty cute desu. But this is probably the more compelling story.

Hopefully get off their asses and finish Prism Nana. This shit is very frustrating for fools like me who aspire to watch everything Shaft has ever made.

This show has more things going for it than just Shogi y'know.

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This thread warms my heart. Thanks posters.

Would you watch Purojekuto Xxxxxx with Nikaidou and Rei in it?

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No problem user. Here's another Hina

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Wow your life must be fucking horrible if these devianart tier fanarts make you feel something.
Try not to kill yourself this week.


How the fuck is Kiriyama not completely in love with Hina or Akari? How can you be around them and not fall in love? How can you not want to devote your whole life to protecting Hina after the bullying arc? I fucking hate anime.

That already happened, you dumbo.

Is this anime NTR free?

Ow the edge.

He gets mad because other people are happy

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Delicious Hinabutt

Definitely 3-gatsu but Ryuuou is good and better than I expected.

>cutest Shaft girl ever
now hold it right there you little shit

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user, I think you should rewatch the season. It’s pretty obvious