Is ikuno the best girl?

is ikuno the best girl?

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>best girl

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>implying fatman won't fuck the gay out of her


t. /u/

She read Milkman like a book, I don't think a simple-minded fatass is going to get anywhere with her.


Depends on the next two episodes.

She's definitely moving her way up there, especially after this weekend with the fall of Kokoro to worst girl.
Fatty is gonna fuck her and give her wonderful new babies while Milkman turns out to be sterile


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Except Hiro. Hiro is just bland.

Kill yourself fucking shitposter.

She's the least developed character at this point, so no. A blank piece of paper has more personality. At least we know fatty sleeps with his baguette bodypillow. What has ol' fivehead given us thus far other than subtle /u/ pining?

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It's like you have never read hentai.

She force the other characters to actually deal with their feelings, Mitsuru most of them.

That would be Miku. But Ikuno seems like a decent person. Maybe she'll warm up a bit now that she isn't paired up with Sonic the Edgehog anymore


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She'd feed milk to fatty.

Miku is a nice girl, you faggot.

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Miku looks nice. Perhaps Futoshi could bring out 100% peak performance out of her.

She makes me wet.

She's the least annoying and coolest female character in the show, as a lesbian. How ironic.