Thoughts on age-gap yuri?

Thoughts on age-gap yuri?

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it's cute

It's doomed to end in tragedy.

I think there should be more of it.

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It's shit. Like every form of yuri.

Don't care, but I want to fuck Akane.

It's the only kind I can stand

When the fuck will moot give us a board to talk about this niche aspect of anime and manga? I'd imagine once we finally get an entire board for yuri, we can stop making these threads here on Sup Forums.


I like it. I would fap to more yuri if it wasnt so boring. I love this one doujin where its a older girl taking care of a younger girl and she is a lolicon. Forgot the name.

There was no yuri in psycho pass

>There was no yuri in psycho pass

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Its been a while since I watched it, but there were definitely at least a couple chicks fucking each other.

It has it's place.

user, where were you?

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lesbian sex is not yuri, it's only yuri if they discuss judith butler while brushing each other's teeth


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Is necrophilia yuri though?

Age gap yuri is the best yuri


Are you sure not this?

go back to your discord

So...what happens during disaster rescue? Do they have firefighters rescuing, medics tending to the wounded and cops to explode any rescue victim who so much as makes a grimace?

>cops to explode any rescue victim who so much as makes a grimace?
therapy exists

All homosexual activities are wrong and disgusting.

This season we had more and were gonna get more of it.

Same as all yuri: it's trash.

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>lesbian sex is yuri
Everything including sex is yuri

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

So almost this whole thread except the Konohana screenshot?

fuck yuri and fuck white people

It's amazing and loli x cake is the pinnacle of it.

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Would recommend Yuzumori-san to anyone who likes this type of thing.

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>Sup Forums suddenly hates yuri
What the fuck happened?

it's the same IRC homos as its been for the last few years dude

Sup Forums happened

I'll read this during my off time


Literal homosexual

I hope this pair gets more screentime together in S2.

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>princess principal
good luck.

Wait, Yayoi is supposed to be older than Akane? I never got that impression.

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>he doesn't know

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Yayoi is the older girl, I'm amazed of her being a chick magnet turning straight girls into crazy dykes.

literally going to be announced in a month

Obscure delinquent/sensei age-gap Yuri coming through

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Is it translated?

Can you do a dump?

>with used goods that have taken miles of dick

RAWS of this when?


discordbros get in here

Well 2 years isn't exactly an exciting age-gap. And Yayoi seems more youtful than Akane, who takes on the demeanor of a middle aged office lady at the end of S1.

>2 years
>Both JK
>Age Gap

Reminder that all yuri haters are literal faggots

When I get it in the mail, there are only teaser pages out.

I'm a charlatan I know but the title was interesting.

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Artists name is irua on pixiv

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Last teaser page.

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>delinquent grabbing the teacher in a lewd way

What the hell is this?

A better question is, when is someone going to upload the raws of their previous one?

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Has that been already released in tanks?


Title is something like "My childhood friend is stealing my mother" it's from an anthology of married women x female middle school girls.

I'm no purest but this was a bit too sleezy for me.

>age-gap yuri
you mean Class S

learn the apropiate tems if you are going to post around here.

Real human being

discordbros. in. now.


>you mean Class S

Class S doesn't exist in this day & age. We are going all the way through lesbian marriage user.


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homosexuality is wrong in all its forms

Yes, and it devilishly delicious.

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>heterosexuality is wrong in all its forms


simply not enough