The Promised Neverland Chapter 80

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I actually really enjoyed this chapter.

>dead manga
>dead thread

>shit user
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Is there a reason why this gets CPs every three chapters? They look nice but it's just something I noticed

>shit bait

To any Italyanon in this thread, remember to pick up volume 2 when it releases this week.

Last CP was on 75.

You're welcome.

I hope Sonya dies. If a girl has to be sacrificed then it should be her.

Cool chapter. Who will be the first human casualty? Are Pepe and Zack already dead?

I'm expecting Paula to take the spear for Violet next chapter as Violet has been more important and I don't see her dying like this.

If that's the case, poor Paula, she barely got any lines. But between her and Violet, the latter's just more important.

It doesn't however its Jumps first extremely popular new manga in a long time so it probably gets enough attention to warrant Shueisha putting it front and center alongside some of the other ranking toppers.

This was a good chapter, so I'm dumping it.

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Thanks, unfortunately OP is a faggot who won't do it myse- I mean, himself.

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Thank you user.

This page is everything. Both the the kids and the readers needed to be reminded how scary the enemy truly is

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No problem. I was literally dying of boredom before this chapter came out

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I feel the love in the air

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Please let Violet be okay. ;_;

Okay, Lucas and Emma are definitely related.

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Besides promotion I think part of the reason could be because the artist is able to draw so much. If you follow her twitter she even uploads personal drawings frequently. It's pretty impressive since she's doing a weekly series.

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She lost her husbando. He lost his waifu. Will they find love again in each other?

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Does she do anything other than drawing and milking time?

Some user in the raw thread pointed out that there is an interesting pun here, but in niggastream obviously didn't notice

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captcha is being a bitch right now, so I apologize for any delay

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I wonder how Viz will translate it.

Does she keep Shirai in her basement?

what was the pun? Do you remember?

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All this time I thought she had really visible abs and not 5 sets of titties

Emma, I don't think a little girl like you should play games alone with a creepy old demon

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Don't you have a Kimetsu thread to be in?

What do we think the "game" is?

I guess we are getting the Bayon boss battle before Lewis.

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It was a double meaning with "What did you think of my move" also meaning "Did you like the taste of my arm".

>Emma pulling Lewis's heartstrings
And you called this ship delusional.

My money is in some sort of Russian Roulette where Lewis is also in danger of getting damage, but the odds are still stacked against Emma.

I don't think Zack and Pepe are dead, Bayon has two assistants that hunt with him and one of which was present with him when they cornered them, if anything he probably retreated and let his assistants fight them instead.

>little monkey mimicing Lewis' exact motions
I don't know how i'll feel if those user's theorizing that the monkey controls Lewis were right all along.

Ooh that's a tough one. Uh, maybe something like
>How did you like the last hand I played?
might have been the way to go, but even that doesn't feel quite there yet

In those kind of situations, I'd be ok with a T/N. It's better than trying to come up with a similar wordplay in English.

>Doubting meme magic
"Lewis" will turn out to have been a meat puppet all along.

Okay, got it better

On this page
>Did you enjoy my hand last time?

continued on
>If so, let's play another round.
>Just like old times.

Maybe a bit too subtle, but I don't have enough Japanese to say how obvious it was meant to be in the original.

>>Did you enjoy my hand last time?

I wonder what happened with Isabella, last time we saw something about Grace's Field House there was a different mama, did the demons kill her?

something something cumdumpster for demons and/or scientists back in HQ.

Damn so he is dodging the bullet point blank after it's been fired? He's like 1km/s fast.

That wasn't the same Gracefield house there are 4 others

T/Ns in the middle of the chapter are poison for my immersion in the story, personally. Get creative to replicate double meanings, and if you can't do that, pick one meaning or the other and make readable, flowing dialogue out of it. No, I don't need a side note that tells me how much more clever it was in Japanese, like I'm still not getting the right reading experience.

That said, notes at the end of the chapter about things that had to be changed or wouldn't translate are fine. They're like a making of for the English version, a thing of trivia. Good in places where they don't interrupt the story, and as long as you don't ever absolutely have to reference them for the dialogue to be understandable at all. A line that only makes sense with a T/N next to it is just bad writing.

Lewis is very lewd. He probably faps thinking of his old preys.
The monkey must have seen all kinds of weird shit

No shit, she draws terribly. Her mastery of the basics is fucking terrible, she has no concept of projection, perspective or anatomy. She probably has talent, but she is raw as fuck, not good enough to be a pro, in my opinion.
The story is cool, but it's not her.

So Phil and the others got moved to a different field? I guess its logical since Grace's Field got burned down

It's still Grace Field, it has multiple orphanages.

Well obviously, also in all current scenes shown with Phil in the new GF house, there are other kids there who weren't part of the remaining kids left back in plant 3. Not sure if you remember, but during the escape in c35-36 I think when the alarms start ringing, we see other kids and Mama's at the other GF plants reacting, and the mama we saw has a very similar hairstyle to the new blonde one we've been seeing in the colour pages.

GF is a farm with multiple plantations. Emma's burned down so they simply moved him to one of the other four intact ones.

Still got a shit ton of these.

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I like the spiral pattern of the eyes, this is the first time I notice it. It's exclusive to him or other unmasked demons had it? I can't be bothered to search

I think Nouma's eye pattern was similar, are they siblings or lovers? They have names you imagine parents would give to twins and they look like genderswapped versions of each other.

I just checked, Luce had a regular distribution of eyes on his face, Nouma had a big cluster of eyes in the center of her face. So for now they're all different

I got the impression they were lovers from the way he was talking about her.

They look similar because they wear the same skintight latex suit.

The first volume of Neverland sold 24k in the first week, and before that the series already received a large number of CPs. So, no, it is not because it is extremely popular, but because editors really wanted it to be extremely popular. Even AssClass and Boku no Hero, series that have been extremely popular since their first volumes, did not receive so many CPs. Last year was 3 covers and 11 CPs (OP had 6 covers and 1 CP).
Do you really think a magazine crazy for money like WSJ will waste a color page with an author simply because she draws a lot?

I just said the last CP was on 75. That's more than three chapters, that's all.

I'm sorry, I replied to you accidentally.

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>The first volume of Neverland sold 24k in the first week
How much does it sell now?

Violet better not fucking die. Sorry to scarf girl but if one has to take the spear up their ass then I hope it's her.

>pssh nothing personnel kid

He teleported behind her there, right?


>81 / 21 / 18
Why are the threads so fucking dead? Is it because Americans aren't woke yet?

No one cares for the translation threads anymore. The gook threads are where everyone goes.

it's more like neverland really lost all its tension after they escaped from the orphanage. and the fact that the new arc is focused on a bunch of nobodies doesn't help. i was hoping that at least the chat between lewis and emma would be interesting, but nah, just infodumping as usual.

shirai needs a new editor. the current one is wasting the potential of the story.

I miss Norman.

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>she is raw as fuck
If I didn't have ahangover, I could turn this into a pun.

Why aren't you posting them, then?

But I am.

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>The story is cool, but it's not her.
the CPs are more interesting than the story. Posuka is quite creative with illustrations. but in terms of storytelling, she's really poor.

Jesus how retarded do you have to be to bring up first volume sales in an argument about popularity when the manga is already on Volume 7

Last volume was actually at about 347k

But that's total, no?

I don't really feel this drop of tension, if anything these last chapters felt much more frenetic that the previous ones. And we have had a bunch of threads reaching bump limit even after the escape.

He has to complain about muh advertising in every thread, don't you know?

Don't even really wanna butt into this but the threads are fine as they are now even when they don't hit bump limit. They're at least fun to be in and that's not gonna last forever.

The content of their conversation was already discussed in the Korean scan thread. Next chapter we may actually see what the game is about, so I expect more activity.

Yeah, it is, I forgot you were talking about first week sales for a single volume.

It got 164k in the first week for Volume 7

The user said the series received promotion because it was extremely popular, and my point is that it was not, otherwise the first volume, which had an initial print of 120k, would have sold more than 24k in the first week. In fact, the first volumes took from 4 to 5 months to reach 250k.
I was talking about the first week sales.

>They're at least fun to be in and that's not gonna last forever.
Don't remind me...

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If Niggastream hadn't changed the schedule, we wouldn't need two threads a week and therefore the attention wouldn't have to be split between them. I blame them.