Simple question: What is the best gundam anime?

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0079 or 0080


Wing is SEED-tier

fpbp lol


Attack on Titan


Turn A


I'll actually answer your question OP. Its Zeta

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Turn A, 0080 and 0079

whichever is shortest

Wing had one good character.
that's one good character more than SEED

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Iron-Blooded Orphans.

the entire universal century timeline is awesome, specifically id say that zeta gundam is my favorite and maybe the best if not 0079

Someone post the rec list with every description that ends with "the part where fans say gundam went downhill"

Gundam F91 because it didn't dragged-on.

lurk for 2 more years before posting newfag

Char's Kinoattack

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War in the Pocket? If so I agree.

That’s hard. Not simple. I like everything UC

This shitpost isn't even funny.

F91 was dogshit. Probably in the bottom five Gundam anime.


Darling in the Franxx

>Simple question: What is the best gundam
oh that's zz for sure

SEED Destiny

His Ben The Sage, F91 was cool. Now get over it.

Zeta and Turn A


>subpar entries like Turn A and 0080 are listed
It sure is ANN in here.

Top tier:
MSG films; Zeta, Turn A

High tier:
G, GBF, CCA, War in the Pocket, 00 S1

Mid tier
Everything else

Shit tier:
Seed D, GReco, ZZ, Wing, Age, GBF Try

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>he didn't watch 0079

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>not watching original 0079

Dunbine Turn A

I did watch it, you cunts. I watched everything except IBO, which I dropped halfway through. The films are far better overall and I saw no point in repeating an entry.

more like turn gay

Mobile Fighter G Gundam

This. Anyone against it is either a contrarian or refuses to watch the Gundam UC timeline.

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>ZZ in Shit tier
Nice try.

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No, they're not. They remove a lot of context from character's actions and story events, a lot of the sheer intensity and scale of the war, a lot of the deliberate pacing of the series, and just a lot of the quality overall; what's really great about Tomino is how he holds together consistently great productions for long periods. You don't get a proper sense of that by watching the movies.

Tomino literally said that the movies are essentially his final draft of 0079 with all of the shit cut out.

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SEED Destiny. Best guy and all around well-written character Kira Yamato blows things up with combination particle beam-railgun and super DRAGOON system while interesting and engaging plot occurs with fleshed-out interesting characters

That's an anchor.

>muh salt episode
You're literally blaming the films for not being the TV show.
The trilogy does a great job telling the story with all the most important scenes kept intact.
The only thing I feel bad for is the Gyan fight getting cut.

You lose a lot of specific context for newtype shit. The series really helps flesh the concept out and give you more hints as to the nature of it imo.

Can't be his theme song

Anno maintains that the Rebuilds are superior to NGE. A creator can be wrong about their work, it happens often.
Yes, I am. There's no way anyone could capture what was so great and memorable about the TV series in recap movies. I'm not saying that the movies are really bad, they just aren't able to be as good.

People who complain about salt have never actually seen the episode. Remove thyself and go watch 0079.

They kind of missed the point with the newer gundams. They totally took out all the orbital drops and giant cannons. Weapons of mass destruction!!!!

79 has excellent themes, but Z wins me over in that category.

Four ;_;

My human

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> Turn A
> Good

Pick Neither. Turn A is overrated trash

This. Those 3 are objectively a cut above the rest.

Epyon best Gundam

Based Treize.

I enjoyed this series very much. Very good designs and ost.


>Age and Reco not in mid tier

G reco
btw I'm sure that time will prove my statement

also 0080 as OAV

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Please don't litter in this holy thread.

This. Every Tomino show is like 10 years ahead of its time and not received well at first. People just aren't ready for the anime of 2024.

Isn't Destiny a story about Arthur's harem? Kira is pretty much like a corpse there.

Good rank desu.

Is it just the rips I have, or does Zeta look really "dirty"? I don't know how to explain what I mean beyond just that it doesn't look clear. 0079 didn't look like this for me.

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Delete this Mexican encode and get EG

For me, it's Turn A.

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War in the Pocket or IBO

As much as I wanted F91 to be good it really hasn't got much going for it except the stellar mech design and visuals.

the first
the rest are all derivatives

>A creator can be wrong about their work, it happens often.
You thinking NGE as a TV series holds up to Rebuild doesn't mean Anno's wrong

I know I'm going to get shit for this, but I don't care

8th MS Team.

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My brother of spacenoid descent!

I personally enjoyed After War Gundam X a lot.

I like you.

Go back to circlejerking over Greco and Seed in /m/ please

Gundam Build Fighters

I've only seen the original series, Zeta, 00 series 1 and the first two series of Build Fighters and I can say hands down the best so far has been hard to decide, Zeta was really good so maybe that? Or Build Fighters series 1

I won't defend watching compilation movies over an actual series, but
>sheer intensity
is not something the original gundam series had in spades

also while the characters are pretty good in gundam 0079, there isn't a lot of screentime spent actually giving context to their actions. I haven't seen the movies but I would imagine you could easily fit in all of the important scenes for all of the characters. The problem with compilation movies is that even if you're cutting out shit that technically doesn't do much it's still screentime spent with the characters that's missing. Even if you could 100% prove on paper that everything cut out was completely useless just the fact that you're literally watching a compressed version of the story should lessen the impact. I dunno though, maybe it works better for Gundam 0079 which I only just finished like a week ago but every other compilation movie I've seen was disappointing

00 was the best.

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>tfw Victory Gundam has been sitting on my hard drive for years
Convince me to watch it

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Some imrpovement, it appears the release I had used a weird aspect ratio and had slightly saturated colours. But I think Zeta might just be intentionally dirtier in general.

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I'm watching it right now and it looks alright to me. I may just be a pleb though

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You have a great taste, my brother from another mother

Can we all agree that 0083 is mostly shit and the only saving grace is the animation?

That would be Iron Menstruation, 0083 on the other hand is a 90s classic.

I watched the compilation movies of 0079 before watching the whole series and the thing that stood out for me was the weird time scale in the movies.

I understand it's because it's gotta compress everything into a movie length but it made everything that happened in the movie feel like every battle took place two minutes after the last one. It made everything feel really chaotic and insanely fast, which took away a lot of impact.

The series made it feel like an actual war was going on, rather than a three day conflict.

Great taste mate, also otp.

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The directing and character writing in GBF and IBO are so much better than in any other Gundam that it's unreal.

I wish literally anyone else would've directed the UC TV shows because Tomino has literally no idea how to do either of those things. The only thing he's good at is ideas and scenario writing.

Turn A.

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i haven't seen GBF but i watched IBO before any other gundam series, it was cringe as fuck and not particularly well written

i suspect that you're just being a contrarian