Worst girl thread

Post all manners of bitches, thots and other shit waifus

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As a fatfag, you are automatically also a white knight, and as a white knight, you must automatically defend Kokoro's decision.

All praise Kokoro. May she be forever happy with Mitsuru.

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t. non-fatty.


GO back to Sup Forums

The absolute state of fat apologists.

Kokoro did nothing wrong

t. reddit

Futoshi a shit.

If you look and behave like Futoshi, you will suffer the same fate. Let this be a lesson to you all.

>defending whores
>not acting excatly like Futoshi

Futoshi is who you are, Mitsuru is who you want to be.

t. Futoshi
Look mate Futoshi's whole thing is that he never even thought to blame her. He orbited hard even as she piloted with another man. His final pathetic line was d-don't hurt girls and p-please treat her right AND here you are singing her graces too. A whore apologist. You are Futoshi

confirmed, OP is a Fatass!

t. Futoshi

Don't toy with Mens emotions!
Do you understand?

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>if you disagree with Futoshi then you agree with Futoshi
nice doublethink bro

>if you act like a beta whore apologist you are in line with this particular whore apologist
Nice braindamage nonny

>>Mitsuru is who you want to be.
>some whiny loser who almost gets his squad killed because he can't get over the fact that Hiro forgot about his promise and also never had the spine to approach him about that and talk it out
I'd rather be neither of them to be honest.

So you're half way between Futoshi and Mitsuru now.