Kokoro completely overshadowed Oni this week

...and she has become a character with more depth than the rest of them.

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>dumping a fat fuck for someone skinnier and more handsome = depth
come on now

that's an in-depth thought out decision.

>fat fuck
at least you admit.

At least she won't have to bathe twice as much after a mission.

not so sure about depth but she did overshadow Oni.


>her depth is that she's actually incredibly shallow
I'm looking forward to going back to completely ignoring her as a character.

She for sure got one more dimension.

>Kokoro completely overshadowed Oni
With body like hers it's not hard

>aside from what she said on his face, can anyone tell what she must be thinking on the inside right there?

does anyone have NTR fanart of this?

>a lot of anons (obviously) self insert into the fat ass' situation
>other anons (who think they are clever) use "Kokoro a best" as a way to trigger replies

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>C94 = wave of Kokoro's NTR doujinshi

nice gif

>Kokoro a best
I used it.

I like Kokoro but announcing that any characters overshadow Hiro/02 in their focus episode is kind of stupid really.

this, and so what if she wants to get fucked by countless men?

I'll watch her be a cum dumpster

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>Kokoro best
I mean, just look at this sexy stare of disgust, really turns me on.

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I've just noticed that there has been no thread about Oni at all since Saturday, it's Kokoro all over the board.

They added depth and that's nice, but the episode itself didn't do her justice. Not because "reee such a bitch", but because she became subject to the whims of the plot. The promise was only necessary to conveniently tie in with Mitsuru's homolust bullshit. But she isn't nearly as pained about crushing Fatso as Mitsuru was about being crushed by Hiro. Which was hilarious, but yeah, this episode wasn't very well written.

But cheers to the happy new couple. P.S. stop being creeps and lose weight, fatasses.

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Kokoro is the kohai to 02.
02 sempai should teach Kokoro how to slut it up really hard and really good.

Retard, read properly and then comment as it's about this week, not the whole show.

Mitsuru is a fag anyway


There's been at least 2 that went the limit. And they've both been the 2 best threads I've seen to discuss the show since it seems the shitposters avoid them now

Explain the appeal of this again? Do you hate yourself so much that you fetishize it in order to function properly? I seriously need to know why this makes your dick hard.

>girl who's thought of as a saint by her friends is actually just a regular, imperfect person
wow, such depth

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>Fuck yourself fatass!
that's what she is thinking.

If you selfinsert into fatfuck instead of Mitsuru you're /fedora/ material, not Sup Forums.

at least we now know that there's a lot of cholesterol behind the screen on Sup Forums.

By Fatshaming.

Fats shaming themselves, not her.

But if we self-insert into Mitsuru, does it mean we're secretly gay for Hiro as well?
I do not mind that at all

Is she dare i say best girl?


Yes. And if you self-insert as Futoshi, you want to have Mitsuru steal your girl and make her happy for you.

How disgusting.

Obviously. Kokoro even admitted she was wrong, but the idea that a character would just put up with someone as repulsive as Fatoshi was annoying.

What if I self-insert as HAKASE?

How dare you. I'll have you know many self-proclaimed philosophers on life have written essays on this subject.

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Yes, she is but the kind of comments anons are throwing at her are ridiculous as if she never had the right to choose who she wants to be with just because muh, Fatass has been one-sidedly in love with her.

Well oni pretty much did nothing in the last couple of eps.

She’s the sluttiest girl that’s for sure

Also a perverse pleasure in being pathetic.

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Why are fat guys in mecha anime always top tier pilots?
Is the traditional sacrifice the next step for fatoshi?

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The new face of Sup Forums

>not self inserting as the cucking one

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>tfw she will never again deal with Fattys body heat and sweat circulating her cockpit
Her loss is Ikuno's gain.

>yfw 40hara does Kokoro iyapan

Mitsuru is fucking lucky.

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I'm here to worship our Lord and savior 016.

She's based. Nothing more based than wanting to have babies with a guy with good genes and shitting on Fat peop-things.

When and which episode will she start making babies with Mitsuru?

The same night they changed.

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I wonder if the studio is going to show an on/off screen sex scene of her with Mitsuru.

Kokoro become hopeless because they are all sterile and can't even get hard.

Some episode in the second cour, most likely.

>Don't tell me there's going to be a sex scene as Kokoro's mind is always preoccupied with nothing but making babies.

Next one

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I am waiting...

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Meh, there was so much focus around 02 in the firsts few episodes, but her way of acting now after so much happening to her development with Hiro is making her so bland in these latests episodes, it's making me getting annoyed by her.

Ikuno so far is the blandest charather, specially on this episode,unless there's some development on her in future episodes

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She only show how deep is her nasty cunt.

>if they do it'll be the first step in breaking APE laws as having sex to make babies haven't practiced anymore in their world and it'll be thrilling & amazing to see their friends reaction to it as the girls will be the first to notice her morning sickness.

>Look at me, I am actually a bad girl, not a good girl like you all thought!
That's considered to be depth nowadays? That's the most worn out trope imaginable.

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Sure. Now she's being honest, like all Westerners wanted.

This might draw my interest if they do go this way.

still boring though

seriously user!? it takes courage to face and admit your wrongs instead of shitposting under anonymity. I'd say the lass has guts to finally put her feelings in front of everyone.

>next week she gets depressed because Futoshi doesn't want to talk to her and everyone starts treating her weird.
Once an idiot coward, always an idiot coward

she didn't face her wrongs though. rewatch the scene where she talks about being a bad girl, she's not in the least troubled. she might have proclaimed to be a bad girl, but she doesn't really feel like it. it's just a term she applies to herself.

>everyone starts treating her weird
that's not how you spell Mitsuru or sex

>next week
You must be time traveling to either Thursday or Saturday.

>>next week she gets depressed because Futoshi doesn't want to talk to her
I kind of doubt that. Futoshi is a fucking idiot, he'd probably agree to be Mitsuru's best man if he thought that would make Kokoro happy.

>Mitsuru is fucking lucky.

You can say it 100 times over.
The moody lad just got the best cow tits and round ass to play with in all the earth.
What a lucky bastard.

Of course. After all, she didn't love Futoshi. She only considers him a friend.

she doesn't even consider him a friend. you'd feel pretty bad about hurting your friend so badly that he cries like a little girl in front of everyone. she just went back to her flower garden and hummed a happy tune while playing family with her doll.

>he thinks they will care

Oh, user.

Why should she feel bad just because he cries himself to sleep after she makes it clear that she actually doesn't see herself as his girlfriend?

Where do they mass produce babies then?

>why would I feel bad about hurting my friends?
Did you ever have one?

I'm honestly hoping that they don't. I don't hate her for what she did. I just think she was a bitch for how she did it. If she doesn't care then at least she's actually following through on her behavior.

Why should she feel bad about rejecting his feelings?
They're his feelings, not hers.

Are you legit autistic, user? Friends are people you care about and empathize with. It feels bad when you hurt them because you like them.
Sometimes you can't avoid hurting them, but if they are actually your friends you definitely aren't humming a happy tune 20 minutes after breaking their heart.
Kokoro does not care about Futoshi. In no regard, not as a lover, not as a friend.

There's various degrees of friends, user.

Your Facebook friends you never even talk to aren't friends, user.
What you are talking about are acquaintances.

>good genes
he's a sickly weak little faggot though

He's obviously either bating or some of the shitposters who never even saw the show. Mitsuru is a fucking wreck, he's already been close to being killed off for being useless two times.

But he's the one that Kokoro chose, so Futoshi will cheer on her and him from now on.

No, dumping a fat fuck who has zero chemistry with her for some troubled edgy handsome dude that clearly in the same wavelength as her..

He is handsome and not overweight.

And he's now been cured and is healthy again, thanks to the power of vagina.

100% positive pulses to her 102% negative pulses straight.

>stupid whore is depth

And me, that has cucked several ugly fatass irl, laughing at these virgins Sup Forums

The pulse rate is always around those values. The sync rate shown in the command center where Nana & co hang out is a different value and the one that actually says something about their performance. The pulse rate just dictates if they can even pilot together at all.

>more depth
One could say she has reached the bottom of the barrel.

Kokoro worst girl confirmed.

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