This man is the definition of absolute Madman

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Cant disagree

pre-Golden Age Guts was a mistake

This guy a half-elf or something?

edgy guts was lame as hell

Cant disagree too

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I wonder if he regrets treating the loli like that.
Guts changed a lot.

it was all an act

You saw it on his face at the end of the chapter

What the fuck is wrong with his face? Is he slowly fusing with puck or something?

>serious Puck getting angry

i sure miss 1989

everyone in this manga is crazy ? /s

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Guts is sane. Keep reading and join us on the hiatus.

Here's some advice for you: stop reading after Lost children arc.

You really want him to miss out on Mogzus?

Why do you faggots keep overrating Mogzus and Conviction?

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>people think he actually wanted her to kill herself
>not that he tried to make her realise whining will solve nothing and that life is worth living

Stop reading when Golden Age ends.

Except Puck confirmed how Guts felt that moment.

But Lost Children is good too.

Daily reminder that Griffith did nothing wrong

My bad.

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Because you keep overrating lost children

It's easily the best arc though.

but that's wrong though

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Stop being wrong.

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But Millenium Falcon is the best arc

What's good about it?

It encapsulates Guts' new character after the Eclipse perfectly. You can see the old Golden Age Guts in here but also the traumatized Eclipse one. The self-contained story has nice developments about escapism and develops all characters really well, including Guts ("there's no paradise for you to escape to" is just powerful)

Also it's one of real arcs where Guts actually goes Berserk (armor doesn't count)

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People like Conviction because of the characters and their development, on top of the action. As the name suggests it is about Guts finding his resolve to protect Casca rather than chasing revenge. It's a pivotal moment in the story because it addresses Guts' transformation into the person he is currently. On top of that, most of the side characters also face a similar conflict, and a lot of them are very likeable.

Lost Children has great action but it's shallow in comparison. I like Guts' character in it, and it's a nice mini-arc, but nothing really significant happens to him.

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What if Guts is actually the King of Elves?

next chapter when

next time

>How much more noblebright can it get?

>protecting Casca rather than chasing revenge
That's at best a 6/10 development moment. Guts has at least 2 or 3 moral dilemmas better than that in Lost Children alone and it's shorter than Conviction. Besides, he chooses to go protect Casca before he gets to the tower.

>Lost Children has great action but it's shallow in comparison
Absolutely wrong. Guts easily gets more developed in Lost Children than in the last 15 Berserk volumes.

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I'd be distracted too if a loli was flaunting her naked body and taunting me

Wrong pic

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Was it Ntr?

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I read somewhere Berserk is influenced by the movie Flesh+Blood (1985) about a band of mercenaries in late Middle Ages Italy that flopped at the Box Office because it was too gritty for audiences.

Millenium Falcon and parts of Fantasia are the best parts for me.

Agree to disagree I suppose.

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>stop-reading fags
Either read the whole oeuvre or fuck off !

Luca is best girl I'll give you that. 10/10.

Farny was so lewd in Conviction arc

Interestingly, he is less of a madman than Serpico, who burnt his own mother, fights off the urge to fuck his sister but still very much yandere for her.

Nobody listen to this retard

Sacrifice yourself.

do it for her

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