Bow down to the new queen of anime

Bow down to the new queen of anime.

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Nah, she gotta get down and suck my erect dong while i remind her how much of a slut she is for cheating on shousa with me.

That's a cute queen

She's not our queen, she's our first reigning Empress of our glorious new imperium.

You'll learn your place in due time Saberfriend. The weak should fear the strong.

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I love you, Violet!

You aren't the queen of anime until your H-doujins outnumber everyone else's.

Bowing is for peasants.

Besides those pretty eyes and looks, what's there to like?

>incedibly devoted
>As pure as the driven snow

>queen of anything

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Franxxflop bait, move along everyone

>literal saber clone

Saber is the king, so it's only natural someone that looks like her would be the queen.

But the King and Queen are a married couple by definition and so are unlikely to have similar appearances. It would be highly immoral for closely related siblings to be married.

They looked just different enough for them to be a royal couple

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Queen of shit

Seiba is the King of Knights, you unpleasant swine.

*plots rebellion in distance*

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Rewathing episodes feel really nice.

Can't wait for this awful LN trash to be forgotten about.


Autist Queen!!!

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So cute and retarded.