Do I have to be a woman to enjoy this show?

Do I have to be a woman to enjoy this show?

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I doubt it. Would you like to be a woman?

It's shounen.

>lead is a girl with short red hair

chinese twilight is for girls and losers

Cool. Doesn't change it being shounen, though.

Yes it does

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Do you understand what shonen refers to?


Yes. Get a sex change as soon as possible.

I fucking love this show but for some reason there’s not much to discuss. I think it’s a rare case of the anime itself being enough to satisfy me and not wanting to hear negative things about it on Sup Forums.

My 'y' isn't capitalized.

It's published on a seinen magazine, bois.

No. It's a shounen series disguising itself as a jousei/shoujo series.

Realistically, a woman or a guy who wants to dom little girls.

You have to be a woman who likes beauty and the beast with the beast stuck in that form.

In all seriousness it wasn't that bad, just too long and boring.

>not wanting to self insert as the wealthy 30+ y.o. virgin wizard who lives in a comfy cottage far away from normalfags and having a cute maido cooking for you

As far as I know it's actually published in a shonen magazine.

I enjoyed it when it was just about the mystical aspect, the landscape and so on.
The second cour where they tried to focus on the main story was much worse.

Well then you won't like the series at all. The anime has basically been mostly true to the source material.

Is this a good anime for someone very interested in it but don't necessarily like romance that much?

watch it and find out gaylord

Watched the first ep and was really interested since the prettiness makes up for it whilst VEG is just a snorefest to me

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>muh blogpost
Can you speak normally?

This is a shoujo. You can be a man and enjoy reading/watching this shoujo manga/anime. There isn't anything wrong with that.
Romance is like 50% of plot and other 50% of plot are jew villain related.

>jew villain
Nice i'm going in keeping my expectation high

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