Chariot did nothing wrong

Chariot did nothing wrong
Change my mind

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You posted te wrong image OP, that's Ursula.

I'm pretty pissed she doesn't have a strong french accent in the dub

That would be annoying as fuck imo. But the dub was pretty trash outside that anyways.

She did plenty wrong, but it wasn't her fault. Croix should've died at the end imo.

I made akko in bloodborne. how'd I do? I also did a sucy and diana

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Eh, 6/10. I wanna see Diana

left is her covered in beast and monster blood

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Really meh.

her appearance in Little Witch Academia (2017) is a pretty significant blemish on her acting career

Not that bad. And Sucy?

watch french dub, her sexy husky voice makes me diamonds every time

hair options are pretty limited in bloodborne so I made do

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The only people that did things wrong were le mean trolls from unnamed internet imageboards.

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think I dropped this after the skeleton episode, did it ever become good

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put the finn in the bin

Take that back

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go back there

I'd put it in the finn's bin if you know what I mean.


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I'd have anal intercourse with her, if you catch my drift.

>Constanze chapter in the manga
Hype! Hopefully Amanda gets a chapter too before we get to the end game arcs.

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So are the new chapters being translated or was the mad yurifag the only one who bothered with them?

redpill me on the manga. are issues still being released?

I don't think anyone has yet to translate the Jas chapter.

Yes. They just released one that confirmed Jasminka's backstory.

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Doki doki no waku waku

She didn't. Croix on the other hand...

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she couldn't stand up to criox during all her bullshit and waited for a retarded little girl to fight her battles for her.

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Where's Diana and Chariot characters design guide?

im not sure i catch your meaning, could you be more specific?

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I can't, she actually didn't. They ruined their own twist by making it that she was tricked and did nothing wrong by her own volition. It would have been much more interesting if she was a willing participant in Croix's scheme


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LWA has some fantastic character design but Ursula/Chariot has the best one by far.

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i want shario and diana to sandwich akkos face between their ample busts!


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I hope they scan the issue soon.

We still don't have good scans of the Chronicle. It's fucked.

Why didn't Amanda/Akko/Diana catch on?

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Not as cute as this.

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connie is 2 smol

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I'm ready for some midget and nip hijinks, that means Amanda is next, hope it's better than Thundercats and cross dressing

The thundercats reference was amazing shit the fuck up

>not liking crossdressed amanda
a certain closeted gay witch would take exception to that

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Is it really gay if she liked Amanda because she looked like a guy?

Considering she keeps the photo after knowing the truth yeah, it's gay.

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it got better, but that skeleton episode was fucking awful

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Skeleton and Lotte's village where the worst episodes by far

>Show about schoolgirls
>Lewdest character is cake


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It can't be helped, her biological clock is ticking

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>show has a bunch of cute petite little witches
>best girl is adorkable cake

I love her so much

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>wait, doesnt each urn weigh like 40kg??
i love stronk shario

She really is a best

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>Akko realizes that Ursula sensei is "really pretty!"
What happens?

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Whats she sayin?

>cram session for exam
>shario tutors akko into the evening
>they decide to eat dinner together
>study more at sharios place
>study break for a bit to destress and shoot the shit
>talk about favorite memories with shiny rod
>they both recall the moment they had in ep 24
>start getting into how much shario means to akko and vice versa
>akko starts to gush over how cool and pretty shario is
>shario also ends up complimenting akko a lot, getting into how cute she is herself
>awkward silence, blushing
>looking deep into each others eyes
>just a kiss at first
>they know this is totally inappropriate but dont stop there
>make YAY all night long

I'd buy this

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not smol enough if you ask me.

how about this?

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She literally did everything wrong.

Wasn't her fault

Nobody told her to lose her temper and fire off that shot that ended her career. Chariot was her own worst enemy and that scene showed it clearly, while there were some disinterested people you could see some people were into the flying piggies but because EVERYONE wasn't smiling she only saw those faces.

Oh,well,tho it's in the past, Akko's smiling face is enough for her now.

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i cant stop imagining evil shario, where she becomes twisted and convinces herself that DFS is for the greater good and that nothing will matter once magic is revived anyway, even going so far as to take croixs own magic in a cruel twist of irony