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A new key visual.

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You know you have nothing left to discuss when you have to lie.

Kaoru won't obey Mai's orders.

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First for bird, I wish I had my own :'(

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It was brought up in the last thread, but what if Yomi's unshakeable autism is a result of her being a legitimate aradama inhabiting the body of a girl who died before the events of the show? There has to be a reason why she's known as being the closest to Yukari's side.

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Posting best couple.

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Seems like you posted the wrong image, but thankfully I'm here to help.

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Beaver's cheeks always look so soft.

Is that Yomi up there?

I swear sometimes I can't differentiate characters from this artist.

Hiyori is the sweatiest Miko and the tsunderest Toji.

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Hiyonyon is the flatest Miko and the stinkiest Toji!

What's going to happen next when the big bad is already btfoed?

I know, it's great.

These guys just won't fuck off to /vg/.

God forbid people talk about a current anime.

There are more aradama than just Tagitsu, who people think was splitting into more at the end of the episode.

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>big bad gives a speech about how it woke up in a warehouse and was forced to become evil, doing everything it can only to survive
>nobody gets stuck in the netherworld because kanami forced hiyori to pull out
The story isn't even close to being resolved.

Yeah because people's posts aren't just regurgitated of what was already in previous threads.

I don't want to discuss the anime in your dead game general.


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Every new episode I get more convinced that Hiyori is Wakaba's and Chikage's daughter.

>a toothpaste ring

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>cour 1: Dark Souls
>cour 2: Dark Souls 2

Kanami ruined the last episode. Prove me wrong.
Proti: you can't.

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Do something cool and be stopped by your girlfriend, that's the Juujou's way of life.

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Are nips too dumb to follow the story?

What did she say? Why was it censored?

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Amen to that.

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It was Yume's death, wasn't it?

Nene's tail is a lot more active in the comics than in the show.


Cour 1: Dark Souls
Cour 2: Dance Dance Revolution

Anyone translated the updated official chart yet?

No user it's totally original and not a general, just look at this shit

Yeah, let's go with that.

Instead of clogging the thread with complaints you could try coming up with discussion or replying to points already brought up in the thread.

Why does she put up with this

Because that's her worth.

There's nothing to discuss. That OP had to call a several-days-old image "new" is proof of that.

The perfect gift

If noro can be appeased just by girls dancing, won't that means Tagitsuhime can be appeased by giving her a Toji who dance solely for her?

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Instead of repeating posts and threads you could try reading archives avoid discussing things already talked about.

Apparently Shizuma Yoshinori toyed around with the idea of its tail having a mind of its own and speaking like an old man with a kansai accent, but that never made it to the show. Works for infodumping in the manga though.

If you can't be assed to come up with something then exit the thread, no one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to be here.

The infodumping was done by Friedman in the anime, a talking tail would just be redundant.

I can't believe I typed something so ridiculous.

>Mai, I sifted it all.
>Is this good?
>Thank you! Next for the butter...
>Ah, Sayaka-chan, your cheek is all white from flour.

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>the new aradama girls arrive and demand lap dances from tojis in exchange for peace

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No wonder she's so best.

Kanami will ditch Hiyori once strongest toji joins the squad.

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>Here, I'll wipe it off.
>Yep, it's all good now.
>Mh... Thank... you...
>My chest... feels warm...

I never really noticed, but Sayaka calls her Mai without honorific. It's really cute.

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Sayaka is like a found puppy whose previous owner was awful.


I can't unsee Kanami's man-shoulders.

>Sayaka calls her Mai without honorific.
Too autistic to understand them.

>strongest toji
Corpse in picture not related.


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I hope the game helps popularize the anime. It deserves more attention.

Just reading Yomi's mobile game event.
Wait, she just basically weaker-Sayaka with Mai's cooking skill.

Also "that person" she's talking about in episode 6 was indeed Yukina, all she done is for Yukina because Yukina is the one give such useless person(yes she aware she's super weak) like her a chance to become useful, also Sayaka knew about that because Yomi and Sayaka had a talk during event, that's why she said Yukina is pathetic in episode 12, because Sayaka think she should notice Yomi, not her.

Not sure what Yukina ever done to her though, maybe it will show in TV anime.

Aaaa Suzuka help me I can't open the pickle jar

Well yeah Yomi is like a proto-type while Sayaka was supposed to be the better version except she refused the final noro injection or whatever.


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Unlike Mai, Hiyoyon won't let go.

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Now Sayaka should return the favor.

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Didn't Yukina call all the elite guards prototypes at some point?

Stockholm syndrome birb. Makes me feel bad for her. Yukina is a raging retard.

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I don't know why but the fact that Hiyori is older than Kanami makes this relationship all the more funny.

I like how nobody ignores Suzuka now that we bully Maki instead.

>Yukina is a raging retard.
At least she's not a dumb bird.

Yukina will probably only realize Yomi's feelings by the time it's too late.

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I hope you are right, yuri needs to be suffering.

I don't think she called them prototypes but she did say that they'll all be replaced with Sayaka.

Yukina will be mind broken once she realizes that Yukari is long gone.

She was already mindbroken by the dick like all the hags.

This isn't the look of someone straight.

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Post the elite 4 yuru yuri image.

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I'm guessing that instead of Yomi being the one to sacrifice herself, Yukina will be the one to try to make up for her mistakes but get killed in the process.

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I expect Yukina to kill herself in her path to be noticed by Yukari ("Yukari"), and in her last moments she understands everything Bird did.

Sayaka left the dumb birb with abusive woman

I have the urge to see Sayaka wearing Jack the Ripper's clothes.

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Look how far we've come.

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I wonder if she reads age gap and femdom doujins in her free time. I bet she keeps a diary cataloging all the ways Yukina harasses her.

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She just rubs one off and goes straight to bed after work.

Based Kiyoka spreading the word of the purest form of love to avoid Toji adolescence being only a phase.

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Poor Maki

I love how gay the game is. And some of those side girls who only have supports cards are so good.

>Lesbian novel make Hiyori cried

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>hiyori asks her for more recommendations

The mugger would cry, too, if she knew how to read.

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Translate it.

Barbarians only know the pleasure of killing. There's no way she'll be receptive to having a girlfriend.

Roughly Kiyoka leaves her favorite BL book behind and Hiyori picks it up, they share some words, mostly Hiyori likes it, Kiyoka promises to show Hiyori the BL life after the tournament or game or something

Except that it's a yuri novel instead of BL

my bad

And Hiyori was also in hurry and insists that she will return the book to Kiyoka before the tournament, guess why

Did we ever get the name of the other Heijou rep that went with Hiyori? I get that given how asocial Hiyori can be they wouldn't be as close as Mai and Kanami or Ellen and Kaoru. Was our new Ayanokouji girl at the tourney too?