Dragon Ball Super

The next series.

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Why does he call him Kakarotto?

>w-what do you mean i cant turn ui anymore bejita sama i was supposed to eb stronger than bills

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Holy fuck, the more I see of this guy, the more I'm glad he represents Sup Forums and the DBS community. Fucking based-to-the-max

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>All of U6 Namekians died for nothing
>An entire city in U9 was hakai'd for nothing
>All those U9 assassins died for nothing
>Z-Fighters brought Frieza back for nothing
This is why happy endings are cancer

geekdom101 is a fucking badass.


Is he the only real looser of this tournament? He will have to deal with the Furries again after probably having thought he finally gets a day off.

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namekians have dragon balls they'll be fine.

>Namekians was volunteering ones, they likely aren´t all gone.
>U9 is a shithole, he had it coming.
>Serves him right for trying to play dirty.
>They won, Universes got saved. Frieza did what he was supposed to do and excelled at it.

Damn bro

literally who?

First of all
Absorption can't be undone by the Dragon Balls
Unless they left just their grand elder behind, their Dragon Balls are no longer around and the last two Namekians are warrior clan which means they can't make new Dragon Balls

It's alright Geekdom, your viewers will still be around to support you.

>Sup Forums actually think the sub is better than the dub


^ Watch that vid and weep. The latest DBS episodes have literally and legitimately proven that the DB Dub is better than the Sub Mawahahaha!


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Reminder that feels are Great for 17chads and Freezachads

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The dub has better dialogue and animation(blue ray). Also less ATATATATATATATA

JOBforce assemble

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Based Chadhan pretending to be retarded so Cell looks strong causing Toriyama to consider making Resurrection of C

>People didn't give up on this cuck after he got his stupid ass killed in Resurrection F

How are Vegetafags still a thing?

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The dub uses the blue version? I didn't know that, pretty neat.

>there are still people who think mortal level = power level
last episode GP himself pretty much confirmed that mortal level = how peaceful and developed a universe is

it's a copypasta/meme

no clue

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>mfw Jobza would have gotten his ass torn open by Toppo if Vegeta didn't step in
Be humble Lizardfag

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Goku / 17 / Frieza vs Jiren is one of the best DB scenes ever

emperorbigd said it was SHIT. so it was shit.

>anime youtubers
Who gives a fuck? except r*ddit

Go the fuck back to your cesspool subred dit

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happy freeza is the funniest shit

And Vegeta would have had his ass wiped out of existence if Frieza didn't take out Jiren

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I can't wait to see my queens again ~

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According to Sup Forums, Frieza is the best antagonist and commander red and Omega Shenron are the worst. When it comes to the main antagonist of the main sagas that is.

VOTE: strawpoll.com/f825a848

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well hope you can wait until infinity

Android 17 is r*ddit personified. Anyone who posts shit about his boat should go fuck themselves as well.

I would honestly rank them this way:
Cell > Freiza > Zamasu > King Piccolo > Jiren > Omega Shenron > Vageta > Baby > Buu > Beerus > Piccolo Jr. > Super 17 > Tien Shinhan > Golden Freiza > Jackie Chun > Hit > Commander Red > Pilaf

I think we can all agree on this

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It's fairly obvious

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>year of our lord
>people still use black and white

They'll gather the super Dragon balls

Don't reply to me

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Why does this fan manga look better than Toyotaro's DBS manga?

Somehow Jiren has made his way to to top of my list, something about that final fight made him more personable than a lot of the other villians?
At least more than the big bads of DB and DBZ who all shat and screamed when they were losing.

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nice headcanon

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>implying leddit
you can go back now

>the Zenos made the tournament to judge mortals and to prove Zamasu wrong
Super is officially better than Z

>using meme arrows outside Sup Forums
What a fucking autist

i was barely able to tell how jiren got eliminated, looks like goku and frieza just screamed at him and then they were in the stands
did they shove him off the side, or explode the floor causing them to drop?

Proving wrong someone erased from all of existence is a waste of everyone's time.

they football tackled him out of bounds

But only the warrior clan Namekians fused, though.

Kill yourself z-baby

Hi! I'm the best girl!

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they're alive again you dolt

same as being dead if they dont show up

How can one man be so based?

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But it was a necessary thing to do. The Zamasu arc ended in a way in which Zamasu's views on ningen weren't really proven wrong. He defeated everyone and genocided humanity and only lost because a stronger God was summoned to destroy him. The tournament shows that mortals can be virtuous and selfless, especially if someone like 17, who started off as an evil android who had fun killing people can evolve into a nice guy who wished every universe back when he only came for a boat.

did geekdom true dox this guy or is that him?

...For Cabba's dick.

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He surely doesn't represent me. Him and his bloated ego can go suck on my slimy chode.

fuck off geekdom stick to your twitter

kale turning into broly is a major turnoff


only half of the super dragon balls are in their universe.

Hold on a second it took Godpo to break the stage meaning Jobza and Jobku shouldnt have penetrated through the stage.


where the fuck is tao pai pai

>cute thread

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>Absorption can't be undone by the Dragon Balls

>thread made 2 hours ago
>only 76 replies
>only 41 posters
Dead show
Dead thread

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Question for the mangafags/Toyofags: Do you have any idea what the next chapter will be about? I remember you guys correctly saying 34 would be about U9

Zenos don't know that 17 used to be evil.

Rosé sounds so fucking dumb in english wow.

>Defeated Daimo Piccolo
>Defeated Majunior
>Sacrificed himself to take out Raditz
>Defeated Nappa and spared vegeta even after he resorted to monkey business and broke all his bones
>Defeated all of the ginyus
>Defeated Frieza
>Could've defeated cell but gave his son a chance to shine and even helped him in death after valiantly sacrificing himself to save the earth
>Spared vegeta and didn't just go ss3 on his edgy ass so he could feel good about himself even though he killed innocent people
>Took out babidis goons and fought on par with majin Buu
>Taught his and vegeta's son the fusion dance
>Put aside petty feelings and insisted upon fusing with vegeta who continually refused despite being a big part of the reason why Buu was alive in the first place
>Defeated Kid Buu
>Spared mr buu
>Defeated beerus
>Defeated frieza AGAIN
>Defeated vegeta(flubber version)
>Defeated Botamo
>Defeated Hitto
>Defeated Hitto again
>Defeated the bergamo and the trio de furfags
>Dabbed on ribrianne
>Slayed the dykes
>Eliminated more opponents in the TOP than anyone else
>Defeated Jiren and saved the multiverse
He is the most based dragon ball character and probably most based anime character of all time.
No one can match him.

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U10 getting rekt since they're the second ones to go. Hopefully their leader Murichim won't get fodderized in there.

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I love it. The DBS shit is finally dying out. Most of the characterfags are already gone and soon the rest will follow. Only good DB threads will remain

>chodehanfags absolutely seething their boy got shown up by someone who didn't even exist before this arc

if bunch of forced lame memes is better dialogue to you then I don't know what to say.

i knew it

>muh gohan boogeyman

>defeated Beerus

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Got a chuckle out of me.

He is also confirmed to be the strongest dragon ball character
He is stronger than the angels now

>he is stronger than the angels now
Gokufags everyone

Monkey dyke should've stayed erased but based GODku was merciful enough to let her live. 17 brought them will back through GODku's will as shown when he looked up to GODku and smiled knowingly before making his wish.

>cliche fancy accent
>better than sub


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Fact: if she stayed erased than everyone would have been erased


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>stronger than angels
here's a (you)

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>revive all the universes but keep caulifla dead
Goku just wanted to fight Jiren again.

>Defeated Nappa and spared vegeta even after he resorted to monkey business and broke all his bones
Wrong. He lost to Vegeta, he even admitted that. He had to get all the help and plot devices in the world to stand up to Vegeta and he still lost.
>Defeated all of the ginyus
Wrong. Vegeta defeated Ginyu, Guldo and Jeice. Goku knocked Recoome and Burter out but Vegeta was the one who killed those two.
>Could've defeated cell but gave his son a chance to shine and even helped him in death after valiantly sacrificing himself to save the earth
Wrong. Your headcanon levels are disgusting.
>Spared vegeta and didn't just go ss3 on his edgy ass so he could feel good about himself even though he killed innocent people
Wrong. Vegeta beat Goku again after outsmarting him.
>Took out babidis goons and fought on par with majin Buu
Wrong. Goku said he might have been enough for Fat Buu but he said it was too risky to try. He also had limited time so there was no way he could beat Fat Buu in time with SS3.
>Taught his and vegeta's son the fusion dance
Wrong. Goku showed the moves, Piccolo taught them how to do it correctly.
>Spared mr buu
>Defeated beerus
Wrong. Nice headcanon.
>Defeated vegeta(flubber version)
Wrong. Nice headcanon.
>Defeated Hitto
Wrong. Nice headcanon.
>Defeated Hitto again
Wrong. Nice headcanon.
>Defeated the bergamo and the trio de furfags
Wrong. Nice headcanon.
>Dabbed on ribrianne
Wrong. Nice headcanon.
>Slayed the dykes
Wrong. Nice headcanon.
>Defeated Jiren and saved the multiverse
Wrong. Nice headcanon.

>Goku did not defeat Ribrianne, the U6 girls, or Jiren


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>>All of U6 Namekians died for nothing
>>An entire city in U9 was hakai'd for nothing
Doing his job
>>All those U9 assassins died for nothing
A shame
>>Z-Fighters brought Frieza back for nothing
A deal's a deal.