Noah's Notes

Chapter 3 VIZ dump hopefully soon

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Archaeological bump

Keep digging

Some user has already dumped You Never Learn

yes, please dump, I know WSJDanon-kun's dick is what reminds him to dump and Mirai should activate him

Read the chapter in VIZ

Evil group are the Templars and they have the Holy Grail

Please dump

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where dafuq did this come from?

>still no dump
Suffer with me, anons.

Viz doesn't pick for the moment the manga.

How are we going to do with chapter 4 onwards, anons?

Raws and hoping it doesn't get axed until someone picks it up.

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Didn't Jaiminis Box pick it up?

write a petition or demonstrate its popularity outside of japan?

No it didn't.

Hopefully it picks NN

>wanting a garbage group to pick it
No thanks.

Or was it Mangastream? Someone lied to me then.

Where are the raws or gooks for chapter 3 out?

I want to go spelunking with Mirai.

Those garbage groups are what helps makes those series popular.

No group has picked it.

Please Niggastream or Jaismini, pick Noah Notes ;_;

With western fans? Why would you want that?

So? I'd rather they don't bastardize the series.
Same about niggastream, they're even worse. I can wait for Sup Forums to pick it up.

Man I am so interested in this series. I just checked out the raws and I cannot wait for translations.



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Because I want it to find success? Having a tight community around the series on Sup Forums (like Kimetsu) is nice. But I want some of the series being made to become popular, even if it sacrifices the threads and fanbase becoming total cancer.

Dumping raws for chapter 3.

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Wouldn't it be better to wait for someone to dump the viz? Someone will surely do it.

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Post the raws until a Vizanon comes around, I want this thread to stay alive.

IMPORTANT: Anons, if you want Viz continuing Noah's Notes, our best chance for now is to fill their weekly survey and ask them to add it to their catalogue

Vizanon may not drop his viz scans today.

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I can't help but read the girl with a bitchy teenagers voice.
The one that uses "oh mah ghad" and starts sentences with like.

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She's Gyaru as fuck so yes

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holy shit, is this really SHONEN jump?

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True blue shonen MC's love them their food

Final page

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Anons, let's do this. With some luck, Viz see all our surveys and decides to pick Noah notes


I've already filled mine. Let's do our best.

>Because I want it to find success?
Western fans don't make Japanese things successful.

Are these groups really a sure fire death sentence? Dr. Stone thread still seem alright and nobody's talking about Haikyuu.


So, templars and the Holy Grail. I wonder if the fantasy archeology they were presenting this series as at the beginning will be about searching mythical objects and places and how they relate to the mystery with the loops. Like, Atlantis turns out to be a buried and advanced big city from the previous loop or something like that.

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Are chapter 1 and 2 in the archive, or do I need to go digging?

they are and you can find them on kissmanga if you're lazy

Thanks user.

what a shitty manga

but its good

Better than Ziga


I don't want this manga to be axed :_;

inb4 we get ignored by Viz

they wont pick it up because it has a school shooting in chapter 1

Please , I doubt they give a shit about that
If anything the Gyaru might be too lewd for them or something but then again they picked up Soma

Holy guacamole this might actually survive

reminds me of this manga

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still no dump?

No. WSJD user doesn't always post on Mondays. You're better off letting this thread die and just waiting.

Pizza history tomorrow

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Looks fun
And they're in my country eating pizza and gelato

You should read Shokugeki no Souma.

I fucking knew he reminded me of someone

I've done my part

Vizanon here doing my part, sorry if they aren't great quality - I dumped last week too

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Doing god's work, user. Thanks.

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Thanks but I'll wait for the usual user

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Awesome thanks.

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thanks vizanon

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