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Feels good to be on the winning side again

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what IRL authors are most like Eto?

Someone, anyone. Please save my wife

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Reminder for deniers.

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Where can I read the manga already?

Touka would win in a fight against Eto

Touka would win against anyone.

Greetings etofags

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>implying that becoming mindless breeding cattle is a good fate

How the fuck does she talk? Is she reiner?

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This chapter name is "e t " not "ET".ishida can troll you.

What was the exact point this manga turned into shit?

>etofags still can't accept their shitfu being cumbucket for based Clowns

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Chapter 68 page 5

Why do Talkerfags hate Eto so much?

Okay, you had two threads for memes shipperfag. Now it's time to actually think a little bit.

It's not even that individual moments were bad, it was that two arcs were running simultaneously with tons of fights in both. It was a pacing nightmare.

Holy fuck

Eto deserves pain, but Ishida is seriously hating his characters at times

What is Akira and Amon up to

That's not Eto user, it's Hairu because clearly Ishida could never do this to my wife.

Nice chapter. Threads are lively this week.

Why does the truth triggers you so much user? I mean, she is Clown's bitch on leash and Furuta at least surely did ding dong her as she does admit to have needed to 'beg' for her life.

only because half the population are seething that ishida would actually go so far in the pursuit of shitting on his own manga

Ask Yoshimura...oh wait...Ask Tatara...oh wait....RIP Eto.

>she does admit to have needed to 'beg' for her life
when was this? is the chapter translated?

They don't. It's mostly falseflagging

Yarundana ?! Ima ?! Kokode ?!

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I can't wait for you autisists to finally except this is clearly fucking Hairu when it's outright stated in the next few chapterd


>when it's outright stated in the next few chapterd

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We don't hate eto. We just like laughing at delusional etofags

Eto has 0 friends while Kaneki has a whole army looking for him even after he murders a bunch of innocents people.

I don't give a shit about your ship wars. I like Eto and Touka and Rize and every other character.

Reminder, these two fucked. HARD.

How is the anime gonna handle it?

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do people actually believe its Hairu or is it just one guy unable to handle the truth that his waifu was butchered for no good reason?

chap out t/4983/1

I don't like Eto nor am I a waifu fag. It's just that the headless corpse that Ui is there to see is clearly Hairu

Toukafags should be banned.

>Next issue: Cries of Etofags

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>couple months ago
>Look at all this wing symbolism with Hairu H-Owl soon
>Hurr Durr it's clearwy Eto
I don't understand you people

Looked pretty gentle to me. I can't imagine Kaneki being rough in bed. If the anime gets that far, it'll probably be slow panning and barely any animation with generic piano playing over anything (no sex sounds). It will be as stilted and unerotic as humanly possibly.

She even saying "Koo"[ri Ui]

It's shitposting.

Not in this season. And if they eventually get to this point they'll either skip it or just show a bunch of still frames.

>this much cherrypicking

You guys have become now the very thing you used to make fun of.

>She says Koo for Koori
>Sounds like a bird cooing


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Do you think Arima and Eto fucked?


Best girl.

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lol what ? ofc no. Arima is virgin 10^9

>You guys have become now the very thing you used to make fun of.

They have wifi underground Kaneki?

She's still pretty one-dimensional. Come to think of it, Kaneki has been becoming more one-dimensional as well, so I guess it all works out.

>Muh Arima
Imagine if they knew he was in cahoots with Eto. They probably faked the fight on the roof and he let her kill some doves in the meantime while he toyed with Kaneki

Yes ofc
Arima fucked kaneki
And eto got fucked by Donato

He has done nothing wrong. You'll see.

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>kill off a pretty good cast of villains
>to replace them with cheeky meme clowns
Damn, this series jumped the Shark(bro).

>plot and character development and becomes a supportive wife is one-dimensional now
Calm down Etofag.

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Etofags in denial! "Its not her!! Its Hairu!!! Eto will come back!!!" HAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA

Uhm, yeah. Fucking someone and waiting to slobber over their dick doesn't give a character more dimension. If anything, her waiting like a good, obedient waifu for years makes her even more of a shallow character.
Thanks for making my point for me.

Roma = Eto wannabe
Donato = Tatara wannabe
Uta = Noro wannabe

I think most actual Etofags don't want Eto to come back. I've insisted since she "died" in Cochlea that I would prefer she be dead for real.

Prove she's Eto

Besides Uta, since Noro had no personality beyond being a walking corpse, the Aogiri version is all vastly superior to the "lmao we're so zany xdd" clown version.

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After the way Tooru's autism got resolved I lost all hope for the manga. And even though Eto was my favourite character in the series I find myself apathetic to what is happening right now.

What is pissing me off though is the fact everything that is happening in the last year or so resolves around the fact Furuta is some kind of omnipotent villain who can do no wrong. There was only one chapter that he felt like a real character and not a meme one but it feels like even it was a gigantic ruse. His whole plan succeeded only because the plot demanded so and most of the characters were on retard pills for this very reason. And I don't even want to touch the fact he got decapitated but was able to fix himself just fine. Absolute dogshit.
Somebody said that there are like 10 or so chapters left, is it true?

Lmao get Tatara'd faggot

>Saturday: antiNTRfags btfo
>Sunday: Ayyfags and anti Frieza/17fags btfo
>Monday: Etofags btfo
How entertaining.

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Say what you want but this chapter was hype as fuck. I can't speak for those who looked at spoilers but reading the chaptrr blind was great.

> After the way Tooru's autism got resolved

Fuck off ( Mutsuki is best waifu )

I believe someone with a huge grudge for Ishida or his work killed him and took over, running the entire manga to the ground.
And there are people praising him.

>supportive wife
>plot and character development

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Donato has been around for a while
Uta existed before Noro

>Donato = Tatara wannabe
Being this mad.

Tatara had no personality, barely ever spoke and was Feitan rip off for Ishida to appease his HxH boner like Tsukiyama=Hisoka.

Want some soylent

This chapter took me back to 49 with qs vs noro.

Will Hide reveal his true intentions and betray Kaneki, rape Touka and become best bros with Furuta?

>I am able to control my RC cells just because
>I've deflected because I am in love with my ex-boss and I want to be with him
>I've caused a lot damage to the people he cares about because of this
>I am fucked up psychopath
>I am being serious here, Urie, I do not care about you

B-but Tooru we are a family!

>Shit, I can see how I was wrong

Tatara was a better character because he had a decent backstory, a grudge against another side character and was foreshadowed to be extremely strong. Donato on the other hands was revealed to be clown just because the plot demanded so and have powers that doesn't really make sense given what happened to him - he got caught even though unique bullshit.

lmao Donatos has 0 personality


If he kills Kaneki, kills Touka and kills Furuta and the clowns, I'll be fine with it.

>Implying getting caught wasn't part of his plan
Aogiri fags are pathetic

Among these you're only right on Roma.
Donato has similar postion (same haircut) as Tatara but I wouldn't actually call them similar. I dare saying Donato has more in common with Eto personality wise over Tatara.
Uta existed waaaaaaaaaay before Noro so this is even dumber.

Regardless of it I preferred Aogiri over Clowns for certain as I neither feel V or Clowns as villains much. They're just meh.

It’s even worse to think that these new villains appear in the very same chapter or arc they are introduced. In this garbage, there is no prior build up or passing mention of hardly anything. The secret black suits or whatever the fuck Ishida made up for the deadline are a giant ass pull. Beforehand, it seemed to be established that Arima was the only last resort of the humans, but instead it’s whatever the fuck the organization was. Furuta himself just appears from a tumor or shadow behind Kaneki and randomally kills Eto. I find it really symbolic now that the first thing Kaneki does when getting his memories is throw the gourmet down the building; Kaneki throws away the plot and everything interesting. Kaneki/Touka hardly works, I don’t think there was enough build up. Still the original had story issues too, but RE really magnified them. I dropped at 110 I’ll wait for the end or whatever.

I dropped around ch 110 or something.

Does Kaneki deserve his happy ending?

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Is there some kind of cosmic synchronicity going on in anime and manga?

Would you also be okay with him sparing Hinami and fucking until she gives him a buuuunch of kids?

>Touka and Rize got volume covers
>Eto got none and now she's 99.8% dead

haha :)
I am edgy because of waifu wars, haha :)

>Ui saying he wants to see Hairu again
>remembers her and Arima before fighting the supposed owl
>Hairu got her head cut off
>the thing inside the kakuja also conveniently has no head
>that expression on his face as the thing is saying what sounds like Koori, which Eto would never say, no way she'd even know his first name
>implying Furuta would be wrong about bringing her back, after literally everything has worked out exactly how he wanted

I ain't buying it.

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Donato was raped by Iwao and Mikito, get over it

Hinami did nothing wrong. I'm more than fine with her getting a happy end.


Ishida Sui

Yeah that's why he was infuriated and like 20 years later went after mikito's son as petty revenge

>Eto goes the way of her dad/Rize instead

>Obsessive Etofag brings up waifu wars when I said nothing about any waifu

>suzuya was called the next arima back TG
>people still get mad when he shows competence