Why is dragon ball so popular

what's so special about them

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Hilarious how out of these only 2 characters are relevant.

it isn't cringe perverted shit

One of the longest lasting series of JUMP at its most popular era and introduced many children in other countries to anime.

It also set alot of standards for which many other battle shounen follow.

They did it first

Nostalgia and power levels
If you're asking why it was popular in the past them lurk moar

It did nothing wrong.

lovable characters

It's very simple and does exactly what it is trying to do. From the start the setting gave the story enough space to create a charming universe filled with any kind of characters and a since it had a lot of time to expand it ended up being the genre's gold standard.
Try reading the manga if you want to understand why it's so good.

Tanoshii desu.
Tanoshii wa Tanoshii dayo!

Ask Mexico.

i miss the days nobody knows what is anime

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Are you talking about these two?

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I haven't read or watch a single episode of this series. What did I missed?

its entertaining


Nostalgia. Everyone watched it on their local TV when they were kids.

Not when it was good

If you can't understand you'are either a woman or have low test.

nigga even women love dragon ball in mexico

This, when it came to the west there was no other real show like it.

I've read the first volume and watched 2 episodes. You missed nothing