Darling in the FranXX

Childhood is believing only one of Kokoro/Futoshi were in the wrong, and that their actions were justified.

Adulthood is realizing they were both shitty and caused each other's reactions.

Enlightenment is figuring out this was all part of Dr. Franxx's plans.

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>ikuno comic
>02 is still the best girl

Kokoro should have at least told Futoshi he was shit before she dumped him.

She could've said anything.

>"Futoshi-kun, now we're in the middle of a mission".
>"Futoshi-kun, we don't know what will happen tomorrow, lots of parasytes die."
>"Oh Futoshi-kun, stop joking around."
and changed subject

But no.
>Yeah, sure! I promise, Futoshi-kun".
Then again, it was his fault that for not truly empathizing with her, not realizing what she really wanted and needed, and being generally a creepy, fat, overbearing loser.

I wonder if the reason they made him so unlikable is so that nobody would mind when it happened

I'm surprised he's still alive, fat kids in military academy settings are worse than dogs in terms of death flagging

Could, should, whatever. That thing's all in the past now, and it's finally over for all of them.
No need to pretend to be someone's idol girlfriend anymore.

Possible Yuri arc??????

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ikuno episode next? Matoidropping the spoilers here.

And on top of that, we know that Mitsuru was rather rough when piloting Ikuno because he didn't give a shit about her well-being. The exact opposite of Futoshi who didn't take risks not to injure Kokoro.

Ikuno might have seemed like this episode's biggest loser, but she's the real long-term winner.

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ops, meant t to quote

Everyone won, user. Everyone.
Mitsuru will have his kokoro being healed by Kokoro. Futoshi's kokoro being broken by Kokoro will heal over time, and he will become a stronger and more mature person. Ikuno's kokoro can heal as well by simply having somebody like Futoshi to talk to and listen about, even if it's just months of sobbing and crying about his broken kokoro.

Mato Zero Two is so cute

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agreed, my ebony compatriot

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Dat ass

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>belly button

Genista was literally made for anal.

>It's contrary to the usual plot tropes when I actually want it to be
Except that's wrong. The childhood friends always loses the MCbowl, and ends up with the best friends of the MC.

Franxx will break that shit so hard you'll be crying back to me when you realize that I'm right, and you're wrong.

Flashback episode soon.

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Post MitsuKoko, please.

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I have several questions:

1) Where's the TL?

2) When will Fatoshi put Ikuno's lady bits to good use?

3) Will we have an Ikunocentric episode?

4) Can we have an Ikuno thread?

5) Why are purple characters so rare if they're just the BEST?

I dislike Futoshi and Kokoro more after this episode. I tolerate Mitsuru slightly better but I like Ikuno a lot more.

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>ikuno episode next?
Hopefully. Her conflict wasn't really resolved in this episode. I don't think she is giving up on Ichigo for now. And Futoshi needs to get over "
muh Kokoro" and move on.

>Except that's wrong. The childhood friends always loses the MCbowl, and ends up with the best friends of the MC.
Yeah, that's why Ichigo will loose. 02 is the "forgotten childhood friend" trope.

Some fresh one.

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>02 is the "forgotten childhood friend" trope
And it will be blown the fuck out, like Franxx has consistently done.

>they look like brass knuckles and 02 looks like she's ready to punch somebody

I mean, it's the stupidest trope. They met for like a and hour or a day/week and now the girl is in love with the guy? I mean, jesus christ, I blame Love Hina for popularizing this shit.

My MitsuKoko folder steadily grows. Thanks, user.

>And it will be blown the fuck out, like Franxx has consistently done
Again, this means that cuck guy Goro will win the Ichigobowl.

B-but Mitsuru was before 02.

>Kyubey Strelizia

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One of the best things this episode did was show that the government assigned pairing isn't necessarily the best and optimal one, and that the status quo can change.

Well, technically Hiro forgot the promise that he made with Mitsuru (and probably forgot everything about him too). Fuck, you might be onto something.

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Damn, Zorome looks like THAT?

>One of the best things this episode did was give a huge asspull

Ikuno a cute A CUTE

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I just told you your very unlikely Goro and Ichigo pairing is a trope in itself. The "childhood friend who was always there for you" always ends up with the best friend of MC.

It's a form of "status quo", a image of stereotype that Franxx will destroy. You don't really think Dr. Franxx didn't plan all of this, right?

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Dr. Franxx groping that bitch in the first episode is really a revolutionary act considering that people in this society rarely make contact with each other and get all their pleasure from VR.

Wouldn't be surprised at all if he groomed this team to rediscover sex and love to overthrow Papa.

>Can we have an Ikuno thread?
Sure, why not
Best girl

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>1) Where's the TL?
2) When will Fatoshi put Ikuno's lady bits to good use?
He already did. Piloting Franxx with a high-compatibility partner is established to feel good for both stamen and pistil, and Futoshi bossed this episode's fight and got Ikuno wetter than she ever did with Mitsuru. Now it's just a matter of time.
3) Will we have an Ikunocentric episode?
Could be fun but I already miss 02 shenanigans.
4) Can we have an Ikuno thread?
That's every thread.
5) Why are purple characters so rare if they're just the BEST?
They just are.

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He's most certainly letting them have their natural urges

Is Kokoro the Sakura of our time?

>You don't really think Dr. Franxx didn't plan all of this, right?
???? What the hell does the Doc have to do with all of this?

He planned most of this, all according to keikaku

The entire Franxx fandom knew that Kokoro would end up with Mitsuru since two months.

>it's all a social experiment by franxx
>a girl with unrequited love
>a boy that loves her but won't do anything
>a fatty that gets cucked
>a "nice girl" that wants the bad boy but is stuck being chased by fatty
>a homo that can't get the boy
>a dyke that can't get the girl
Meanwhile a midget finds happiness and a robot autist is trying to protect a smile.

Not until she murders an entire city/plantation.

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He planned them to behave differently compared to the other Plantations/Parasites.


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And Zero Tsu is his daughteru that he's been helping to find her long lost soulmate.

>that pic
Alright, that does it. Zorome is officially the best boy in 2 anime this season.

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Mato's Zero Two is bestest.

>Doc takes little Hiro to meet little 02, they quickly become super close despite her inhuman appearance, he tells her about Jian birds
>Instead of being injected with Klaxo-blood extract like Mitsuru was Hiro the "special sample" had klaxo-tissue directly implanted in his body
>Doc had both of them working perfectly in a FRANXX simulator with no YBC issues.
>He wanted to use them to prove peaceful coexistence with the klaxos is possible or something

>Papas find out what the Doc has done with their expected future ace pilot and SHUT IT DOWN
>both kids get mindwiped, Hiro blank eyes to Mitsuru and 02 becomes obsessed with finding her "dahling"
>Unexpected side effect: Hiro can't pilot with normal girls
>Years later they subconsciously recognize each other at P13
>Piloting with 02 again reawakens the dormant implanted flesh, which grows to give him more YBC

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Damn, Thursday can't come soon enough. I want to know more.

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>Where's the TL?
Already posted
Panel 1
>Ikuno:"How is it, Ichigo ?"
>Ichigo:"I can't feel anything.."
Panel 2
>Ikuno:"Why? Why won't it work?"
Panel 3
>Ikuno:"If only there was a system where just the two of us.."
>(Yellow bubbles):"Th-their numbers are skyrocketing! Impossible! Such a miracle!"
Panel 4
>Ikuno:"If only such a system existed!"

>Sakura killing anyone besides Shinji or Zouken

Something like that.

But instead of Dr. Franxx bringing Hiro to 02 and willingly experimenting on them, I foresee something like "Hiro was brought to stop a berserking 02 because of his MAD social skills, they hit it off and promise to run away, escape their cages someday."

>Piloting with 02 again reawakens the dormant implanted flesh, which grows to give him more YBC
A lot of headcanon there, but if there's one thing I can agree with it's that. Hiro's special ability is making YBCs.

Is this implied fatty make her cum?

>implying otherwise

She has experienced the pleasures of pistilhood for the first time

>I wanna self-insert on the winning side

>Dr Franxx does the voiceover in the PV
My hype could not be contained.

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Since you refuse to stop sprouting your faggotry you leave me no choice
>Michlan loses 40% of his money on crypto, on a day, on the crypto board months ago
>he posts a vocaroo of him crying and shouting


But that's exactly what it is.

Mitsuru was such a shitty, rough, violent, inconsiderate pilot with her that this episode is the first time Ikuno experienced some real high-compatibility Franxx piloting.

He loosened her up, alright.

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Dayum, that would be very nice. Cute 02 you have right there

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No wonder she was a lesbian then.

But in the end even Ikuno will lose to the (fat)cock.

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It's speculah, and it's only valid until saturday night.


>magical girl kokoro-chan

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The only problem I have with the mindwipe theory is that it would make it exceedingly strange for APE to let them pilot together and live together now if they were such 'troublemakers' that they warranted a memory wipe when they were just kids. Wouldn't they keep them far away from one another as a matter of case, especially once Strelizia starts doing weird shit like sprouting wings and Hiro doesn't die? If APE knew they were a problematic combination, wouldn't they split them up once they start doing strange/unprecedented shit?

She protects children and exterminates evil sperm

That is NOT me.
Stop spreading fake news.

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Sounds like a faggot


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>magical girl

Excuse me but mahou shoujo's are only for pure hearted girls

Zero Tsu!

>Possible Yuri arc??????

Not on your life

Then why is 02 there as well.

How unsurprising.

The real question has yet to be asked. Why did Kokoro request the partner change? Was it to get away from Fatman, to make babies with Milkman, or both? And if both, what percentage of each was it?

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Then why is Ichigo there as well?

Poll is pointless. It's Zero Two and not even close. Just make a poll without her and have us argue who the second best girl is.

>Dat ass

Well Kokoro does have the best ass, so par for the course that her robot would have the best robot ass.

She would have probably changed even if other than Fatoshi was her partner, she just want the Mitsuru.

Maybe Papa thinks he can control them now for his own purpose

>Well Kokoro does have the best ass
Gonna need some proof

the 2-4 places are pretty close

Damn this is so depressing.
At least Fatoshi can ride with another girl but Ikuno will never experience pistol x pistol action ever again cause the system is rigged in favour of guy x girl pairings.

>poll from 3 weeks ago
Kokoro would be number one now.

APE probably wanted to reuse HIro's super potential, unfortunately he demonstrated that he can neither sync with a normal girl like Naomi or an elite girl like Ichigo.

Once they broke orders and piloted together and Hachi reported back to APE, they figured they might as well make some use of him.

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She wanted to be with Mitsuru because she fancies him, because her motherly nature makes her want to take care of Mitsuru, because she wasn't that happy with Futoshi, because she trusts Futoshi to be able to take care of himself anyway, and because she's fed up with with her old image.

fucking keked

What's the point in putting 02 as option? It is obvious to all that she carries 90% of this dumpster fire all alone so majority will vote for her, but without her in poll we could have seen more opinion on all others.

It was during the crash where everything was down like 40 to 50 percent. he posted a vocaroo of himself shouting
Speaking of which, the bitcoin markets are crashing right now.

Ikuno should convince Dr. Franxx to make Franxx cockpits that involves two pistils.
>dr. Franxx then spins the idea further and makes a FranXX combine module where all the pistils and all the stamens ride together for the ultimate ubersentai mecha

Again? Fucking hell I hope it crashes completely (which won't happen).

>>Can we have an Ikuno thread?

By all means, but please post lots of Ikuno pictures. The more lewd the better.

>magical strawberry midriff

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