Kase san


My heart penis is ready for this vanilla yuri.
Shame that's it's an OVA

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>vanilla yuri.
more like shoujo ai

shoujo ai means desire for female children

That's a western term that Japs never used


What are they gonna do at yamada's place?

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Pure things with Yamada.

What else could they do beside kissing and cuddling?

Misunderstanding followed by gentle kissing interrupted by phone call from mum.

How can a single post be so wrong in every possible way.

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>commenting on things you haven't read

I expect there will be a U.S. showing in this year's Anime Expo

they did a little more than just kissing that day

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You know, maybe it's just because scanlations are so glacial but it was kind of weird that Yamada was struggling so much with thinking of Kase sexually and the topic of sexual things, and then she apparently grinded 50 levels in her yuri stat offscreen and was pretty comfortable with Kase just initiating sex. I feel like we missed a "first time" chapter.

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she was very hot and bothered by kase's body from the get-go, just look at her reaction in the okinawa chapters
she had to run away from kase's boobs because she couldn't handle her lust

I think it was fairly realistically handled. Yamada was nervous at first but even when they were interrupted the first time it looked like they were about to go all the way

It's not like they were jumping into kinky hardcore sex in that last chapter either, it all looked pretty sweet and tender, and at that point they've been dating for like a year and have had a lot of skinship already

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So cute, I love this manga. I wish it was a full season.

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She learned the R18 stuff on in the internet.
but yeah it's clearly skipped
and will probably in one of the high school reminiscent chapter.

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Yamada is so sexycute, I want to rub her belly.

Stop lewding the yamada.

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Why is every Yamada such cute dorks?

>grinded 50 levels in her yuri stat offscreen

>STR: 4
>DEX: 4
>INT: 5
>CHR: 5
>END: 2

I don't understand this build.

Yamada has nature knowledge (plants), so she definitely has over 10 INT. She's also super cute, at least 20 in CHR.

I don't know what END is.

Oh, Endurance probably.

>I don't know what END is.

I wish the manga had a real scanlator instead of Goggled user using ORC and Google machine translation, then just trying to guess what's said and de-engrisshing it.

Its a dork name.

>tfw kase san will do cardio on bed with yamada instead of running

Is lesbian sex cardio?

with kase you bet it is

She won't be rough with yamada.

I love those adorable faggots.

I like Yamada's voice, I think it fits perfectly, but Kase's isn't like I imagined it at all. Then again she barely spoke three words in that PV so maybe it'll grow on me