Miuna Monday

Greatest girl will end up with fish priest man right?

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She'll end up with me.

What the fuck is a fish priest man?

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I don't have a pic of him but you know, the guy who's said to be a scale of a sea god and stays in the water city shrine all the time.

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Beta-kun is there for her.

Unko-sama is in another anime recently ended.

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His proper name is Uroko-sama, but what difference does it make.

Yet Miuna will reject him again and again.

The love is dead!

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It's because of how fat she is.

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Everyday until my smile is protected.

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I still love you, Miuna.

Farewell, Miuna.

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Do you guys prefer doli Miuna or grown Miuna?

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Doli, but I would still fuck either one.

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Is there a more protectable smile?

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Older Miuna. But I would not mind raising that doli.

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I haven't participated in MM threads for years, am I still welcomed?

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Miuna welcomes everyone.

Miuna will become the envoy of the sea and go to meet the mountain gods in s2. she will then awkwardly live with a nice autistic dog boy who loves to build Jenga and his BREEDABLE waifu for a little while.

Threadly reminder that I want to cum deep inside Chisaki and sully her body with my hot semen

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Who dolicon here?

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Thanks for protecting my smile.

Why does PA Works insist on making tragic end best girls?

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She looks so fragile.

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*inseminates MIUNA everyday after the show's end in 2014*

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How can she have the gall to eat her own family like that?


Will there be a new Miuna in the next PA Works?


Miuna is still for Hikari though

Would that make him a dolicon?

good night, Miuna.

Goodnight beautiful sea. Time to sleep with the fishes.


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