HE doesn't watch 80s animes

>HE doesn't watch 80s animes

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The plural of anime is still anime

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Who is he?

Great dubs, Chirico.

Friedrich Hayek

the plots are too cliche and generic nothing pre 90s ever surprises me you can always see where its going

I don't know that homosexual feel

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>I didn't watch any Tomino show

They were mostly shit, just a different kind from what we usually see today.

>not generic and cliche

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No it's not retard since japanese doesn't have plural.When you are using a japanese term in english you still need to use plural.

>hes a nostalgiafag stuck in the past

watching orange road right now and it's like a straight up television adaptation of the 80's

But those look fucking garbage. The creators were even pretty bad at cutting corners at that time.

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90s is better.

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nadia debuted in april 1990 so part of it was produced in the eighties, owned

nice butt

in fact, all the stuff that was definitely completely planned in the nineties obviously sucks so that might have been the worst example possible

80s anime is for cucks

die teen

>watching old shit quality shows
grow up and get good taste

Anime is a mass noun, the English plural is "anime".


Checkmate, faggot

>BGC looks like garbage
Jesus m8 you're trying way too hard

None of them are good

>Le 2000s rainbow-vomit moe ditally-produced anime is better
Kill you're self my man

your an actual moron

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Oxford also believes that "adorbs" is a real word.

It is.


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Language is determined by usage
"Adorbs" is widely used among certain groups
It's a real word and you can't stop it

The hell I can't

>"Adorbs" is widely used among certain groups
So is "animes".

Go to bed grandpa, no one cares about your old cartoons anymore

>He posted it again
desuarchive.org/a/search/text/doesn't watch 80s animes/type/op/

It is not
It's used imaccurately by people who rarely use the singular or plural of the word; almost all published use of any plural of "anime" uses "anime" as a mass noun

Obviously there's some level of subjectivity here but the numbers are vastly in favor of "anime" being the plural

What if SHE doesn't watch 80s anime?


>cliche and predictable

Because its so much better nowdays where half the shows dont even have plot; just CGDCS

Then "she" needs to get the fuck back to /cuck9k/ where she and the rest of the whores belong.

Plural's "anime" as well.
Not really. It's contextually plural in Japanese.
"That anime was nice"
"These anime were nice".

There are other words in English that are the same in both singular and plural form, so it's not some alien concept.
What said, too. You don't see legal corporations, news sites, and even third-rate anime blogs ever saying "animes".

Not on Sup Forums.

Whats wrong with liking both you close minded pleb?

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I'm not involved in this argument so maybe I am reading this wrong, but from what I can tell, you are talking to somebody who hasn't rejected any anime period, and is just berating somebody for their stupid comments.

QUICK, claim your 80s waifu

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Things aren't animated with weight anymore and I miss light tables and in the 80s Japan was a wonderland of money but also there are things we can do today with neat effects or vibrant colors that weren't possible when anime was being produced through physical media so
if you don't watch stuff from all eras and you're missing out on some great shit


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Back when anime babes had the booty

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Hes pretty stupid himself

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Of course he is. I just found your reply rather unfitting.

I dont get why the appeal of older artstyles fly over the heads of modern anime fans. Aside from the generic moeshit, anime characters of most eras look nice; far better than anything from the west.

Why I should give a fuck about some old-ass chinese cartoons when I have lots of brand new series every season?

>talking shit about 0079
>didn't even watched any other of his shows
get out fucking soy


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Nono was better