Killing Bites

This is what a champion looks like.

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I hope they will show gooseman in the finale.

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Would you?

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I want to ________ in the bun.

need to see how TIGHT her midriff is first

Series is fucking trash.

Would you take responsibility?

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I want to make lots of babies with Bunny!

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The best Trash there is.

>started it for the nut
>stayed for the fights and plot

Not if the Black ops can do something about it

Ep11 was unironically good.
I really felt Hitomi's pain when she lost her arm.

They'll be jobbers. They showed up to late to be a serious threat.

To bad it will get re-attached. I wanted her to stay mangled and get more fucked up as the show goes on. I hate shows that reset consequences at the end of each season. DBZ and DBS are a perfect example.

I mean... I agree, but this show is way too bloody for that to work.

Would she make a good mother?

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No. She's in highschool, a furry and participate in illegal death battles.

They are perfectly legal.

But it's hot trash.
Filling bunny tummy with gummy cummies.

>bunny girl
>good mother
No, bunnies fuck everything, they don't care if it's incest or not.