With all the shit going down you guys forgot about this scene

With all the shit going down you guys forgot about this scene.

9 iota actually pulling the "it's fine as long as we are good in the bedroom" is quite disturbing.

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I hate to say it but it's because her 'love' for him is still superficial, they have not gotten close enough yet. She's still closed to him and everyone else, which says something about how damaged she is if she's like this even after their moment where Hiro pulled her back from her stampede state. Did you really think they were going to have them be really, truly in love and close to eachother before even the half-way point? Hiro and 02 getting through this together will likely be a major step on that road, if that's the direction it's going in the first place.

tl;dr they need to experience more together and become closer yet, and Hiro will (probably) have to realise he loves her as a girl and person not just a 'partner'.

I'm confused, is 02 supposed to be 9ι or is it Hiro?

Depends on whom you ask

02 was part of the 9s squad.

So she is obviously 9 beta

Not really. There's no indication that the Nines designations match up with parasite code numbers.

That would make her second in command, the go by Roman numerals. 02 is fine but I don't think she is that high in the 9s group.

She's obviously 9 beta's clone

With all this talk about cloning, I hope we get some sweet sweet existentialism suffering

She most definitely wouldn't be. A loose cannon like her wouldn't be that high up in the chain. It's another reason why her being the last member of the Nines makes sense.

Iota is the ninth letter of the greek alphabet
so 9-iota is the ninth of the nines. Therefore it's probably 02, as she would be the outcast of the nines (even considering those 3 "thousand cock stare" nines).

Does anyone notice how the 3 slaves nines seem to look like clones of 02? and how the guy on the right looks almost like a clone of Hiro(or the original) maybe that's why she can't trust him.

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>3 slaves nines seem to look like clones of 02?
Long hair is about the only thing they have in common.
>the guy on the right looks almost like a clone of Hiro
He is way too tall for that.

That's the old Hiro we see in the childhood stories. The one we are watching is a disgusting mantlet clone.

Oh fuck we got the inferior one as the MC?

Yes, why do you think he """changed""" and """ forgot"""

Memory loss due to APE fuckery?

>Just shut the fuck up darling

This should not be as hot as it is.

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What are their distinct features?

They all have same hairstyle, same soulless dead eyes, same uniform, same slender (tits-less) build,same muzzle/surgeon masks etc.

>He is way too tall for that
Maybe he's older?

The blond one looks more Hiro to me. With the physique and everything.

You're right, it isn't. You're just a pervert, Daa-ling.

She's afraid of opening up to him considering she seems to be losing herself more and more (fangs permanently growing). The show made it clear that she has some heavy baghae in the last two episodes she cant talk about.

Here's Hiro

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02 will die soon

Here's blondie and the rest of the nines. Hiro looks far more like the guy on the right than blondie.

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Yes, and she will be replaced by 9a.

I really hope we get some shenanigans with cloning and stuff regarding the 9s, 02, and Hiro, and results in a serious indentity/replacement issues crisis.

are we nier automata now?

girl next to hiro looks like ichigo.

my bad
>the nines

Cloning seems like an unnecessary complication
Just fuck with the parasites in other ways

Okay guys I had a look at the Op again, and so far there are 7 numbers in the orphanage scene which are un-accounted for, however (assuming that 9 iota is the original hiro and the hiro we have been following is a clone), there are just enough nines to make up for these numbers, admittedly, we can't see certain numbers due to them being off screen, but roughly, we are looking at pic related.
>sorry about diagram quality because powerpoint a shit.

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currently i've only been able to match based on hairstyles, and I havent found much for the girls at the back, but also this has to be related to the nines, as their original group would have had naomi in it, which this one clearly doesn't, as she is 703, and there is no 703 in the diagram.

That's the point. How are they anything like 02 if they don't have any distinct features? Long hair = basically 02 clone is somewhat of a stretch.

Hiro is still average height in his age group, that dude is tall.

Not sure about the rest but 373 was in the wiped out P13 squad.

>He is way too tall for that.
He's either the original or the better one of the Hiro clone series so he's either older or taller (better gene expression)

>Girl (has a dick)

I seriously doubt that the society uses cloning, actually. In vitro fertilization and artifical wombs are more likely. Just extract the necessary cells from all the citizens and then get a few hundred thousand babies like in a manufacturing plant.

Glue factory.

Cloning is just for the pilots

We have so far not seen any clones. And even those Nine elite APE pilots with face masks might not really be clones.

>373 was in the wiped out p13 squad
but how do you know?

>That's the point. How are they anything like 02 if they don't have any distinct features? Long hair = basically 02 clone is somewhat of a stretch.
You're right, no horns nothing, but they are definitely clones/slaves.

>Hiro is still average height in his age group, that dude is tall.
Some people have later growth spurts, his height is not enough to say he's not related to hiro somehow. maybe he's his brother.

>With all the shit going down
You mean like the preorders for this show?

But how does that make sense in the context of the show?

That game is so good

It depends on whether the Nines use Greek numerals or the alphabet to count. It's most likely it's her and she's the ninth and lowest Nine; but if they use the numerals, 9´ι would be the paradoxically tenth Nine, which would make sense for Zero Two's irregular partner. If that's the case, Zero Two might be 9´ϛ, Stigma being an additional ligature which is not part of the alphabet, but is used in the numerals to indicate the number 6, as it replaces an obsolete letter which is what made Iota 10 in the numerals; this would align better with her power level (imo) and how she was appears to have been banished from the Nines.

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They got onified.

9´α is actually visibly shorter than Hiro.

I must remind you.

>373 was in the wiped out P13 squad.
None of them have her hair.

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or you know it can also be shitty uninspired character design from a series that brought us such original characters as "notAnemone", "notKirito", "notSaiArgyle" or "notCocona"

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