How did gyarus suddenly become so popular?

How did gyarus suddenly become so popular?
They went from being one of the least liked and represented archetypes to being one of the most popular.

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galko happened
she changed the game

Galko made it possible.
Gyaru existed before but Galko pushed it further into the mainstream.

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We need more gyaru mango

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But what would the plot be this time?

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Orutoro is so good.

How to bath a gyaru

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>gyaru powerlevel battle shounen

like koi wa ameagari, but with a fat old man and a gyaru with huge tits

Subversion of expectations. They have a reputation as bitches so making their personality the opposite allows for misunderstandings etc. Also some wish fulfillment for the reader to suggest this could be what they're actually like.

You're welcome.

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gyarus are incredible, please post more

I think growing acceptance of dark-skinned or tanned girls has a lot to do with it. See: Nemesis, Chloe, that chick from the cooking manga/show.

Obviously, not all dark-skinned girls are gyaru, nor are all gyaru dark, but there's a fairly big association between the two.

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They are the best

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Ranko is for marriage

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3 reasons i can think of.

1. The rise of the beta male that wants to be dominated by a woman. Gyarus have that thuggish theme on them so the idea of one conquering the reader excites them.

2. The gap moe. The idea of a gyaru who also has a more softer side fits the delinquent is actually kind quota.

3. The idea of changing a gyaru into a "normal" member of society

Because they're an untapped niche. And IRL gyaru are becoming less popular so it can be a fantasy easier.

who is the sexiest gyaru?

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Wouldn't it be more of a subversion at this point if the gyaru was actually a gyaru? You know slutty bitch that hates the guys pushing their perverted purity fantasies on her.

Honestly I want to BE a gyaru irl

god yes!!

I see there are fellow wannabe gyaru here ;D

That's the next step. We are in the gyarus are nice stage and eventually they are gonna go back to being a bitch state.
Trends tend to be cyclical in a 30 year cycle

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I'd hate all that tanning and keeping slim waist.

I love Sian's sluts

It is actually high maintenance. That is why real life gyaru died in Japan. Too much time and money to maintain the look.

seems like a gap moe thing

she dresses like a slut but is actually a pure maiden (or shotacon)

I'm naturally tan so I'm closer

there's already Gal Gohan for that, the old man just isn't fat

Do you have a rich sugar daddy or two? Because otherwise you'll go broke trying to stay a gyaru.

Galko-chan and a certain 3DPD semen demon probably have a lot to do

which 3DPD semen demon would that be?

>Mr. Abe, birth rates are still dropping.
>The polls say that the "otakus people" only want to marry pure girls.
>I propose design the sluty wife gyaru character popular

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all it takes is a few dedicated fetishist otaku to draw some manga with cute [insert fetish here] and the seeds are sown. it can be done with damn near everything.

i mean look at Gate, it's basically a military otaku wanking over himself repeating NIPPON STRONK. but add some lolis and elven waifus and instant traction.

My guess is Nonsummer Jack aka the Anubis girl. She's delicious brown.

There's literally NOTHING wrong with 2D sluts, or any other degenerate fetish. IT's you fucking idiots who conflagulate 3D behavior into 2D fetishes that ruin them for yourself.

Yes, shit is disgusting
Yes, Cuckoldry is immoral
Yes, Killing the person you're fucking is evil
Yes, you shouldn't fuck kids



>Yes, Cuckoldry is immoral
I like you, you seem to have healthy attitude about NTR.

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The root lies in h-manga. Any popular fad in h-manga will eventually spill into mainstream anime. See Gyaru or NTR.

I don't personally like it because I'm a bleeding heart romantic but there's literally nothing wrong with it if it's a 2d fetish

NTR is the only way for gir;s written into shitty harems to escape and be happy

Gap moe have always been the topping of anime, if you don't like gap moe you don't like anime.

what next?
Is it the age of faceless old man?

Orcs already got turned into misunderstood nice guys, faceless old men are next.

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ork bros and rapist elves.....

fat rapist elves

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maturing gap moe

Galko isn't even a real gyaru.

That's not an orc, that's a fucking giant.

No, Boo Boo is a Iberian Orc, take it up with Kamachi.

already happened with he bank robber faceless fat guy.

what series is that?