ITT : God Tier ED Song

ITT : God tier ED song, ill start.

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How far apart an ED and the anime proper.

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There isnt a single ED that makes me as happy as this one. For some reason it makes me incredibly euphoric *tip*

That kinda sucked.

Fucking Nujabees, man. rip.


Tfw its almost 10 years since hitomi shimatani career died


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ELDER GOD tier here:

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No Kei Ogura is gonna be the worst part of the new LoGH

Also ED1 & 2 from Konosuba

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Was going to post this,

gets me every time...

this is the only thing that's good about this series. But it's almost good enough to redeem the whole thing.
One of the rare EDs I always watch until the end.

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Surprised no one has mentioned God's first ending here.


Almost forgot about that shit anime

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Pretty much made me look up Buck-Tick and go through their entire discography

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Fucking CRIMINALLY underrated show. Always left me wanting more, wish it had caught on more.

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never skip this one

Some recent ones that really stood out to me.


That's a OP.....

I'm so sorry.

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One of my personal favorites.

Joshiraku ED is an extremely competent ED.
Its fun, animated, catchy song, shows the characters doing things, has ideas in it.
SO often an ED is just an excuse to use some shitty slow song thats impossible to use anywhere else with a slideshow of static pictures so maximum amount of budget is saved. OPM had one of the worst ED's in human recorded history.
>it's the ED asshole what do you expect, change the channel.
MP100 ED is what you get when the studio goes above and beyond in order to impress people.

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How has nobody posted this one

Erased ED

Forgot to add link:

>44 posts
The fuck are you doing, niggers?

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My favorite OP EDs.

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I wonder why these threads attract so much shitposting.
I really doubt these people are ACTUALLY of the opinion that those are good eds.

It's just so incredibly nice and homely.
Best ED

man, i rewatch the show and i did not once skip the OP and ED.

fuu a cute.

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Unskippable ed
Don't let the series fool you.

Can you weakminded little shits stop doing the "I HATE the series, so you should trust me when I say the thing from the series is good".
GROW UP. Jesus christ.

a blast from the past.

Theres about 10 better ED's in monogatari series than that.
So sad this is over
I love this ed to death

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Fuck you, TigerMask W ED is cool

How many times did you listen to the full song today? Coz if it's not the song the visuals are garbage.
Why is this not posted yet

Unless he meant

Burning my +1 UID just to tell you to kill yourself.

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God tier only? Ok.

You're on Sup Forums, you're not supposed to skip them.

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beat me to it

>Kekkai Sensen ED
The best.

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>The second Blood Blockade Battlefront ED has glimpses of each episode in the season during

I really liked that. I do hope we get a season 3, season 2 was my favorite anime from last year. I hope it didn't truly bomb as badly as people say it did.

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You know it to be true

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You should've posted

Moon is not only one of the best EDs in existence, but its original is one of the best songs of all time.

What's the best subs for Turn A?

is the god tier the new epic?

no, based is desu senpai

almost makes me want to rewatch SSY. almost
The second ED of mahoujin guru guru is great as well.

I guess EG

I prefer this one
Gotta admit the konosuba ending is Howl's Moving Castle-Tier comfiness. It barely matches the tone of the show. (Plus, it's sung by the three voice actresses)

It was at this point that I knew I'd enjoy Katanagatari

Many remember the cowboy bebop op, but few remember that the ending is pretty amazing too

Because it's a lame song

Excellent ending.

I'm more partial to

Is it just me or does the vocalist sound like she's about to break down?