How does someone get this mad over one small detail?

How does someone get this mad over one small detail?

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Who's that and why do you care

the tism

Honorifics are important to denote the relationships between characters

these people are the reason why fansubs are dead. it isnt crunchyroll or horriblesubs, its autistic retards who are unable to show the slightest bit of gratitude for others doing charity work.

oh hey that's that guy isn't it

You should not be translating anything unless the audience doesn't know what it means. Are you translating business software? Translate honorifics then. Are you translating anime? Leave them.

Every time you translate, meaning is lost. If your audience understands something, fucking leave it.

Go back there, wherever the fuck it is.


Holy newfaggot.
Your reply actually makes me ill. How did Sup Forums reach this state?

The absolute state

Shut the fuck up reddit/discord/gaia/MAL faggots
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If you're gonna be a fansubber then you skin must be thick enough to endure nerd criticism

>it isnt crunchyroll or horriblesubs
Yes it is. Fansubs cannot exist alongside high quality commercial subs. The fansubbers will be exposed, and they don't want that.

Hey streamer

is this 2006

you should really stop

So they translated "-san" to "miss" for one character, but left -san intact for every other character? I can see how that can be frustrating.

Streamfaggots exists

>high quality
You must be new here.

permavirgins watching cartoons all day tend to be retarded

I hate to break it to your retarded EOP ass, but the meaning "preserved" from honorifics is at most a 0.5% gain in translation accuracy.

So the question boils down to "is it more important for a few autists to feel a false sense of elitism about subs, or is it more important for more people to be able to enjoy the subs?".

If you want "nakama" left as-is, make your own subs. Don't bitch and moan about a mainstream provider pandering to a mainstream audience.

>sucking the cartel's cocks
They're universally fat retards with inflated egos. I'll take CR, thank you very much.

>but the meaning "preserved" from honorifics is at most a 0.5% gain in translation accuracy.

Holy fuck, no.
"Mister Brother" is not a 0.5% difference.
You are a retard.

I suppose you want them to keep every "I/me" as one of the 50 nippon variations, too

He's right though.

>>"Mister Brother" is not a 0.5% difference.
Hey, retard, translation isn't literal. It's not hard to use a character's name.

0.5% is the top end. Generally, you're looking at less than a 0.1% addition.

Are you fucking deaf that you need the -san to be there.
If you have time to complain learn Japanese.

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I have a big respect to this guy. He is a brave warrior who is fighting with carteltards alone.

Look no further than to understand why fansubbing is dead

The people involved are real, genuine dumb folks. Like, 90 IQ retail worker dumb. Logic and good sense bounces off them like water off a duck's back.

Oh, and neural nets will make all translation obsolete in 5-10 years.

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what am i missing here? you realize that horriblesubs just rips CRs videos, right? both ltierally have the exact same subs.

Fuck off cartelfag. I would rather chose nakama subs than commie-like garbage.

I'd rather you didn't use either, but that's obviously far too complex for you.

>not caring about some faggot's fansub forum drama makes me new