Why is there no anime about school idols killing each other?

why is there no anime about school idols killing each other?

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Who says there isn't?

>ok girls there are only 4 spots left this week so do your best
>today's weapon is....
>*gameshow noises*
>....the meat mallet!

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Check Idol Death Game TV
It's shit.

Because idols are fantastic. No need to kill each other.

Yeah they should make an anime adaptation of drag on dragoon 3.

Because it`s stupid and boring.

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good question

it sounds a 1000 times more interesting than love live

>I don't like idol anime
>Please make idol anime that appeals to me

Have you tried just not watching things you don't like?

Not idols but mahou shouojo site fits the bill.

And a 1000 times more edgy.

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Who would win in a fight Umi or Kanan?

umi is very strong

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Umi is trained in Archery but Kanan is a master of the blade so.

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dont forget that she┬┤s FUCKING RIPPED

There are some where they beat the shit out of each other like that one boxing show

>implying edge is bad
The edgier the better. I wan't akame ga idolshit!

You should play drakengard 3 buddy

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>ps3 only

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But we have anime about Mahou Shoujo killing each other.

Any winner is fine for me


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oh yea i forgot about raising project, but still i wan't some idol girls killing each other.

How could you forget about MGRP? The threads were fantastic.

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>they actually managed to make a ps3 emulator work
Its amazing to be honest, specially considering the clusterfuck that is cell, still

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I want my waifu to murder me.

I want a Mahou Shoujo of the End adaptation.

I've forgotten the name but that manga/anime about girl assassins where no one actually killed each other should have been like that.

woaw dude, no posting 3dpd 3dcg, you're on Sup Forums so keep it 2D

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me too desu

Same but only if my death is slow and painful rather than a quick one

So basically you want idol anime to go the same way mahou shoujo did?

pretty much

oh yea

I want her to tear up as I slowly die and hear her last words to me "I love you, now you can be with me forever."

Because idols are supposed to be lasting, that's their entire point.
That said, if they are immortal, it might just work.

And sells 1000 times less.

>Because idols are supposed to be lasting,
No, idols are supposed to be temporary, and that is their entire point. Moe means blossoming, ie, a transitional phase.
There is a short moment of perfect innocent sweetness and beauty, and then it's over and lost.

That's Japanese aesthetics.

Ahh i forget this is Sup Forums, sorry

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Site can't come soon enough.

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That's beautiful user

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I want every popular genre to go that way tbqh.
Idol anime needs to be properly deconstructed. I want to see the ugly side of the idol industry.

Mahou shoujo just copied what mecha already did decades earlier.

whats this image from?

It's from Mahou Tsukai No Yoru

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Well, because the idea was the same - don't expect everything to go smoothly when you're entrusting the fate of the world to teenagers.

Best girl dies though.
All girls die, in fact.

>The threads were fantastic
>it was just translator wars about who fucked up the LN

It's a prequel. Everyone dead is a matter of course.

I should probably tell you iqdb.org/ is good for finding the source of something.

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So what, best girl wanted to die anyway

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I want Umi to beat me up!

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>All girls die, in fact.
Picked the fuck up

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Enjoy it family

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Make sure you play Drakengard and Nier afterwards.
Skip Drakengard 2 though.

I will, thanks bud

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