Isekai: making potions

Potion-danomi de Ikinobimasu is an isekai where a girl is reincarnated and is forbidden to prostitue herself, and chooses to make potions for a living.

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>Prostitution is not allowed means prostitution doesn't happen

Topic of discussion: Should protagonists do more to actually attempt to unfuck the backwards world they appear in? (Abolish slavery, reform justice etc.)
Does a protagonist become morally wrong or morally evil for having slaves with no intent to free them?

>throws chick in a pit with flesh eating bugs
>baits her into drinking a regen potion so she'd get eaten alive for longer
Oh right, I almost forgot how fucked up this guy can get. Guess that's what happens when you feed his old buddy to monsters.

>prostitution isn't allowed
What kind of backward country she got isekai'd in? Saudi Arabia?

>Doesn't that happen in fucking all of them?

No, almost every isekai where the MC gets turned into a girl has her be a lesbian. The only exception I know of is Hakai Me no Yuuri.

but I didn't say that prostitution is forbidden, just that the girl can't prostitute herself

Yeah, or it's just a lazy excuse to make a female protagonist.

If I had a magic smartphone with infinite battery and magic internet connection I'd just go innawoods and end up as a mysterious forest hermit.

So you're saying she should be the pimp?

Absolutely. I would like it for a change to have MC that tries to bruteforce his modern world morality and laws into an isekai world, after all it is absolutely pointless how many isekai gives the MC overwhelming history changing powers, yet all they do is make tourism and buy slaves to be his waifus he won't fuck or make work anyways.

>not making lewd potions

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This series right? I should probably start reading it again. Bad translations stopped me once.

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After reading 210 I kinda want Fran to lose, they're starting to get a bit too op. I like it more when they struggle.

Yeah, I'm forcing myself through it because I like the cast even if every execution so far has been the edgiest thing, as for the bad translations I'm used to babelfish tier nonsense after all these years so I'm basically rewriting things in my head.

>I want an alpha mc who fucks women and kills his enemies not some beta shit
Make up your minds faggots, what do you want.

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Potionloli apparently goes pretty hardcore after the chapters I have read???

She doesn't want hookers hanging around the place and turning the place into whorehosue

The problem with him is the hypocrisy. If you have an evil or alpha MC, just make him evil or alpha, don't go through logical loops trying to weave his actions as a good and noble thing.

What I like is that not everyone they meet are back stabbers and MC's couldn't kill his heroic traits.

>Should protagonists do more to actually attempt to unfuck the backwards world they appear in?
story wise this never happens in isekai but would be interesting to be tackled seriously
morally, it's hard to say. most people would do more harm than good; historically, people with overwhelming power and arguably good intentions have a habit of accidentally killing lots of people.
>Does a protagonist become morally wrong or morally evil for having slaves with no intent to free them?
highly subjective and depends on what moral philosophy you follow. modern standards of ethics may not even apply without the foundation of law to stand on.

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Biggest plothole in the series is why nobody stabbed him earlier

Yeah, I haven't seen him drag random civvies into his shit so far, it's literally just the guys that stabbed him in the back.

I fucking love and love hating isekai. Female only companions, retarded power levels, "skill copy" skills, fucking RPG systems that are physical laws and "adventurer" as an actual job - I LOVE IT. Fucking retarded piece of shit cliches that make stories bland like oatmeal. I love to hate them.

Once in a while, in this limitless ocean of turds, you find a genuine piece of chocolate - an isekai that's not just wish fulfilment and otaku wallet bait.

Isekai is worst and best thing at the same time.

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>Bringing modern morality into pre-modern society.
Yeah, go hug an ork, user

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Nigs, is Skeleton Knight going to continue or what? My rune reading lvl is not high enough

> If you have an evil or alpha MC, just make him evil or alpha, don't go through logical loops trying to weave his actions as a good and noble thing.

user, I...
Have you ever read the autobiography or talk to horrible mass murderers?

Every single one of them think they are heroes who did awful things for good and noble reasons, despite those reasons are bullshit and the things they did are unnecessary and horrific.

That's why i called it bruteforcing his beliefs on others and doing it through abuse of god-like powers. Obviously you can't change a world like that with words and good will alone.

>MC can either be a spineless retard or a psychotic edgelord

Nice false dichotomy.

As far as I know, the webnovel is discontinued because the author wants shekels from selling the light novel version that will continue past the point where the webnovel ended.

That’s their point of view, though. These isekai stories are often told from an omniscient perspective, and if they aren’t, it’s very easy to discern the author’s intent to convey the MC’s actions as justified.

Admittedly I don’t know what the fuck is happening in that respect with Kaifuku Jutsushi.

Part 2 is going to be Arc's food and hot spring tour.

Also, I’d argue that a majority of these serial killers are fully aware of how ducked up they are and revel in it. I’d quite Albert Fish if I weren’t a dumb phoneposter.

I'm writing a story about an old wizard reincarnating into the body of a modern girl that got hit by a truck.

The story is in need of critique (or at least opinions).

Motherfucker don't.
This is the sort of shit I despise.
It's just all of the worst cliches taped together.

>female isekai
>no prostitution
what's the point?

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It better be full of shitty cliches.

>Mao: 78 mil
Debatable. He was basically an invalid when the "Gang of Three" took over his power and keked things up. Bad logistics and tech retardation which caused mass starvation doesn't exactly count as genocide either.

Dragon dog romance.
Dragon dog NTR.

Pretty much. It is both the character and the story itself trying to paint his actions as good or at least justified shit. It is kinda like how we have huge edgelords and then the story reveals in a backflash that somebody stole his pencil ten years ago, with totally justifies and makes honorable a revenge that involves plenty of bloodbaths, rape and mindfuck.

So part 2 is happening and its going to be LN only?

I'd read about a cocky teenager try to force his ideals on a technologically inferior people only for it to back fire spectacularly and ultimately punish him for his hubris
not like there isn't any historical precedent to reference

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Absolutely not, as not one of the citizens of the world, protagonist has no right to preach about the morality of another world, especially before he understands the economy, politics and society of the world he came to.

*angry rejecting noises*

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there's a lot of prostitution in saudi arabia

Morals are a construct of the masses. So depends on where he is at the time.

>The Gang consisted of Mao's wife, Jiang Qing, and her associates Wang Hongwen, Yao Wenyuan, and Zhang Chunqiao.

Sorry, Gang of 4.

As long as the MC saves all the cute kemonomimis in his path anything is fine

>Bad logistics and tech retardation which caused mass starvation doesn't exactly count as genocide either.
I think being over confident in your intelligence and making decrees outside of your expertise absolutely counts towards the death count.
like those parents who think they know better than doctors and put their infant on homeopathy or a vegan diet

Alright fuckers, time's up. What shitsekai you've enjoyed lately?

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If you’re going to argue semantics, note that the image didn’t call anything genocide.
>defending Mao

It’s killing me that I can’t remember the title, nor anything about the author, but there’s an African short story where the good intentions of outsiders imposing their morals on a tribal society end in the worst of circumstances.

>Bad logistics and tech retardation which caused mass starvation doesn't exactly count as genocide either

uhh a ruler is completely responsible for HOW HE RULES, this isn't even outside forces he can't control its his own decisions fucking up his country.

>I think being over confident in your intelligence and making decrees outside of your expertise absolutely counts towards the death count.

This is why God will never allow anyone from this thread and all previous threads to isekai.
Too many megalomaniac faggots

>Finally, Skeleton Knight’s author started volume 8, but I’m not gonna jump into it right away, in fact, I’m not gonna translate the volume until its complete. According to the author’s own words and what information I could find, volume 8 is going to be the end of the web novel but not the end of the story. The first 8 WN volumes and their LN counterparts seem to compose Act One of the story and will conclude with a climatic end for the demi-human slave narrative that has been the focal point of the Act. The author seems to be saving the stuff with the empires, Arc’s struggle to find a cure and a place for himself in the world, and Rhoden’s game of thrones for late acts. Unfortunately, it seems like those later acts are LN exclusives, but that is all speculation at the moment. Whatever the author decides to do going forward he has my backing, and if volume 8 is the last WN then I’m glad I’m gonna be one of the few translators that worked on a series from start to finish.

He was never evil, he just drugged them for their own mental well being.

>mc has a girl like that in harem
>goes to fuck bunch of prostitutes instead
I never knew there could be bigger faggotry than generic beta mc's

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Just hold countries to ransom by refusing to help them with demon king shit or whatever the problem is until they put measures in place to start phasong out slavery. After the first few nations crumble the others will fall in line with your request. You could change other things but magic enforced slavery is fucking horrific and needs to fucking go.

No need to conquer the world.

Now that you posted it World Rejector is a pretty good power for dealing with overpowered isekai assholes.

Thank god for that, unironically. Could you imagine how bad things would be if one of us shitstains got real power?
>user who likes cat girls receives a blessing
>transmutes all human females of the present and future into hybrid abominations a la FMA

It's really fucking slow.

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that sounds interesting, I'll keep an eye out for it.
in a similar vein, 99% invisible did a great podcast about how Henry Ford (of Ford motors) tried to create a western paradise in the Amazon modeling a rubber plantation after his car factories.
it turned into a massive money sink and ended with the workers rioting and destroying the place. they were paid well to boot

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I actually think it's right of him to not fuck her yet but going to a whorehouse was indeed not exactly what I wanted to see from my self-insert mc. He should have just winked one off and waited until he meets a slutty, used-goods knight.

Satou is a real fuck. After reading hundreds of chapters of his POV, I now understand why some people believe that lizard people exist; the author has written something that tries to appear human but isn’t.

Eliza and Harold sit down for a game of chess.

Who wins?

Almost every single Isekai protagonist is a wishy washy flip flopping faggot who can't decide anything and are usually the sort of people World Rejector excels at banishing.

Also Kamisato has a pretty big hate on for harems.

>assuming forcefully changing the status quo won't have negative consequences for the slaves and uninvolved parties

Well if they refuse they can suck the demon kings dick while I go live innawoods.

It's ok not to fuck her, but it's ok to sell her or fuck bunch of slaves that probably have no other choices?

And why even sell her when he could get full castle of treasures before, but he just gave it to some random guy. This shit is too stupid for me.

This is dragon isekai. Even worse than death march.

Considering we are talking about isekai slavery, odds are that at worst it will open the market to willing prostitution as all those catgirls used in the sex slave market would be free, because slavery is never the pillar of isekai economies.

I still haven't made a template of Isekai puching bag where I put all those bitches face to prepare myself until the Truck-kun take me away.
Any user have made one?

Even if it's still bad, I hope Satou's problems are explained as partly due to him being some forced merging of many versions of himself.

It's not about them thinking of themselves as heroes, but having the same mentality as heroes. Results of psychological tests done on nazis were anonymously given to experts decades after the Nuremberg trials, and these experts didn't find anything wrong with them, and when asked about their opinions who these people are they responded with praise, some even suspected that these are psychology experts themselves since the answers gave an impression of a model humanitarian. The person's view of themselves might not be a good representation of reality. Since most of isekai stories have first-person narration, it's inevitable that some might justify or whitewash their actions. The problem is, if it's not written well then the difference between the actions and the narration is grating.

>Promoting Modernity

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>"please save our backward society even though it should clash with every fibre of your moral code and ethics Hero"

The translator has no idea what he's talking about. Or rather, it's what he hopes it is.

He stated in the afterword for volume 8 that this is how he originally planned for it to end: with loose ends to give off the feel that the story still continues.
That's his ideal ending. It's not a reason for shekels and he has no intention of actually continuing the story one way or another.

HOWEVER, he has stated he would be interested in doing a book-only semi-sequel if his editor was interested, which still wouldn't continue the story with the empire and whatnot.
It'd pretty much be a vacation tour type of thing, just Arc doing random crap in the world.

He's also started writing another web novel series (yet to be uploaded) allegedly, which he states something along the lines if you like how he handled Skeleton Knight then you'll probably like it too, or something.

I found it after some googling.'s_Horseman
It is a play rather than a short story, but it’s a quick and fascinating read. A foreigner attempts to prevent the ritual suicide of a man to save his life, but the end result is much worse than the alternative.

Wole Soyinka’s other works have similar themes. Chinua Achebe is another author that works in the same nasty stuff. Check em out.

I know I'm betraying humanity the first chance I get.

In the last WN chapter he said something about cotinuing the story is some form in April.

that has to be in the WN right?

Harold shit talks her so hard that Eliza’s eyes shine red, and her str and int jump by 50%, and she checkmates him after 7 moves.

Cat ears are justice

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your just under estimating how complicated these things can be.
most of the world ended slavery more or less peacefully, but only after the world reached a threshold of economic prosperity thanks to the industrial revolution. I don't know enough to say how things would turn out if things happened differently but you'd be kicking a cog out the machine without treating the root cause.
well that's no fun. guess you can get into how you'd have to re write the countries laws in a way that won't cause society to crumble. and I don't think anyone here has any real legal or political education

Only if it ends realistically: that is, whatever social ill he attempts to reform ends up unchanged or worse, with severe unintended consequences.

Old Heroes would have done it. New Heroes and their do whatever they want kiddies.

Can’t blame you. The sweet Maou puss is too strong.

>what's the point?
Not getting syphilis like this JC from your picture, for example.

Is there an Isekai where MC isnt a moralfag but also not and edgy fuck?

I mean he doesnt go out of his way to save every person in distress but also doesnt go around raping and shit

What the hell does the Gang of Four have to do with anything? Most of the deaths Mao is responsible for happened during the Great Leap Forward and Mao was fully in control then.

>The Latest Game Is Too Amazing (73 chapters)
>Last Boss (193 chapters)
>Maid (180+ 57 chapters)
>Bookworm (677 chapters)
>Haunted Duke’s Daughter (193 chapters)
>Yandere-kei Otomege (4 volumes)
>The Daughter of the Albert House Wishes for Ruin (3 volumes)
>Skeleton knight (8 volumes)
>I Reincarnated Into a Vending Machine (252 Chapters )

Posting this back from previous thread since I am also needing isekais with ending. They are safer to read usually.

You're overestimating how much these worlds rely on slavery.
They are basically just for sex and for bad people to beat up so the protagonist can give them Stockholm Syndrome easier.
They also have magic to replace what little slaves actually are for work.

Does the vending machine one actually sticks with the premise and develops around it? Or does it pussy out like Slime and Onsen?

Every change in a society has negative effects on somebody. By your reasoning eternal stagnation is the best possible course of action.

I will assume that he will get back to Skeleton Knight if that new series flops.

You already know more than me if you read the last WN chapter.

>Make shitty decisions that kill lots of people
>Export grain during a famine
>That's not mass murder
>REAL communism has never been tried

Jujutsushi Wa Yuusha Ni Narenai does it pretty good.
The protagonist is fundamentally a good guy but gets put in pretty shitty situations.
Of course when put in a difficult situation his choices tend to head toward a gray line, but it's still fundamentally for the good of everyone involved even if not so much emotionally.

Well, a guy kills his best friend and then they kind of have a death match, but that's as edgy as it gets. It's actually completely understandable really.
The side characters are also very well written.
Like the antagonists' motives for being dickbags are actually relatable.

Yep, usually MC starts his own kingdom where there is no slavery because there are golems/undead/both/something else doing all the work

Wait, is Eliza forcing Ratoka to crossdress as maid?

From somebody that haven't read it, it sounds suspiciously like Heart of Darkness.

Eternal stagnation sounds pretty good when you put it like that. Even the poor will accept their fate.

>You already know more than me if you read the last WN chapter.

Only read the footnote


ですので、新作の方も宜しくお願い致します。m(_ _)m