What's your AOTS?

What's your AOTS?

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Not this

3-gatsu no lion

queer dicks 2

Yuru Camp
Every other opinion is wrong

koi, beatless or death march. if only the former didnt have shitty CGI cars and trains. its ruins an otherwise incredible show.

Antarctica > Yuru Camp > Toji no Miko

3gatsu and Evergarden could have been AOTS too, this season was too good.

Did anime actually go for original ending or something?
I'm up to date with manga and this is literally the least possible conclusion.

Hoshiro Girldrop

Killing Bites

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Wll the "girls doing nothing is AOTY" meme ever die? At this point I will even take an isekai before yet another look there are girls and they do nothing

Allegedly, the mangaka was working with the producers of the anime.

the girls do a fuckton in yorimoi though

did you even watch these shows

Everything else pales in comparison.

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I don't get this show. I watched 4 episodes and dropped it since Chise just kept getting kidnapped and Elias had to rescue her all the time. I heard this turned into some sort of shoujo drama where she betrays and leaves him. wtf.

veg forever and ever

OP's pic not related
For me it's probably 3-gatsu no lion with takagi-san following on 2nd place.

>mfw people didn't even bother watching AOTS

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Yuru Camp = Antarctica > Saiki > 3-gatsu no Lion > Toji no Miko > VEG > Takagi-san
The gaps between these shows aren’t even big ones. This was the best season I’ve had in years.
The second cour was essentially a waste of time.

>Toji no Miko that low

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Overlord. I didn't watch anything else. It's all shit.

Everyone else is wrong.

Hey, it might change as time goes by. That last episode actually impressed me to the point where I started playing the mobage.


Yuru and Antarctica sharing second

>kill best girl
>anime becomes popular
At least something good came out of it.

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The one with the pengins

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Probably Antartica

Also AOTY last year.

Am i the only one?

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Pretty much this.
I've had to resort to pre-2000's anime to fill the time between episodes.

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It also has best girl of the season

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Nothing really stood out to me, although I found enjoyment in a few shows.

I still think Kokkoku was a lot better than people thought it would be, and it ended really well in my opinion.
Pop Team Epic was a joy, death march was a nice take on a bloated genre.

I dunno, first season in a while where I wasn't absorbed by one strong contender.

Antarctica was my favorite.
Yuru Camp, VEG, Toji no Miko, and Saiki were good too.
Honorable mention to Killing Bites for having the best threads and memes.

I hope that people posting their personal AOTS had watched at least 12 shows Like I did

Objective TOP3 coming through:
>A place further than the universe
>After the Rain
>Yuru Camp

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Well Darling in the franxx is by far the best show this season but it's 24 episodes so I'll excuse it.
Everything else is garbage except for Koi wa ameagari, but the manga ending killed my interest now knowing there's no real pay off.

So I guess i'm forced to go with Franxx being aots despite being incomplete, it's literally the only remotely interesting show this season.

>objective top3
>retard camp anywhere near it
you were so close. pretty unfortunate that your final pick revealed your mental disability


Mine is Yuru camp, because talking a walk, then rolling up in a blanket and eating some /out/ food while watching the show was my best 25 minutes of every week.
PTSD, depression shogi, stockholm syndrome and penguins were contenders too.
loli shogi, mtg, lizards, puberty, brats and age gap were great as well and there's some shows I haven't gotten to yet.
This season was incredible.

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>trying hard to validate your shitaste with those rarsh offenses
Can't help if you fall easy for Sup Forums crossboard memes.

Not OP's pic related, that's for sure. It turned into total schlock with Pokemon battles. Overall, Sangatsu no Lion has been the best show in Japan for a long time, but if I restrict it to shows that started airing this season, then It's Yorimoi and then maybe Devilman Crybaby.

is that it? the Sup Forums boogeyman? no one with a functional brain would consider yuru camp to be anything but average. character dynamics were absolutely laughable, art and overall visual direction were lazy, infomercials were done incredibly poorly when compared to the show they stole the idea from (yama no musume), character development is borderline non-existent and overall story is very far from being interesting or engaging (again, absolutely shallow compared to yama no susume). MUH COMFY isnt an argument, before you go there

Your GF broke up with you when you were watching yuru camp or something? Geez...

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yea some pink retard kept asking her to go camping.

>getting THIS triggered by a show about cute girls going camping

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Yuru Camp

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Violet Evergarden but I was looking forward to the new Citrus episode the most.

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Magus Bride. Then I guess Gintama.

In no particular order
>Top tier
Yuru Camp
Sora yori
Mitsuboshi Colors
Darling in the FranXX
Micchiri Neko
Koi wa Ameagari

>Middle tier 2
Pop Team Epic
Slow Start
Hataraku Onii-san!

>Low tier 3

ᵀᶦⁿʸ ˡᶦᵗᵗˡᵉ ᵃᵒᵗˢ/ʸ.

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>no plot
>only one interesting character on the show
>each episode is basically the same with no real development
>bland artstyle
>no animation
>´´funny´´ moments repeated on every episode

Really good and underated.

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I enjoyed ditf, place further, yuru camp, antarctica. Good season to me you contrarian cynics

I followed that multimedia project closely since episode one.

sadly yes

It's definitely not Mahoutsukai no yome. 3gatsu no lion if I have to choose.

A tie between Sora Yori and Yuru Camp

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Just when i think there is no user of taste, you save the day good sir. I’d add that PTE is almost top-tier, but you are correct, it’s not quite there yet. And maybe i’d add Devilman if you think it counts. Keep in mind i’ve only seen Franxx and Colors from the top-tier segment, plan on binging Yuru from my sleeping bag. Might see the others too since you say they’re good. Also, have not seen Beatless, don’t plan to. But i’ve seen the rest of the list, spot on.

Probably not "objectively the best," but I'll die a sucker for comfy worldbuilding.

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Violet Evergarden.


Probably Sora Yori with Yuru Camp and Hakumei & Mikochi behind. I don't count 3-gatsu because it's technically a Fall show and with how good the 2nd part is it wouldn't be fair.

koi wa ameagari no you ni

Sangatsu comes close too, didn't realize that you can put 2 cours shows from the last season.

1 of them is a great character, 2 of them are trash and the last one is mediocre at best. Which is which Sup Forums?

Kimari and Yuzuki

My AOTS was Fate/LastEncore just because it's the one I look forward to watching the most even though it's not objectively the best.

Definitely a contender for aots this season but MiA was better at least for me.

This but I'm very biased towards action manga/anime.

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12? I hope that people posting their personal aots had watched at least 33 shows like me.

Objective TOP4 coming through:

Storybook comfiness in weekly doses of cute? Comfy aotd

This is a objective ranking of this season you may move something a bit but this is the most possible objective ranking.

Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

Yuru Camp
Gakuen Babysitters

Nanatsu no Taizai
Hakumei to Mikochi
Toji no Miko

Fate Extra
Killing Bites
Loli Shogi

Abhorrent Tier:
Grancrest Senki
Death March
Slow Start
Dagashi Kashi
Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Hakyuu Houshin Engi
Marchen Madchen
Miira no Kaikata

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Killing Bites FTW


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Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls. I really like it.


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Good taste user.

Likely 3-gatsu, but I'll wait until the end of the season to decide.

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Yorimoi and Yuru Camp.


Yuru Camp

Mitsuboshi Colors
Ryuuou no Oshigoto
Toji no Miko

Killing Bites

Grancrest Senki
Darling in the Franxx

Yuru camp

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I thought this season would turn out to be shit but then we got surprise AOTY contenders with Yorimoi and Yuru Camp.

AOTS for me would be Yorimoi, but if shows that started airing last season count then Sangatsu no Lion.


everyone else is wrong

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Sangatsu no lion.

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did miura draw that?

Is this show a male or a female fantasy?

Sad femotaku escapism show


Yori Sora

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